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Coral reefs by Aiden and Dan
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Coral reefs by Aiden and Dan


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Published in: Technology, Lifestyle

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  • Hard coral
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Great Barrier Reef
      How it was made...
      By Aiden and Dan
    • 2. Hard Coral
      This picture is of an adult polyps skeleton. This is attached to a reef.
      It was born from a coral polyp and its waste comes out of its mouth.
    • 3. Soft Coral
      Soft coral is a category of coral that doesn't have an outer skeleton and also doesn't have any defence mechanisms.
      Sea anemones
      Soft Coral
    • 4. Where is the Great Barrier Reef?
      The Great Barrier Reef is of the coast of Queensland near Cairns and is found in North East of Australia.
      Many people from all over the world come to admire all of it beautiful marine life.
    • 5. Fauna
      The Great Barrier Reef has six of the worlds seven species of marine sea turtle, more than one thousand five hundred species of fish and lots more marine life.
    • 6. Flora
      Sea grass is a category of grass that lives in the sea that has no defence mechanisms, this is mostly eaten by Dugongs.
      Algae is a watery plant that give s coral their colour and lives in humid places.
    • 7. Three ways Coral reefs are ruined
      One way a coral reef is ruined is from oil spills.
      Another way they are ruined is by ship anchors ripping up the coral.
      The worst way is the Crown-Of-Thorns-Starfish sucking up the coral polyps.
    • 8. Crown-Of-Thorns-Starfish
      This is so hurtful to the reef because it is sucking up the coral polyps.
      It lives on top of dead, bleached coral.
      This can be stopped if we don’t kill the fish that eat them in the reef.
    • 9. Oil Spills
      An oil spill happens when a ship gets a hole in it and all of its oil comes out.
      Fish die from oil spills that not only affect them, they also affect coral and anemones.
    • 10. Ship Anchors
      Ship anchors affect the coral reef by ripping up the coral.
      They also might kill animals by crushing them when the anchor is thrown down in the water.
    • 11. What is stopping the threats
      We can take away the Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish by not overfishing the Trumpet shell, Triggerfish and the Triton Fish.
      Oil spills and ship anchors had nothing to do with the nature humans just have to be more careful.
    • 12. Credits
      Made by Dan And Aiden
      Pictures by Dan and Aiden
      Writing by Dan and Aiden
      Everything by Dan and Aiden