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English research

  1. 1. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)English Research(Comparative of two or more business fromthe same industry)English 2 (ENGL 0205)Final Assignment – Bakery BusinessJacinta Kabrina Majalap(0311339)
  2. 2. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)CONTENTCONTENTS PAGEResearch Proposal 3 - 6Research Essay 7 - 15AppendixPhotoMeeting Minutes16 - 23Bibliography 24
  3. 3. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)Research ProposalThe Research ProposalName: Jacinta KabrinaMajalapStudent ID: 0311339Group member:MelikaBordbarStudent ID: 0311455Class: English 2Introduction:This is a research report from interviewing two businesses and making a comparison betweentwo of those businesses. The business that we chose is Bakery Businesses. Bakeries are startingto bloom in Malaysia’s food industry where unlike before, Malaysian started to go for breadinstead of heavy food for lunch. An interview was done to gain more information on thatbusiness itself and that information are used to make a report.
  4. 4. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)Research Questions:List the research questions very clearly and concisely. Number each question.1. Description of the trade or business that you are studying. Please note that you should bestudying at least two to three or more example of the trade or business.2. Origin/family history of trade/business that you are studying. For this you need toconduct interview.3. Where are the products marketed to? Local or International market?4. Who are the main customer? Example: gender, income group? Why does the productattract this particular group?5. How does the business promote the product? How does it advertise? Are the productdistributed to various places or only at the business premises? Why are they distributed inthis manner?6. What/who are the main threats/competition to the business? How are they threateningthe business? What are the strategies are used to counter the threats/competition?7. What trade-related policies have been put in place by the government so far? What aretheir impact?8. How does technology affect the trade/business? What are the effect? Which technologyhas the biggest impact? Is it positive or Negative?9. What is the future of the trade? Is the industry growing or stagnating? What are thepossible outcome for this trade in the next 10 years?
  5. 5. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)10. What is the most special/best selling product youve been selling from the day thebusiness started until now?11. How many branches/franchises does the business own so far? Are you planning onexpanding/add more? Where and why? And who are the targeted customer in thatparticular area?12. Is the business coming up with new product? Who came up with the recipe? And why isit special to you?13. What are the most valuable thing/experience/scenario that youve gained from runningthe business?14. As one of the most established business in Kuala Lumpur, how do you keep yourbusiness running and present through out the years? What moral value did the businessengaged in up until today
  6. 6. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)Methodology:List all your methods one at a time and provide details of when and how you expect to carryout your research methods.1. Prepare questions.2. Call up businesses in Klang Valley area for appointment.3. Visit business.4. Take picture as proof.5. Do the interview.6. Double check information.7. Make a draft and rearrange data.8. Prepare a report.Conclusion:Briefly explain what you expect to accomplished through the above methods and theinformation that you expect to obtain by carrying out your plan above.Hope to meet a friendly owner or manager in order to have a comfortable atmosphere to talkin and gain some personal information of the business.Expect to have enough information for the research.
  7. 7. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)Research EssayOn today’s market there is a variety of never ending delicious sweets and pastries to please boththe palate and the eyes. We have become so used to this diverse range of bread, mouth wateringpastries and cakes that seldom we ask just how they come into existence.Right in the beginning of recorded history there was the discovery of fire making, thus alongwith light, heat could be generated. Then there followed the discovery of different grasses andtheir seeds which could be prepared for nourishment.With the help of heat and grain, one wasnow able to prepare a kind of broth.Hot stones were covered with this broth or the broth wasroasted on embers and “Presto!” the first flat bread was created. This ability to prepare stablefood radically changed the eating habits and lifestyle of our early ancestors, from being huntersthey became settlers. In this research, we were ask to do an interview of two businesses from thesame trade. The trade we chose are bakery business and the bakery business we interviewed areHomemaydecakes.blogspot.com and RT Pastry House.The first business we interviewed is Homemaydecakesand the person we interviewed was theherself owner, MissMay Mayvanwy Augusta Mojigoh. She is married and blessed with abeautiful daughter.Homemaydecakesprovide services to anyone who wants to do personalizedcustom made cakes and other baking products like cookies and cupcakes. Based at home inKuala Lumpur, she does customized orders for every occasion. Be it for birthdays, anniversaries,weddings and even just-for-fun. She accepts orders of any kind at very competitive andreasonable prices.
