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Charity Drive

  1. 1. MARKETING REPORTBusiness (BUSF0103)RENEE LIM WEI FEN (0311016)NUR BAHIRAH RAHMAN (0311085)NADZIRAH HANIS (0311096)FAIZA AL-AMODI (0308931)MELIKA BORDBAR (0311455)FNBE JULY 2012 / JAN 201317thMay 20131
  2. 2. CONTENTSNo. Content Page1. Objectives 22. Target Market 33. Competition Analysis 44. Product and Packaging 55. Pricing 66. Promotion 77. Sponsorship 88. Distribution 9Green Measures 109. Operation Budget 1110. Human Resources Planning 1211. Evaluation of Results 1312. References 1413. Appendix 15-1914. Executive Summary 202
  3. 3. OBJECTIVESThe objective of this business assignment is clear and simple. All proceedscollected during the business charity drive is to be donated to a charityorganization. The charity organization that our group has decided to donate themoney to was HOPE Worldwide.The reasons our group agreed to choose this particular organization are asfollows:-a) HOPE Worldwide is an international, non-profit, non-religiousorganization, established throughout the world. This would mean that theproceeds collected will not only help the unfortunate in Malaysia but alsothroughout the world.b) This organization mainly focuses on 5 areas worldwide. The 5 areas arechildren, education, health, senior citizens, employment and volunteerism.c) The mission of this organization states that Hope Worldwide is aninternational charity that changes by harnessing the compassion andcommitment of dedicated staff and volunteer to deliver sustainable, highimpact, community-based services to the poor and needy.d) It is more than just an ordinary organization. It’s a family that keeps ongrowing each day and what makes it even more special is that anyone canbe a part of this family and volunteer to do some good deeds and bringsome hope in others life by changing it.Our aim in running our business during the charity drive is to achieve aminimum profit of RM2000.00. In order to achieve such, certain targets were setand they are as follows:-a) Our targeted amount of donations is RM500.00 whereasb) Our targeted sales is RM1500.00.c) Also, any sponsorship in cash will also be used to achieve the targetedprofit.3
  4. 4. TARGET MARKETAs the charity event will be set up in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, our maincustomers that we target are the students studying over here. The other targets wouldbe the lecturers, facility workers and visitors that drop in and out of Taylor’sUniversity Lakeside Campus. Due to the majority of students here, our group willhave to take into consideration of the pricing of our products and services. The reasonwe targeted these people in the market is because:-a) Many students spend most of their time in the campus, both for relaxation andassignment purposes. This already gives us the opportunity to sell our productsto them.b) Next as for the lecturers and facility workers, they are targeted because theyare most likely to have their meals in Taylor’s sure to time limitation.c) Visitors are targeted because students tend to bring their friends along to justchill at the commercial block.d) The main purpose of targeting such people is so that they can have a nicebreak in between classes and they can relax by grabbing some marshmallowsor fruits dipped with chocolate to soothe their day. As our group will not onlyrun a food business but also a photo booth business, students will most likelybe attracted by the photo booth.4
  5. 5. COMPETITION ANALYSISOur two main competitors are the groups lead by Evelyn and Cheah Ee Von.Those two groups where of five members just like the other group and they whereorganized and motivated to get their targets and they were determined to do anythingpossible just to reach the highest profit between the groups. Evelyn’s group wereselling macaroni with cheese and they had a henna booth and Ee Von’s group theywhere selling durian puffs.Now what I have noticed that these groups have in common is the harmony betweentheir members they were understanding and caring to each other and also they looklike a team when they work together in one hand. Beside I really got impressed by thethinking skills in both teams and their ability to find solutions and improve theirsituation as in Evelyn’s group when she noticed that her macaroni sales are not thatproductive in the next day she introduced the henna booth and it was really workingsmoothly and productively while in Ee Von’s group their strategy was different but atleast they had one, and it was to rent their booth for one day and they will go allaround the campus and sell their product which is a clever idea as some people mayhave not even pass by the charity drive area and they also started to take orders frompeople for the next day.Evelyn’s idea of the henna booth was smart because it was cool and students wouldwant to have temporary tattoo just for fun and the price was reasonable so I don’t seeanything that prevents or act as barrier not to have a henna tattoo. And about the othergroup due to the popularity of the durians and what made it unique was their packingof their product and in my point of view these were strong points to both teams to postup their business.5
