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Google chrome


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Published in: Technology

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  • Security: Google distributes your information across their servers, making it for harder for hackers to locate all your information.
  • Using new formats, VP9 for video. VP9 uses ½ bandwidth compared to H.264 codec. WebP, alternative to JPEG to cut files sizes by one third. Working on date compression proxy for Chrome on mobile devices, which rewrites HTML, CSS, JavaScript and converts images to WebP and uses SPDY networking protocol to make websites load faster and conserve battery power.
  • Apps use SSL( secure sockets layer) to encrypt data. http vs https
  • No software bloat. Automatic
  • Transcript

    • 1. Google Chrome Melissa Brisbin Cherry Hill Public Library (856) 903-1243
    • 2. What is a browser? • “A web browser (commonly referred to as a browser) is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and transferring information resources on the World Wide Web” (Retrieved December 10, 2013 from • It’s how you use the Internet. Sending/receiving emails, searching websites for information/shopping, watching YouTube/Netflix, Facebook, filling out forms with personnel/private information 2
    • 3. Examples of Browsers 3 IE (Internet Explorer). Owned by Microsoft. Released in 1995. Latest version is Internet Explorer 11, released 10/2013. Claims to be the fastest browser available, 10/2013. As had major compatibility issues. Firefox (FF). Open Source. Released in 1998 (part of Netscape). Latest version is 26, released 12/10/2013. Better security performance, and H.264 codec (video). Safari. Owned by Apple, Inc. Released in 2003. Latest version is 7/6.1. Better memory usage, performance and power-saving tabs. Blocks third-party applications from accessing your web browsing and information.
    • 4. Examples of Browsers Opera. Owned by Opera Software, ASA. Released in 1996. Latest version is Opera 18 (integrating Google Chrome’s Chromium Project). Speeds up slow connections and sync bookmarks. Popular browser on mobile devices. Chrome. (Google Chrome). Developed by Google. Released in 2008. Latest version is 31. Minimalist approach that uses technology for fast, easy experience. Do Not Track for privacy protection is off by default. 4
    • 5. Why Google Chrome? Portable Security Work on and offline Mobile Integrate into other programs Up-to-Date Cost: Free! Administrative Controls Collaborate Picasa, YouTube, Blogger, etc
    • 6. Current abandonment rate for online purchases is at 97%! Google Chrome Facts It’s a popular browser! • Google Chrome’s mission: “Speed, simplicity, and security.” • Google: “Wants the web experience to be the same everywhere, across devices” and “personalized to you” • Syncing payment and shipping information across devices for faster shopping (Average checkout process on a mobile device has 21 steps!) • Google is working on making the process a total of 3 steps 750 million active users in 2013 300 million active users in 2012 Using new formats, VP9, H.264 codec and WebP for faster access •--Linus Upson, Google’s Vice President of Engineering Informational Credit:
    • 7. Why Google Chrome? • There are so many free tools: • Gmail It’s a popular browser! • Google Docs 750 million active users in 2013 • Google Talk (text or video chat) 300 million active users in 2012 • Google Page Creator (design webpages) • Google Calendar Informational Credit:
    • 8. Who Uses Chrome? Chrome is the most popular web browser (43%) in the global market. Followed by: Internet Explorer (IE) Firefox Safari
    • 9. Q: What is Google Chrome? A: A browser and a web-based operating system
    • 10. Chrome 10 • Chrome (Browser): • Can be installed on any PC (Windows or Mac) or mobile device and used as your web browser • Chrome’s functionality will change based on what your are using it on • Mobile Devices cannot use app/extension features but can import all your bookmarks • Browser: Interface used to surf the web Examples:
    • 11. Variances of Chrome Chrome on a PC Chrome app on an iPhone
    • 12. More Than a Browser . . . • Save files to the cloud with Google Drive with up to 15 GB of free storage • Available for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, and Chrome OS • Personalize with extensions and apps
    • 13. Search within address bar (Omnibox) Favorites Extensions Text Apps Apps Apps Menu (Hamburger) to get to Settings
    • 14. Downloading Chrome
    • 15. Chrome Settings 15
    • 16. 1st step: Get a Gmail Account More functionality with a Gmail Account
    • 17. Settings-Logging In • Signing into your account: • Open Chrome and sign into your Gmail account or • Go to the Chrome Menu
    • 18. Settings—Logging In Go to Settings/On startup If you want to have a specific Webpage, choose, Set Pages Enter the URL for the webpage: i.e. http:///
    • 19. Settings-Multiple Logins More than one login (Multiple Users): •Go to the Chrome Menu •Go to Settings, than Users. Click on to new user . . . .” “Add •Add user picture, name and Gmail credentials Switch between users in the upper-right corner of Chrome
    • 20. Settings-Syncing • Syncing Accounts: • Go to the Chrome Menu • Go to Settings • Click on to Advanced Sync Settings • Sync everything or control individual apps Sync your browser so your bookmarks, settings, app and extensions are available anywhere!