  8. 8. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)Business started on her own after attending cake decorating courses at the International Centre ofCake Artistry, Kuala Lumpur.Her cakes are usually marketed to those in KL but she have hadcustomers who order from all over Malaysia, Singapore, the UK and US who wants the cakesdelivered to friends or relatives who are living in Kuala Lumpur. Most of her customers areladies either brides or mothers of young kids but she have had a few guys order cakes for theirgirlfriends, wives, and mothers.Mothers of course want meaningful birthday cakes that their kidswill enjoy. Future brides wants to have their dream wedding cake and are usually quite particularabout what they want. Hence custom made is the best way to go. Also friends of brides likes toorder cakes for their Hens night.Young people likes a modern and contemporary idea to theircakes and the designs that they want usually are about the interests of the person celebrating thebirthday. This is why she gets a lot of orders from this particular groups. Men probably orderfrom her because they dont know what else to get for the women in their lives.Young people in their 20s also like to order cakes from her. Most of them come from higherincome people as custom made cakes can be quite expensive reaching hundreds of ringgit foreach. Most are also from the working class as well. That said she do get a few orders that shegive a special discount. Example, order for some kids in an orphanage. May promote herbusiness in many ways. She mainly operate her business through her blog shopHomemaydecakes.blogspot.com.In her blog, she update the blog with interesting posts on how to do her cakes this include theprocess on how she manage her time. This will give future clients a glimpse of how and what shedoes, what she can offer and how to contact her.
  9. 9. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)May is also very active in parent forums, wedding forums, youth forums and anywhere online,which she can promote her business.Sometimes she sell her cakes at events so that the public canhave a taste of her goodies and then offer them her name card if they want to order from her inthe future.For her, the biggest promotion in the custom made cake business is by word of mouth. If yourcakes are good, they will speak for itself.She dont really have to advertise much at this point asher blog is an advert by itself but perhaps she will consider advertising on Facebook. Earlier inherbusiness, she did distribute flyers in her neighborhoods mailboxes.For now her cakes are onlymade to be picked up from her home or delivered to the respective clients home/venue.Its easier for her to operate from her premises as she is a stay at home mom at the moment.May’s competitors are other home based bakeries and commercialized bakeries. There areso many out there who are doing exactly what she is doing. She don’t know if she couldsaythat they are threatening her business but some of them are charging their clients way cheaperthan what is the standard. Custom made cakes are specialized cakes so the prices should reflectthat. Commercialized bakeries of course has a bigger capacity in producing custom made cakesand can secure larger orders and its hard for her to compete with that in her small kitchen.Well its not much of a strategy. She just make sure that her work is of excellent standard and shetry to emulate international standard of design in her cakes. Not many home-based bakeries canexecute this, as it requires personal skill and experience. She also tries to update herself with thelatest techniques and gadgets so that she is up to par with the latest trends in cake decorating.Applying a certain trademark to her work also gives her cakes a special touch so that its different
  10. 10. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)from other custom made cakes. For example, her cakes always have a clean look and are oftenvery colorful.May only use the best and freshest ingredients where she only use fondant from either the UnitedState or New Zealand and dairy products like butter from New Zealand as well. This is how shedifferentiate herself from other competitors.So far no government policies are affecting her too much but she heard they might want toregulate all online businesses soon and every online business must have a proper businesslicense. If that happens, she might have to register her business as an enterprise and pay a feeevery year in order to do her business. Also if that happens, She’d have to put her full contacton her blog. She’s not sure if she is comfortable displaying her address and phone number forthe entire world to see online as she only provide those to her clients.Technology in baking is very important. High capacity baking equipment like heavy-dutymixers, large ovens, fondant rollers and airbrush machines are very useful to the industry.Almost all are positives. The custom made baking business has a very bright future. It isdefinitely growing and will be an ever important industry as you will never run out of peopleneeding cakes for birthdays, weddings, and events. All of May’s products are special as eachcake is different and it is one of a kind.So far May only plan to operate from home since her business is still growing. Once she is a littlemore established, she would be interested in opening either a little bakery cafe or a small cakedecorating course center with supplies.