  6. 6. PRODUCT AND PACKAGINGThe products that we are selling are healthy fruits which are bananas andgrapes. Besides that, marshmallows will also be sold during the charity event. Thefruits and marshmallows will be coated with chocolate. Customers are given an optionif they would like their food coated with chocolate or otherwise. We are also openinga photo booth for our customers to take pictures with hand-made and ready-madeprops.We have decided to sell fruits because it is good for our health and alsochocolate serves as energy booster. Furthermore, marshmallow is very chewy, sweetand easy to eat. Instead of selling fruits and marshmallows only, we also provide asection for customers to take pictures with many different kinds of interesting props.We also provide different backgrounds for customers to choose. The benefit given tothe customers is that they can keep the pictures for memories. Our photo booth differsfrom the other usual booths because we provide props that our customers can utilize.The packaging of fruits and marshmallow is we are just packed it in plasticcontainer as it is easier for a customer to see the foods that we are selling. It willattract the customer with this packaging as it is a transparent container and it is easierfor our customers to eat as it is in a container instead of a piece of plastic. We do notprovide a packaging for polaroid film because it is already convenient for them to justput or keep in wallet because the size is just small.6
  7. 7. PRICINGDue to the competitiveness with other charity drives which sells food, our group hasdecided to form a pricing strategy so that our booth which sells marshmallows andfruits with chocolate fondue can be sold off at a competitive price.1. The price of one stick or one packet of fruit or one mix packet will be sell atRM3.00 each.2. The actual costs for our product is as followed:- Marshmallow : RM 29.90/ a pack of 800g- Banana : RM 4.50 / per ripe (approximately)- Grape : RM 6.00 / per bunch (approximately)- Chocolate : RM 13.90 / per packet- Hershey’s : RM12.60 / per bottle3. Our marshmallows and banana with chocolate fondue is popular amongteenagers (target market). The product is sold at RM4 per stick and RM10 for3 sticks outside the campus.4. Our strategy to sell the food (if difficulty occurs) is to give free samples to thestudents, lecturers or other passer-by. The second strategy is to lower the priceto RM2 or giving an offer of RM5 for 3 sticks.5. We planned that if we are selling them faster than we anticipated, we are goingto sell it based on the market selling price, which is RM4 per stick and RM10for three sticks.As for our photo booth, ‘Photo Goof’, we are the only group who is providing theservice. Therefore, we don’t have competitors for this service we are providing, butwe still have competitions with other booths that are selling other kinds of products atthe same time.1. The selling price for each polaroid picture taken is RM5.00.2. The cost for each 10 films is RM23. Therefore, the price of each film takencosts at RM2.30. The cost for the props is RM207.20; including the backgrounds,hair, hats, masks and others.3. The product is popular and attractive for adults especially teenagers who liketaking pictures with their friends and creating memories. That is why RM5.00 is asuitable price including all the props provided.4. We decided that we can only promote more by advertising on Instagram andFacebook or wear it to attract the customers if we have difficulty in selling off thisproduct. Our group do not plan to reduce the price as it is already a good price tosell the picture taken with props provided.7
  8. 8. PROMOTIONOur group had done a few promoting strategies to attract our customers. Our boothoffers healthy food to customers and capturing fun moments. We served our foodproduct some differently by offering them with chocolate fondue. Instead of justeating marshmallows and fruits, our customers can choose to eat them with ourdelicious homemade chocolate fondue. This is a way for us to attract our customerswith our special and tempting chocolate.The three main tools for promoting these products to the target market are throughposters, Facebook, and Instagram. We promote our booth by making an attractivepromotion porter and a unique menu. We also made an Instagram page and Facebookpage for our booth. Through these promoting techniques, we are able to connect withour target customers through Internet to gain feedbacks from them.Fortunately, we have quite a number of positive feedbacks. Some of it are as follow:-- “...the idea of opening a photo booth is a cool thing, we will stop by and take apicture with our friends...”- “...that I will come to your booth to take a pictures instead of buying a food”- “Marshmallows are my favourite”-“The chocolate looks nice!”We chose these promoting strategies and tools because we believe that our targetcustomers which most of them are University students, will want to have fun and takepictures to keep it as memory.As for the fresh fruits and marshmallows, we want to serve a new kind of healthyfood in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus because there are no other stalls orrestaurants that sells this product.8
  9. 9. SPONSORSThe purpose of approaching sponsorships for the charity drive is as a financial supportfor our group to cover our product costs and other expenses. Sponsorship support easeour group to reach the target because all of our expenses are covered. Therefore, allproceeds from the charity drive will be donated to the foundation directly, withouthaving to cover our product costs. Other than that, our sponsorship allows us to givefood sample to our customers.1. At first, our group decided to approach a camera company to provide the polaroidfilm.2. After approaching them through verbal conversation, the camera company turneddown our request for the product supplies. Therefore, we decided to spend our ownmoney for all expenditures first.3. Our group has approached other random companies that we are familiar of.4. Most of our sponsors are individuals from a corporate company.5. The reason why we target these companies is because we know most of thempersonally and they are kind people who are very generous to support our drive inorder to support the foundation; HOPE Worldwide.6. The first company that we have approached was FELDA Group. Upon approachingthem, we have shown a list of our expenditures and asked whether they would want tocover our expenses. They agreed to provide us with the amount presented, howeverthey were kind enough to sponsor an extra amount of RM750.00.6. All of our sponsors had given sponsorship in cash form. The total amount ofsponsorship is RM4065.20.7. The approaches we used to get the sponsorship were by verbal conversation andsponsorship letters.9
