University Work: Marketing Principles Presentation


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University Work: Marketing Principles Presentation

  1. 1. Vitalident Green Tea Toothpaste Presentation by Melinda Smith, Elia Leung and Zerah Gallardo.
  2. 2. The Product What is Green Tea? Modern perspective An ancient oriental drink Antioxidants Health and longevity A tasty refreshing drink Pop-cultureTraditional perspective Youth
  3. 3. The Company • multibrand- Palmolive • broad range of products • market leader • trusted “Respecting the World Around Us”
  4. 4. Segmentation Demographically • 18-35 year olds • students/office workers PsychographicallyGeographically• all Australian • health-conscious states • environmentally• metropolitan and aware suburban • active/ambitious Behaviourally • used daily • ready to buy
  5. 5. SegmentationMarket segmented in this way Images associated withbecause of: product:• Existing perceptions of green tea • Young• Aligns with values/attitudes • Healthy • Innovative • High-tech Core group = health-conscious, positive-minded, aware of the environment around them and technologically savvy.
  6. 6. Consumer Survey 18-35 year oldsWhy Survey? • predict possible response to product • understand values, attitudes and beliefs • gain an understanding of how to satisfy the consumer
  7. 7. Survey Results1. 2.• 77% trust and use Colgate • 55% rated their current toothpaste  potential influence as “good”  potential change Toothpaste Brand Quality Perception 60 Colgate Sensodyne 40 Macleans 20 0 Poor Good Excellent
  8. 8. Survey Results3. When asked „what is the most important consideration when you buy toothpaste?‟ • 50% were concerned with its effectiveness and what it did • 27% mentioned taste  less minty
  9. 9. Survey Results4. • 41% take health supplements  active interest in health  reflects attitude- want more, add quality5. • 50% of the sample had no specific idea of any health benefits of green tea • 18% mentioned antioxidants • 18% mentioned it makes you healthy  need and opportunity to educate
  10. 10. Target Group Segmentation + Survey Results  Target Group•18-35 year old ambitious, environmentally and health conscious males and females• Values and attitudes of this group align with those associated with green tea and the product
  11. 11. Positioning Full Health Cleanser Health-boosting qualities of green tea extracts to rejuvenate the whole body and Kick-start your day! Health, Energy, Kick-Start, Boost, Vitality!
  12. 12. Positioning• Natural ingredients• Cleanses the system • Remineralisation Nature Technology A perfect balance
  13. 13. Cultural Trends Environmental Awareness: • allows us to evaluate current market • provides greater understanding of target group • helps us predict future trends1. Demographic2. Technology3. Nature
  14. 14. Cultural TrendsDemographics Target Group = Generation YAdvancing SustainabilityTechnology• technologically fluent• more educated• greater awareness of the environment
  15. 15. Cultural TrendsTechnology • rapid pace • constantly evolving • rendering old technologies useless Toothpaste  Remineralisation
  16. 16. Cultural TrendsNature • greater focus on the environment • stronger focus on corporate social responsibility • more focus on sustainable measures : “Respecting the World Around Us”
  17. 17. Competitors Positioning Aim Protection- plaque and decay Sensodyne Protection- sensitive teeth Rexona Cosmetic- white teeth Macleans Cosmetic- fresh breath Our task = to differentiate product from its competitors One thing that is missing = Nature Opportunity due to cultural context
  18. 18. Competitors Current Future toothpaste Vitalident toothpaste market market The product is designed to stand out in both the existing toothpaste market and amongst emerging trends.
  19. 19. Launch Strategy Product Price Distribution Promotion
  20. 20. The Product Green Tea Extracts (GTE)- Contain antioxidants • have been proven to treat body aches, digestion and many other health conditions • Recent research has also found it can be effective in fighting mouth bacteria and increasing the body‟s natural protective systems Key ingredient of Vitalident • can be swallowed as it is actually good for you
  21. 21. The Product Product Map Augmented product Actual product
  22. 22. Price • Premium product = premium price • Market skimming approach • Other toothpastes = $2.50 to $5 Vitalident = $5.20 Aim = to build images of quality and prestige; not to be viewed as a lowly priced discount product
  23. 23. Distribution Position it simultaneously within: • the existing toothpaste market • the alternative natural health sectionLocation = across Australia, within Coles and Woolworths stores(in two sections), as well as independent health storesInvolves intensive distribution• although not within discount stores, such as Aldi
  24. 24. PromotionIntegrated Marketing Communications (IMC) methods aredesigned to fit in with lifestyles of target group, these include: 1. Sampling- “chewy bites”- similar properties and taste • taste = important concern in surveys • opportunity to test public opinion and response- to be documented by salesperson
  25. 25. Promotion 2. Competitions • product and merchandise give-aways • creates brand exposure • builds up database for communication • creates interest and importance as innovative trend • appeals to Generation Y
  26. 26. Promotion3. Online website • interactive videos and games •„play-to-win‟ function • engages and appeals to target group 4. In-Store • glorifier- small stage that places it above other products • „necker‟- coupon attached to the neck
  27. 27. Conclusion Health, Energy and Vitality.IMC Goal = to reachthe target audiencewith our message in away that they willrespond A Full Health Cleanser to Kick-Start Your Day, Everyday.