    • 21. Settings-Privacy 21
    • 22. Settings--Passwords Managing Passwords—Saving Passwords • Go to Settings in the Chrome Menu • Go to Settings and open “Show Advance Settings” • Control your passwords under “Passwords and Forms” • Under “Passwords and Forums,” check the box “Offer to save passwords I enter on the web” • Control individual accounts under “Manage saved passwords”
    • 23. Settings-Theme Add a Theme •Go to the Chrome Menu , Settings, Show Advanced Settings •Go to Appearance, Get Themes •Select a theme(s) and click Choose theme to install
    • 24. Settings-Shortcuts 24 for Shortcuts Chromebook/ Chrome
    • 25. Using Chrome Omnibox: Address bar is also a search bar No need to add www or http; Chrome does it automatically Refresh cmcl Toggle between pages Favorites Home button
    • 26. Chrome-Various Search Beyond Phrases/Words Calculator Converter Create a Shortcut to favorite webpages •Go to •Tools •Create application shortcuts •Open from desktop and site will open in it’s own window, without a url, tabs, etc
    • 27. Chrome-Setting Home Button • Chrome doesn’t instantly add the Home Button in it’s browser. It must be set. • Go to • Setting • Appearance Informational Credit:
    • 28. Using Chrome—Search Bar/Incognito Mode Type in the search box and Google will look up popular search terms as you type Address bar is a combination of addresses, searching and history Use incognito browsing so nothing (history, cookies, and form fields) is stored while you browse Shift+Ctrl+N = Incognito Mode Informational Credit:
    • 29. Using Chrome-Favorites Find a website you want to add to Favorites and click on the star in the browser or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D, or right-click • Go to to mange Bookmarks • Move/manage bookmarks easily, with your mouse • Drag an web address from the Address bar into to bookmark
    • 30. Using Chrome-Tabs Detach a tab • Functional Tabs • Hold down mouse and move them across the top of the page into the order you prefer • Move a tab out of the top of the screen to use in a separate window. • Move a tab back to your main page to but it back into a main window
    • 31. Using Chrome Tabs--Pinning Before: After: Pin your tabs It’s a minimize your display to the site’s icon/thumbnail •Right-click on the tab •Choose, Pin Tab Informational Credit:
    • 32. What else do I have access to with Chrome and a Gmail account? 32
    • 33. Apps/Extensions Extensions Apps
    • 34. Apps vs. Extensions Extensions: Small programs the enhance or customize your browser • Apps: • Websites that run within Chrome. No, to minimal downloading. • Example: Google Drive • Extensions: • Download components and modify Chrome.
    • 35. Apps/Extensions Why Apps? •Always available •Update without effecting entire PC system •Easy-to-find when you open a new tab in Chrome •Access across devices • Create documents • Edit photos • Listen to music
    • 36. Apps/Extensions Go to store at: Go to Menu/Tools/Extensions or
    • 37. Apps/Extensions Opens to the most popular/trending Browse by topic
    • 38. Installing Apps/Extensions Take note of the information you may be sharing Notice the Rating Hover over an extension to read/add to your browser Add to browser or cancel
    • 39. Adding Extensions Extensions will either be added at the to top of page or your home page (based on theme)
    • 40. Removing Apps/Extensions • Open a new tab • Hold your mouse down on the app you would like to remove • Drag to “Remove From Chrome” option in the lowerright corner
    • 41. Chrome Extensions • Screen Capture: • Capture images, sections, and entire pages from the Internet as PNGs. Images can be edited or annotated, highlighted or drawn. Store images on Picasa or Facebook.
