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The Rules Of Marketing Are Changing. Gamified Marketing is the next frontier.

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  • Similar to the way brands were reluctant to adopt Social Media, the first brands to experiment with banner ads didn’t want any ‘interaction’ with the consumer. They didn’t know what to expect, how to handle the engagement, and was concerned legal implications could be involved.Even the best websites struggle to find new ways to rank in search engines, drive new traffic to their site, and keep exiting users coming back.
  • Gamify Your Marketing

    1. 1. GAMIFIED MARKETING Get found. Go viral. Be awesome.Mara Lewis // CEO & Co-Founder,
    2. 2. THE WEB IS GETTING CROWDED.There are countless opinions, hundreds of competing services, andthe furthest convenience is less than a mouse click away.Even the best websites are struggling to rank in search engines, drivetraffic to their site, and keep exiting users coming back.
    3. 3. The Rules Of Marketing Are Changing (again) Have you ever clicked YOU your mouse right HERE? WILL (above) 1st Graphical Advertizing Unit -1994 …Online marketing has come a long way.
    4. 4. D GAMIFIED MARKETING IS THE NEXT FRONTIERISC Social is the new search (and gamification is the new SEO). Gamified marketingOV amplifies the volume and frequency of social sharing and discovery.ERY Drives peer-to-peer sharing R E Reward users for doubling as your marketing partners! 70% of visitors are willing to A socially engage with a website over time in order to unlock special offers or rewards. C HEN Guides user behaviorGAG Attaching rewards to actions helps users better navigate your website,EM engage with features, and experience it’s full value.ENT Creates return visitor incentive LOYALTY The average website has a 40% bounce rate. Gamification uses progress COMMITMENT and point systems to keep users coming back and re-engaging overtime. ROUTINELevel 2
    5. 5. Getting a user to visit your site, more than 1X, is a bigger accomplishment than you think! MOTIVATE REPEAT VISITS USING THE 3P’S OF GAMIFIED MARKETING POINTS POPULARITY PROGRESS
    6. 6. Pick the Right Rewards. It Matters.Have a business objective Determine it’s value - to YOU Make it worthwhile – to THEM Sharing, sign ups, page How will incentivizing this action Your users know the value of their views, purchases, buzz, repeat create marketing return? time and attention. You should, too. visits, etc.
    7. 7. Use Redemption-based Deals As The Driver For Ongoing Engagement Badges are cool, status is nice, but real rewards are where it’s at!Deal-seeking demands grew out of a shaky economic situation, and now, consumers are hungry for tangible incentives.
    8. 8. GAME PLAY ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH• You can have the best website in the world, but if people don’t know about it, it doesn’t matter.• Even social games fail when they lack marketing distribution. When Facebook killed viral auto-posts in 2010, the average social game lost 30-40% of their audience.• The holy grail of marketing is P2P referral. Driving WOM awareness through social channels is essential for gaining market reach.• Reward users for doubling as your marketing partners.
    9. 9. Don’t make users jump through hoops Commit time to ongoing maintenance KEEP IT SIMPLE. Create achievable goals Don’t bite off more than you can chew Only bite off what you can chew
    10. 10. Getting above the market noise is hard Gamification is your (not so secret) marketing weapon. Startups need traction Gamification is an engine for growth and retention. Most organizations think gamification is a ‘fad’ …good, let them keep thinking that. Gardner predicts that by 2014, 50% of websites will usegamification tactics. You have a 2 year head start – get after it!
    11. 11. Mara E LewisCEO & Co-Founder
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