  11. 11. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)She would target urban areas or the suburbs where a lot of retired people or stay at home momsare. Because they are the ones who usually are interested in cake crafts. May is constantlycoming up with new recipes. Usually sherefers to recipe books and the Internet and tweak therecipes to her own liking. It is special because it is of her own taste and what she likes.The most valuable thing and experience May gain from running her business are patience andtenacity. When she first started the business, it was very slow. She had to be patient andtenacious in the sense that she had to keep on marketing her business to get the word out. Shewould bake for free for friends just so they would try her cakes and see herwork.Even in cake decorating, she found that that if she was too much in a rush something wrongwould always happen to the cake. So she practiced patience in decorating as well.Also learning from mistakes and improving any weaknesses, when she had a less than favorablefeedback from a client especially in the beginning of the business.Hard work and having goals. Without these two attributes a business has nowhere to go.Moral values is that in business one must always be honest and always be kind to clients and tryyour best to help them. This will bring the business a long way because people remember you asa good and trustworthy business operator and not just another business wanting your money.The other business we interviewed are RT Pastry House and the person we interviewed is theoperation manager, Mr. Vic Chia. RT Pastry House was up and running for more than 10 years.From the year 2003 up till now. The first outlet was in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur.The ownerwas originally from Taiwan. He started to work in Taiwan, Singapore and finally based inMalaysia. He and his wife decided to open a pastry shop in Malaysia to spread the culture oftheir hometown. Their product is Japanese and Taiwan inspired and his motto is“5 star quality
  12. 12. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)at a 3 star price”.After 3 years, a second shop was open in Subang Jaya SS15, and two moreyears later in Puchong Jaya.Between 4-5 years, the family members in this company increaseupto 50%.After the Puchong branch opened, to survive in this industry RT Pastry House organizationstarted to expand. Theydevelop an operation chasing production, and a basic department.Theirshops introduced Malaysian to a Japanese and Taiwanese fusion bakery concept. RT PastryHouse has grown to become the choice bakery in the region and demand for products has beenoverwhelming. They have now expanded their reach to bring the premium quality of RT PastryHouse to an even wider audience.When they first started, they were only selling within the premises. But after the year 2009, thefirst factory for making their own products and supply to all of theoutlet around Malaysia wasbuilt.The products are targeting the local markets and they are planning to expand internationallyin the future. The main customers are between the age of 25-35 averages. They are also targetingstudents and working a person who doesn’t have time to eat proper meal. The marketing strategyin 2009 was to attract more housewives by using the best quality at the lowest price. They bringmore technological idea, from other countries to Malaysia in order for Malaysian to try differenttype of pastry from different country.They promote their product by giving vouchers and discount for whoever becomes member.Other than that, they have a lot of special offer for event such as Valentine day, Mothers day andFathers day. The promotion can be found in their website, RT Pastry House.com. They distribute
  13. 13. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)fliers and poster around Klang Valley area to attract more customers but distribute of product isonly sold within the business premises to save time and energy.RT Pastry House have a lot of threats and competition, one of them is TK Bakery & LavenderBakery. They tried to copy RT Pastry House’s products and selling it in their shop. For example,their famous product Green tea Cakewas copied and sold in different shop without theirknowledge. To counter the threats, RT Pastry House has come up with a lot of strategies toovercome this problem. One of the strategies is maintaining the quality of their products anddevelop new products for the future. Having an excellent service is a must to attract loyal, newand possible customer.Trade related policies that have been put in place by the government so far arean increase inprice of the main ingredient such as sugar and flour.The increase in price of the productdepending on how big is the gap of profits/loss is. But for now, it didn’t really bother thebusiness flow in Malaysia. The technology for bakery line is very important, if we don’t improvethe technology, we can’t survive in this market. Before, making bread is doneby hands insteadof using a machine. Now, the technology of making cake is premix, meaning we’re using handand machine together to bake.The greatest impacts are the machine used. With machine tobake, we can safe time and money because labor work cost a lot of money and machine makesa heavy-duty work becomes much more easier to handle.The future of the trade is bright, dependingon the management and marketing strategy. RTPastry House business is still growing. For the next 10 years, they predicted that the business