    • 42. Chrome Extensions • Blocks adds from: • Banners AdBlock Plus https:// • YouTube video ads • Pop-ups • Facebook advertisements
    • 43. Chrome Extensions Google Translate • Translate any page. Google Translate will prompt you to change languages
    • 44. Chrome Extensions InvisibleHand • Automatically find the lowest prices online for shopping and travel (hotels, flights, and rental cars) • Notifications for better prices will also link you to the suggested site • Over 600 retailers in the US, UK, and Germany • Also an add on in Firefox, IE, and Safari • Runs in the background and will only prompt you when shopping
    • 45. Chrome Extensions HoverZoom • Use your mouse to hover over thumbnail images and make them full size without having to leave a page • Works directly with Google images, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, eBay and Amazon
    • 46. Chrome Extensions Google Hangout • One-on-One video conversations for up 10 people for free • Share pictures, files, or videos • Works on PCs or mobile devices • Enable or turn off notifications • Enable or turn off video chat history
    • 47. Chrome Extensions Pocket • Save article you want to read— either right –click on a page or use the shortcut in your browser • Sync across devices
    • 48. Chrome Extensions Dropbox • Store files: documents, photos, videos, music etc • Sync across devices: PCs and mobile devices • Share files with others • Backup files from you r mobile device so they are always accessible
    • 49. Chrome Extensions • Library Extension • Look up books and eBooks on Amazon and see if they are available at the Cape May County Library • Simply select your library when adding the extension to Chrome • If your library is not listed, ask Google to add it to their database:
    • 50. Chrome’s Task Manager • Hold down Shift and Esc at the same when in Chrome • Highlight and click to End to End Process • Control your apps, extensions, and tabs without having to shutdown your browser
    • 51. Google Drive
    • 52. Google Drive • Ability to create files and store on Google’s Cloud Presentations Documents Photos Forms Spreadsheets May 2013 Google has consolidated it storage for Drive, Google+ and Gmail. 15 GB of FREE storage across all 3 free platforms. 5 GB Google+Google/ Drive 10 GB Gmail Information Credit:
    • 53. Google Cloud Storage “Let’s you store access and protect your data with ease.” * Other cloud storage companies: Apple’s iCloud Microsoft’s SkyDrive Amazon’s Cloud
    • 54. Google’s Cloud Storage Saving files to the Cloud Process of saving and retrieving files: Process of saving and retrieving files: remote computer access with your remote computer access with your browser browser Google’s Servers (It’s a bunch of PCs) PC Retrieving files from the Cloud Advantages: Lots of applications without having to have aapowerful PC Advantages: Lots of applications without having to have powerful PC Informational Credit:
    • 55. Google Drive-Creating a Document
    • 56. Google Drive-Creating a Document Basic document settings Easily add a title Control settings
    • 57. Google Hangouts Video Chat: Available for PCs or Devices with a camera or webcam Text Chat: Available for devices without a camera Image Credit:
    • 58. Google Hangouts Text Chat: •See the status of others •Share files; documents, photos, videos Video Chat (Google Hangout): •Free long distance (Pc-to-PC) •Audio Conferencing (up to 9 individuals) •Share files/collaborate in real-time Image Credit:
    • 59. Google Hangouts Available for video chat • Up to 10 people (9, not including yourself) • Share your screen • Share files Available for text chat • Watch videos together • Add silly hats or mustaches Colors and icons indicate if a contact can chat (video or text) and indicates his or her availability Orange indicts the person is online, but idle, for both text and video chats Gray means the person is not online You will be prompted to send an email
    • 60. Google+ May 16th, 2013 Google adds 41 new features • Google’s social networking site that integrates many Google products in one spot • Organize friends, family, following, news, etc • Create communities (groups) on areas of interest • Invite contacts to events and integrate into Calendar
    • 61. Google Voice • One number for several phones • Set to ring several phones at specific times • Have voicemail transcripts • Text message for free • International calls at low rates • Block unwanted callers; • Google’s Global Spam Filter (Disconnected number message will play) App available for Android, Blackberry and iPhone
    • 62. What is a Chromebook? Pros: Built-in virus protection Automatic updates when you boot up (software and security) Inexpensive and affordable Cloud-storage to avoid data loss Access all your Google settings on any device running Chrome Utilizes Google Drive Collaborate Free software updates Apps Connect with important contacts; email, chat, Google+, files, etc Runs Google’s OS 3G or Wifi Image Credit:
    • 63. What is a Chromebook? Cons: Browser-centric. Lack of proprietary software Limited functionality Google reliant 5-hour battery life Needs a WiFi connection (offline mode available, but limited) Does not run Windows or Mac OS—cannot install certain programs (Skype, Photoshop, iTunes, etc) Image credit:
    • 64. Chromebook Apps
    • 65. Thank You! Melissa Brisbin Emerging Technologies Librarian Cherry Hill Public Library