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Gbr by Justin and Tom
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Gbr by Justin and Tom


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Published in: Technology, Lifestyle

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  • 1. By Tom and Justin 3/4C
  • 2. What is a Coral Reef?
    • A coral reef is a sea structure, made out of many living organisms which together forms a wall. They are called coral polyps. They spawn eggs to make more polyps. As these organisms move about, they actually help the coral reef settle and gain a more stable structure.
  • 3. How are Coral Reefs built?
    • Coral organisms, called polyps can live on their own, but mostly live in big communities. The coral`s exo –skeleton is made out of limestone. Coral polyps are tiny, soft- bodied animals related to sea anemones and jellyfish.
  • 4. Where is the Great Barrier Reef?
    • The Great Barrier Reef is off the coast of Queensland and you can see it from space.
  • 5. Name two types of Coral
    • The two types of Coral are brain coral and fire coral. The brain coral looks like a brain and the fire coral looks like fire.
  • 6. What types of sea creatures live there?
    • Titan triggerfish, Grouper, Nudibranch, Crown of thorns starfish and Sea Nettle Jellyfish
  • 7. What are three ways people use the GBR?
    • They go fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving
  • 8. Crown of thorns starfish
    • The crown of thorns starfish eats the coral and the coral is part of the reef so it is destroying the reef as well. Also you can stop overfishing too much so the natural life cycle can continue the right way, and keep the number under control.
  • 9. Litter
    • Dumping of rubbish and other debris from ships into the marine environment has become an increasingly serious problem. People have went in the water to gather and collect rubbish in the environment.
  • 10. Logging
    • Illegal logging has become a significant global issue. It reduces forest environments, contributes to greenhouse electronics reductions in diversity among and within plant and animal species.
  • 11. What preserves the GBR
    • People are trying to stop all the threats by doing all they can like extinguishing Crown – of –Thorns starfish and picking up litter. People are trying to protect this beautiful World Heritage Site.