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Napa solar farm exec sum1

  1. 1. Napa Sol Far ar m A 6.7 MW Sol Micr ar o-Ut it il y Napa C ount C al or USA y, if nia Executive Summary A Project of t Gr Tech Power Gr he een oup A Renewabl Ener Devel e gy opm entCom pany
  2. 2. C al or O f ice: if nia f 500 Wal Avenue nut Q uar er O , Mar Isl t s e and Valej C A 94592 l o, O f ice 707.225-0098 Fax 707.553-2681 f Pr ect Devel oj oper Green Tech Power Group, LLC is a Nevada Lim it Liabil y Com pany or ed it ganized t devel o op m egawat cl t ass, ut it il y-scal r e enewabl ener pr e gy oject as an Independent Power Pr s oducer under long-term Power Pur chase A gr ent Wit Headquart s l ed in Las Vegas, Nevada and eem s. h er ocat Project Developm entoffice l ed on M ar Isl ocat e and, Val ejo, Cal l ifornia t principal ar civil and he s e environm ent engineer wit over 25 year of business and ent epr al s h s r eneurial experience in t cl he ean technology industry.
  3. 3. Pr ect Descr ion: oj ipt  The Napa Solar Farm is a pr oposed 6.7-M W sol el r power gener ion facil y l ed adjacentt t Cit of ar ect ic at it ocat o he y A m erican Canyon in t unincor at ar of Napa Count Cal nia. The pr he por ed ea y, ifor oposed ut it il y-scal cent al e r power at wil  consist of appr  st ion l oxim at y 50,000 sol phot el ar ovol aic m odul t es, assem bl int l ge-scal sol ar ays ed o ar e ar r and gr ound-m ount on st suppor st uct es on a fixed-axis. The pr ed eel t r ur oject wil be const uct on a 50-acr vacant l r ed e par of l t was for er y a r cel and hat m l egionall andfil sit ser l e ving t Cit of Napa, V al ejo, and A m er he ies l ican Canyon and t Count of Napa and owned by t Napa-V al ejo Wast M anagem entA ut it he y he l e hor y.  The Pr ojectDeveloper is t Green Tech Power Group (GTPG) who wil l he l ease t 50-acr sit fr t Napa- he e e om he V al ejo Wast M anagem entA ut it and int connect t Napa Sol Far t t ut it gr owned by t l l er hor y er he ar m o he il y id he ocal ut it Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PGE). GTPG is t Ener Ser il y, he gy vice Providerand wil buil own and l d, oper e t sol far . at he ar m  El r y gener ed fr t Napa Sol Far wil be sol by GTPG t PGE under a l ect icit at om he ar m l d o ong-t m Power Purchase er Agreem ent (PPA ) in or for PGE t m eet t st e-m andat Renewabl Ener Por fol St der o he at ed e gy t io andar (RPS) of 20% by d 2010 and 33% st t in year2011 t year 2020. Renewabl Ener Cer ificat (REC’ s) under A B32 wil be ar ing o e gy t es l t ansfer ed t PGE. r r o  The envir onm ent benefit of t 6.7-MW Sol Power Micr al s his ar o-Ut it Pr il y oject fort A ut it ser he hor y vice ar incl t ea ude he avoidance of t fol owing gl he l obalwar ing pol ut s: 60,000 l of Sm og (NO X ); 52,000 l of A cid Rain (SO 2); 80 m l ant bs. bs. m il ion l of Car l bs. bon Em issions (CO 2). A l of t is equival t r oving 7,500 car pl ing 12,000 acr of l his ent o em s; ant es t ees; and pr r oviding 3,200 hom es wit el r power h ect ical .  In addit t t ener savings and envir ion o he gy onm ent benefit t pr al s, his oject wil al cr e bet l so eat ween 75-100 Gr Col ar een l Jobs – wit 60-75 par -t e jobs dur t inst l ion and const uct phase and 25-30 per anentjobs post h t im ing he al at r ion m const uct for t oper ion and m aint r ion he at enance of t sol power facil y. his ar it
  4. 4. Pr ect Sit oj e: The Napa Solar Farm is locat on an 80-acr cl ed e osed sanit y l ar andf lsit owned by t Napa-Valej Wast il e he l o e Managem ent Aut it a gover ent ent y com pr hor y, nm al it ised of t C it of Napa, Valej & Am er he ies l o, ican C anyon and t C ount of Napa and oper ing under a Joint Power Agr he y at s eem ent (JPA). The Pr ect Sit is l oj e ocat in t ed he unincor at ar of Napa C ount adj por ed ea y acent t t C it of Am er o he y ican C anyon cit l it appr y im s, oxim at y 45 m il el es nor h of San Fr t ancisco, C al or if nia.