  14. 14. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)would still grow with few new outlets along the way. Their best-selling product since the daythe business started is Hokkaido Cake. It has soft moisture to it with different type of filling. Thebranches they own so far in total 7 branches where most of them are located around Malaysia.They plan to expand their business in the near future by opening a new branch inKlang valley area, because of their factory is located near that area.In that particular area, theytarget working people, students, and housewives as the possible customer.The business iscoming up with new product. They have planned to develop more varieties of cakes and theperson who came up the recipe is their chef, owner and someone from Taiwan because therecipe is originally from Taiwan. It will be healthier, natural, and it’s special because no one inMalaysia sells it. They will be the first to sell it in Malaysia.The most valuable thing gain in running the business is experience. Experience for theworker, and organization. As one of the most establish business in Malaysia, they keep theirbusiness running by having a good marketing strategies, lots of promotion, fast and friendlyservice, quality product and an awesome management. The moral value the business engagedup until now is equality. The owner prefer that every staffs can be able to buy their own housesand for customers, a 5 star quality at a 3 star prices.These two businesses are different in everyway. For instants, RT Pastry shop has their ownshop where by Homemaydecakes only move from home if there is an order from a client. RTPastry House doesn’t take orders from different countries because their target is only withinthe local market. Homemaydecakes has done business internationally where she took orders
  15. 15. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)for people from other countries. In term of marketing, RT Pastry House promotes their productby distributing poster and fliers and they even have their own website. In the early days of herbusiness, homemaydecakes distribute fliers in her neighbor’s mailbox. Now she promotes herbusiness through her blog, Facebook and even in event of her client. The product sold is alsoquite different where RT Pastry House sells different varieties of pastry from bread to cakes,where by Homemaydecakes only sell custom made cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Thus, thisshows that even if these two business are in the same trade/industry, they way they run theirbusiness is totally different.
  16. 16. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)AppendixRT Pastry House
  17. 17. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)
  18. 18. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)
  19. 19. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)Homemaydecakes
  20. 20. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)
  21. 21. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)Team Meeting23May201313.00pmTaylor Lake SideUniversityMeeting called by:Jacinta K. MajalapFacilitator: Mr. WoonTimekeeper:Sumit ChaiAttendees:Raychella Richard & Evelyn PaulNote Taker: Melika BordbarPlease read:Notes and research proposalPlease bring:Pen and PaperMinutesAgenda item: Origin/History of business Presenter: Melika BordbarDiscussion: History of RT Pastry HouseConclusions: Originally from TaiwanAction items Person responsible Deadline Conduct an interview Melika Bordbar List down Key points
  22. 22. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)Agenda item: Origin/History of business Presenter:Jacinta K. MajalapDiscussion: History of HomemaydecakesConclusions: Got interested after going for pastry courseAction items PersonresponsibleDeadline Conduct interview Jacinta K.Majalap List down key pointsAgenda item: Marketing strategies Presenter: Melika BordbarDiscussion:How does RT Pastry House promote theirproduct?Conclusions: By posting poster, distribute fliers and making a websiteAction items Person responsible Deadline Conduct interview Melika Bordbar List key pointsAgenda item:Marketing strategies Presenter:Discussion:How does Homemaydecakes promote their product? Jacinta K. Majalap
  23. 23. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)Conclusions:Through her Blog and FacebookAction items Person responsible Deadline Conduct interview Jacinta K. Majalap List key pointsOther InformationObservers:Resources:HomHomemaydecakes.blogspot.com, RT Pastry House.com, and PfisterconsultingSpecial notes:Thank you.
  24. 24. FNBE June 2013 - ENGL 0205 English2Names of group members: Melika Bordbar (0311455)Bibliographyhttp://www.pfisterconsulting.com/history.htmhttp://homemaydecakes.blogspot.comhttp://rtpastry.com/index.php