  10. 10. DISTRIBUTIONIn terms of delivering, our products are brought by ourselves everyday to our booth.We bought our products a week before the charity drive except for the fruits; as webought it the night before so that it is still fresh for the next day. We then prepared ourmarshmallows and other things before we brought it to Taylor’s University.We are trying our best to serve as fast as we can for the customers. That is why wedecided to put them in sticks and packed them in a fully sealed tupperware so that it iseasier for us to distribute our product to the customers in a short period of time. As forthe bananas and grapes, we put them in a glass container on our table as an attractionand to show that our fruits are fresh.Even though our customers will have to wait for awhile for us to packed the fruits forthem, we minimized their waiting time as much time as possible by dividing the workto whom should pack the food and who will put on the chocolate and write a receipt.Therefore, the procedure will be much faster and customers do not have to wait fortoo long.The target for customers to buy fruits and marshmallow per day is 100 person. Whilefor the photo booth is only 25 films per day. Our customers cannot order our productsthrough online, but they can refer to our Instagram or Facebook page to know whatare we selling and how they can get our product.10
  11. 11. GREEN MEASURESEnvironment friendly packaging is very important in running a business that sellsproducts. It is our responsibility to take environment friendly into measures so that wecan contribute in saving Mother Earth.Some of the green measures that our group is:-1. We use satay sticks to stick the marshmallows and fruits which is considered asenvironmental friendly. We use plastic containers as our packaging.2. Even though our plastic container is not environmentally friendly, we try to reduceit by not giving marshmallows/ fruits with containers if the person is buying one only.3.We reduce carbon footprint during this stage by reducing our amount of plasticused.4. To support in saving the nature, we throw all of our trashes in recycle bins.5. We don’t use any electricity by not selling food that needs to be cooked during thecharity event.11
  12. 12. OPERATION BUDGETBefore running the business, an estimated budget was discussed. This budget is toensure that our operation cost will not go out of control and target profit is more likelyto be achieved. The following table consists of the anticipated cost of products,decoration items, stationary and medical expenses.No. Budget(RM)Actual Expenses(RM)1. ProductsFood 450.00 432.30Props for Photo Booth 400.00 415.502. Decorations ItemsRibbons 20.00 23.70Fabric 50.00 68.803. StationaryMarkers, Pens, Receipts 20.00 21.904. Medical ExpensesTyphoid Injection 250.00 453.00Total 1190.00 1415.20Based on the tabulated data of our budget and actual expenses in the table, ourexpenses only differ from the estimated budget by RM 225.20.12
  13. 13. EVALUATION REPORT1. According to the Income Statement, our group has made a profit of onlyRM325.00. This statement indicates that we have carried our business wronglybecause our profit within four days of business is below RM500. After doing a shortanalysis, we analyzed that our expenses were too high.2. If our group could redo the whole charity event, we would reduce our expenses ondecoration items and search for clinics with cheaper typhoid jabs.3. Besides that, in order to achieve a higher profit, we should improve our salesmanner. It is necessary to spread the word by mouth. To have better promotions. Ourbooth location should also be more strategic as our booth was at the end. This mighthave caused customers to have donated much earlier at other stalls and might haveturned down our booth after already spending so much.13
  15. 15. REFERENCES:
  16. 16. APPENDIXSponsorship Letters16
  17. 17. PRODUCT AND PACKAGINGMarshmallows were put threetogether in one stick so that ourcustomers would not have to waitfor a long time for their food.We bought all of our marshmallows directly fromfactory.We packed our food products in this plasticcontainer.17
  18. 18. PROMOTION AND DISTRIBUTIONOur booth during the charity drive.Our food product section.Our photo booth props; both self-made and ready-made.18
  19. 19. Some of our customes.Our friends from other booth who had also joined thefun at our booth.The menu we did for our food products to attractcustomers and makes it easier for them to choose.Our flyers that have been distributed.19
  20. 20. PhotoGoof’s Instagram account.Our Facebook Event Page.20
  21. 21. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYObjectives:The objective of this business assignment is clear and simple. All proceeds collectedduring the business charity drive is to be donated to a charity organization. Thecharity organization that our group has decided to donate the money to was HOPEWorldwide.Target Market:Students of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, lecturers, facility workers, visitors.Competition Analysis:a. Evelyn’s Groupb. Cheah Ee Von’s GroupProduct Packaging:- Marhmallows, fruits and polaroids- Plastics containers and sate sticksPricing:- RM 3 per stick (marshmallows/fruits)- RM 5 per polaroidSponsors:From:-Kuala Lumpur: FELDA Group, etcPenang: Impressions Sdn. Bhd, etcDistributions:- Good are transported by individual’s vehicle.- Made there and then for freshness- Packed and sold to walking customersGreen Measures:- Using less plastic bags- Rubbish thrown into recycle binsOperation Budget:- Budget: RM 1190.00- Actual Expenses: RM 1415.20Human Resources Planning:- Five Members operating the boothEvaluation Report:- Profit of only RM 325.00- Weakness: Expenses were too high21
  22. 22. 22