  5. 5. Pr ect Business Pr oj oponents o Green Tech Power Group (GTPG): Project Developer Owner , , Oper or of Napa Sol Farm ; al Ener Service Pr at ar so gy ovider. o Napa-Vallejo Waste Management Authority (NV WM A ) o Land owner and Lessor wil l : l ease 50+ acr of cl es osed landfil sit t GTPG l e o o Host Cust er exist om : ing cust er of PG& E and wil pur om l chase m inim alpower fr GTPG om o Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE): Off-taker and purchaser of el ricit pr ect y oduced by t Napa Sol Farm he ar o Long term (20-25 year Power Pur ) chase A gr ent(PPA ) eem o California Renewabl Port io St e fol andar (20% by 2010; 33% by 2020) d o California Feed-in-Tariff
  6. 6. Business Model Manufacturer PG& E Equipment, Installer installation, PPA warranties $ - Receives revenue from sale of Napa-Vallejo Napa Sales & panels, inverters Waste Land Lease Solar Farm O&M revenue - Provides warranties for Management equipment and performance (Green Tech Authority Power Group) Financing (NVWMA) $ - Land O wner - Provides Design/ Solar Third Party - Host C ust er om Construction EPC Services Investor - Leases Land t G TPG o - Provides Capital - Purchase m in. power - Provides O&M - Receives low-risk ROI from electricity sales, federal ITC - Shares Revenue & MACRS Stream - Green Tags - ARRA Grants
  7. 7. Pr ect St us oj at  Sit Cont ol e r :  Project Developer (GTPG) is oper ing under an Excl at usive Rightto Negot e wit t Napa-V al ejo Wast M anagem ent A ut it iat h he l e hor y, appr oved Jul 29, 2009 by Boar of Dir or under sol sour y d ect s e ce cont act r .  A ut it pr hor y ovided Sit Capabil y A ssessm entfor Sol Far use e it ar m  Use Per it m :  Use Per it t be fil wit t Count of Napa Pl m o ed h he y anning Depar m ent t under a negot ed, expedit pr iat ed ocessing t el (90 days) for r im ine eview, publ hear and appr ic ing oval  Negat Decl at ive ar ion under CEQA det m ined by Legal Counsel of er Napa  Building Per it can be pr m ocessed concur ent y r l  Sit Pl e ans, PV Layout and dr , awings com pl ed and r et eady for filing  Two pr im inar m eet el y ings wit Pl h anning and Legal Counselon pr ocess  A ut it appr hor y oved Consentt Fil Use Per it on Nov 2, 2009 o e m
  8. 8. Pr ect St us oj at  Sol Panel M anufact er scr ar ur eening Screened pricing and t specs fr 3 PV m anufact er ech om ur s (Japan, China, Ger any) for l m ogist equipm entdel y ics, iver schedul et es, c. Pr im inar sol panel sit l el y ar e ayoutand sizing com pl ed in- et house based on various technologies (for Use Per it m purposes)  Pr im inar Engineer el y ing com pl ed et In-house capabil ies for Civil Topo, Sur it , vey, St uct al PV r ur , Syst s em Identified local El r Engineer for int -connectser ect ical s er vices  Local Napa Gener Cont act ident al r or ified Bonding capacit based on pr im inar inst l ion est at y el y al at im es Wil pr l ovide const uct costest at based on final r ion im es engineering, sit design, and Use Per it and Buil e m ding Per it m requir ent em s
  9. 9. Pr ect Mil ones oj est Napa Solar Farm: American Canyon Landfill Site, Napa County, California USA 2009 2010           Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep O ct   Consent to File Use Permit 2-NovX       Fil Use Per it App w/Napa e m 20-Nov X       Use Per it Review m 20-Dec X     C EQ A Review 20-Dec X       Publ Hear on Use Per it ic ing m 22-Feb   X     Buil ding/Use Per it Appr m oval 26-Feb   X     File PPA Request w/PGE 20-Nov X       Subm it Pr ect Viabil y For s oj it m 20-Nov X       Appr ove PPA/Feed In Tar f if 20-Jan   X     File Interconnet App w/PGE 7-Dec X     Subm it Engineer ing/Int conn. er 18-Jan   X     PG E Review of Int connect App. er 180 d.                     Int connect Appr er oval 30-Jul   X     Equipment Delivery 120 d.       Mat ial Handl er s ing 8-Feb   X     X     Sol PV & BO S ar 8-Feb   X     X     Installation of Solar PV System 4 m o.       C onst uct St t e Wor r ion ar /Sit k 1-Apr   X     PanelAssem bl y/Fabr ion icat 15-Apr   X       Inst l ion and G r Int t alat id er ie 120 d.   X          C onst uct C om pl ed r ion et 15-Aug   X     C om m issioning by PG E 30-Aug   X     Project Placed in Service 30-Aug   X     Subm it ARRA C l aim For sm 1-Sep   X     Paym ent by Dept of Tr . easury 60 d.       X                             The Napa Sol Far can be com pl ed in year 2010 given t ar m et he above Project M il ones which is based on pr est oject equipm ent ed del y schedul and appr iver es oved gover ent per it nm al m s.