Great barrier reef by Jack P and Gavin

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  • 1. Great Barrier Reef
    By Jack P And Gavin K
    Soft Coral
  • 2. What Is A Coral Reef?
    A coral reef is made of hard coral and when it dies another one grows on top of the old dead coral so the coral reef can stay alive. There are two types of reefs a Barrier Reef and a Fringing Reef. A fringing reef is a reef that has the land then the reef then the ocean but a barrier reef has the land then the ocean then the Reef.
  • 3. How Are Coral Reefs Built?
    Coral reefs are things made with hard coral and the exoskeleton makes the dead coral let the new coral to grow on top.
  • 4. Two Types Of Coral
    These two corals live in the Great Barrier Reef.
    Fan coral
    Brain coral
  • 5. Great Barrier Reef Animals
    There is a lot of fish in the Great Barrier Reef like starfish, clownfish, anemone , stonefish, moray eels, turtles, hermit crabs, sharks, whales, coral, dolphins and dugongs.
    Moray eel
  • 6. Where Is The Great Barrier Reef
    The Great Barrier Reef is on the coast of Queensland (QLD for short) and because it is a barrier reef the ocean is in between the land and the reef.
  • 7. Threats To The GBR
    Litter in the ocean
    Crown-of-thorns sea star
    These are some threats to the Great Barrier Reef.
    Oil spills
    Over Fishing
  • 8. Oil spills
    Oil spills gets on coral so we cant snorkel.
    Luckily we put signs up so now oil will get out of the boats on the places with only a few corals are there.
    Also we can just ride boats in certain areas.
  • 9. Over Fishing
    With over fishing there will be no animals to see and to enjoy looking at them.
    Only fishing in certain areas so we won’t catch too much fish.
    Also fishing is in boats so the oil won’t go on many fish so we can see fish.
  • 10. Crown- of-thorns sea star
    The crown-of-thorns sea star is the worlds deadliest starfish. It kills coral so some fish eat it so the coral can stay alive.
  • 11. Litter in/Litter In The GBR
    Litter in the reef has killed many sea creatures such as turtles.
    People should put their rubbish in the bin not the ocean to save animals.