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World Civ I Group Project

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World Civilization I Group Presentation

  1. 1. World Civilization I Student Group Project<br />Baghdad Then and Now<br />
  2. 2. Objective: To understand the continuities and changes in Baghdad’s history<br />Steps for Project Overview<br />1. Gather info from LTC according to assigned topics about Baghdad’s past during the Islamic Golden Age (750-1258 CE)<br />2. Compile information using Google Docs. <br />3. Communicate with current Baghdad citizen via blogs<br />4. Relate the current situation in Baghdad with aspects of its past.<br />5. Present findings to class using Slideshareso it is available on the web<br />
  3. 3. Step 1 A<br />At the LTC look up history of Baghdad from 750-1258 CE in books, periodicals, journals and magazines. Specifically find information on these topics:<br />Art<br />Science<br />Education<br />Math<br />History<br />Literature (ex. One Thousand and One Nights)<br />Philosophy/Religion<br />Commerce<br />Law<br />Any other topic you find interesting.<br />How were these topics treated by the Persians during this period?<br />
  4. 4. Step 1 B<br />Sources to get you started.<br />World Book Encyclopedia<br />A Concise History of the Middle East / Arthur Goldschmidt Jr.<br />Western Imperialism in the Middle East 1914-1958<br />A History of Iraq / Charles Tripp<br />Please ask a Librarian if you need assistance they are very nice and WANT to help you.<br />You will need at LEAST 10 sources.<br />
  5. 5. Step 2 <br />Go to Google Docs and submit your findings from your readings.<br />I will have an account set up for your group that you may register to enter.<br />Please use the follow courtesy rules when editing information in Google Docs.<br />Use color codes for names<br />No editing without author’s permission first<br />Include source information (author and page) with direct quotes and paraphrases.<br />Meet face to face and edit Bagdad history info on Google Docs.<br />
  6. 6. Step 3 <br />Go to Iraqi Bloggers Central<br /><br /><ul><li>Here you will find a list of current Iraqi Bloggers (to the right of the screen) whom you may contact and ask questions.
  7. 7. Please pick 3 willing bloggers from Baghdad and each group participant ask them 3 well- thought out questions that are pertinent to the historical topics you have researched.
  8. 8. Suggestion questions:
  9. 9. What is the education system like in Baghdad today?
  10. 10. How is technology advancing or is it?
  11. 11. How important is religion there? Is it more or less important than before?</li></li></ul><li>Step 4<br />Brainstorm either on Google Docs or face to face and relate the comments made by current Baghdad citizens to the history information about Baghdad.<br />Pick 3-5 major reactions the group has gleaned from this information. Relate specifically how Baghdad then and now are different OR the same in terms of items such as religion, education, commerce etc…<br />
  12. 12. Step 5<br />Present your 3-5 reactions and conclusions in a Slideshare presentation to the class. <br />The presentation may include images, text, video or other useful media.<br />I have set up an account your group may use.<br />Now your group presentation will not only be viewed by your class, but is available for the web as well. <br />