Obzerving vegetable essay


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Obzerving vegetable essay

  1. 1. The Green PepperEnglish 2 (ENGL 0205)Assignment 1Melika Bordbar (0311455)FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  2. 2. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  3. 3. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  4. 4. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  5. 5. On Wednesday in English class during English class work, Mr.Woon toldus” to come forward and write down the name of one vegetable. He started from frontrow from the left side, and I was sitting in second row from the right side. I startedthinking to what kind of vegetable do I know in English and also what I wanted tochoose. After realizing in my mind, finally I decided to choose a broccoli or lettuce, butwhen I went to wrote down my vegetable name, my both choices were picked withanother person’s before me. After all, I thought for a second and green pepper came tomy mind. I checked the list and hopefully it was not in a list, so I just wrote down it andback to my sit. Actually we did not know why our lecturer made us to choose onevegetable till one week later than that day. Finally after a week, he told us” you supposeto buy your vegetable, observe it, and after that write an essay about your observingprocess.”Fortunately, when I went to kitchen to research for green pepper inrefrigerator, I found only one complete green pepper and one half, so I picked thecomplete one and I started my work in a kitchen. My pepper color was green but I sawthe red one, yellow one and also orange one before. My observing was started fromtaking the green pepper out of the refrigerator. On that moment, I felt it was so cold andshiny. I started to touch it, and I felt a very soft skin but firm and hard. My green peppershape was slightly different with another one which I have seen before. This greenpepper shape was slightly cylindrical.I held the green pepper in front of my face and I turned it around veryslowly, I noticed that the top of the green pepper was light green and the bottom wasdark green. I also tried to see from the top, I found that it was like a flower. Again I keptFNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  6. 6. my vegetable in front of my face; it was look like a bell. So I was excited to try myvegetable sound, I held my vegetable near to my ear, flipped at the skin but I heard ahollow sound. I felt like a drum sound. Again I tried to touch the skin, I felt very smoothbut this time, I noticed that my vegetable skin also had an uneven surface.Now it’s the time to smell, cut and taste it. I held my vegetable near to mynoise to smell it, the smell was very sharp and I got headache after smelling, butsomehow my mother like this smell and she told me “it is very sweet and nice smell”.After observing the outer physical details, I started to cut it and observing the innerphysical details, which was very interesting part for me. When I started to cut myvegetable, I heard the crispy sound and it was a little watery. I felt very good andexcited, because I think the crispy sound is a very lovely and delicious sound. After that,I tried to taste a little of green pepper. The taste was like nothing at first trying, but I triedagain and I felt a little bitter, very little astringent, at the end a little sweet and also it wascrispy and watery. I also tried to cut from length and width but very thin piece, so I foundfrom the length was like a heart shape and from the width part was like a flower. I feltvery excited because I found a new design for salad, food and so on.Finally, I started to observe the inside of my vegetable. When I cut mygreen pepper at a first glance, I just saw empty space and a ball of white flesh with goldbeads. After that I touched the white flesh ball and it was a spongy flesh. I was soexcited because it reminded me inside of the sea. I also touched the seeds; they werehard, slippery, very small, circle and blond color. The spongy white flesh ball with goldbeads was stick together with stem. However, this part could easily separate from thestem and flesh of green pepper. After all of these observing, again I looked at myFNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar
  7. 7. vegetable skin and I noticed the skin was not soft and hard any more, and it was wrinkleand sleazy. I also touch the spongy white flesh ball again, it was not watery the same asbefore and it was dry.In brief, at first I was thinking this assignment can be the boringassignment and the worst one, but now I think observing can be the best way forunderstanding to improve our writing method and it can be make us very creative andobjective. I use 4 days for this assignment and I really enjoy my time because now I canfeel, I am in an improving way of my writing. Before I observed the green pepper, I justsaw this vegetable in food and salads and I just ate it and never had I thought about it inthis way. My challenge in this essay was curbing my imagination and preventing myselffrom falling into the natural desire to write creatively. I hope, I will observe more andmore in future until my writing and also my English words will be better.FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205 English 2 Names of group members: Melika Bordbar