Link Me Tweet Me Friend Me Feb 2010
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Link Me Tweet Me Friend Me Feb 2010

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Link Me, Tweet Me, Friend Me handout for Feb-March 2010 presentations.

Link Me, Tweet Me, Friend Me handout for Feb-March 2010 presentations.

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  • 1. Ira S Wolfe Success Performance Solutions
  • 2. Agenda  What is the significance of social media?  What can you accomplish with social media technologies?  How can you leverage these technologies to your advantage?
  • 3. Search engine optimization requires fresh, dynamic content and links to and from your site…social media provides both!
  • 4. Social Media Applications 1. Market Research/Competitive Intelligence 2. Public Relations/Marketing 3. Search Engine Ranking 4. Business Development 5. Customer Support 6. Recruitment 7. Retention 8. Education and Training Q: How can social media help my business improve performance in any of the above areas?
  • 5. Where should you start? A social networking site where people can network by city, A video workplace, school, and region and sharing site exchange messages, updates, website on join groups, publicize events. A type of website where individuals or which users organizations can can share post commentary, upload, stories, awards, share, and LinkedIn is a social product reviews, comment on networking site for the announcements, videos. business community. It events, and videos. connects you to other business people and job seekers and helps you A micro-blog limited to BlogTalkRadio allows exchange knowledge, 140 characters. Think anyone, anywhere the ideas, and opportunities headline syndicator! ability to host a live, with a network of Internet Talk Radio show, professionals. simply by using a telephone and a computer.
  • 6. Pull back the curtain of social media  Content - the “Brains”  Connections – the “Backbone”  Conversations – the “Heart and Soul”
  • 7. “What do I need to get started? Content Connections Conversations LinkedIn X XXX XX Twitter XX X XXX Blogs XXX X XX Facebook X XXX XX YouTube XXX XX X Blog Talk XXX XX X Radio/Podcasts FlickR XXX XX X
  • 8. How can you use social media?
  • 9. “There is a central difference between the old and new economies: the old industrial economy was driven by economies of scale; the new information economy is driven by the economics of networks...” Carl Shapiro and Hal R. Varian. Information Rules.
  • 10. CDC’s Second Life Island
  • 11. Getting Started with Social Media Six Strategies
  • 12. Strategy #1 Research your customers and competitors. Track industry trends/competitor news  Google Alerts  RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds o Technorati, Google Reader  Twitter Search o Tweetdeck/Seesmic Desktop/Hootsuite  LinkedIN updates/news
  • 13. Strategy #2 Become the expert 1. Write a blog 2. Publish podcasts/videocasts 3. Distribute links to favorite blogs (text, audio, video) 4. Answer and ask questions 5. Ask for and provide feedback 6. Announce contests and giveaways 7. Sponsor webinars and seminars 8. Share resources, tips, and tricks Q: What can I blog or tweet about?
  • 14. Strategy #3 Manage Your Brand 1. Listen to what your customers are saying/doing 2. Listen to what your customer’s customers are saying/doing 3. Listen to what your competitors are saying/doing 4. Listen to what your competitor’s customers are saying/doing 5. Provide a channel for raving fans to congregate 6. Provide a channel for dissatisfied customers to vent 7. Provide a medium for employees to connect Q: How can my business use social media technologies to create disruptive innovation?
  • 15. OR
  • 16. How can you use Twitter?  A restaurant tweets their daily specials  A ticket agency tweets about-to-expire tickets  A realtor tweets new homes on the market  A hotel tweets hot deals to fill last minute cancellations  A radio station tweets weather alerts or traffic accidents  A repair service tweets customers on arrival times
  • 17. Strategy #4 Ramp up your network. 1. Connect with colleagues, employees, customers, prospects, competitors, thought leaders, and alumni 2. Answer and ask questions – LinkedIn, Bizmore, VistageView 3. Join online groups to ask/give feedback – LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter 4. Respond to comments on blogs 5. Announce contests and giveaways 6. Share resources, tips, and tricks 7. Post news and events 8. Announce new blog articles or links to favorite blogs Q: How can I connect with and help grow my centers of influence?
  • 18. Strategy #5 Recruit and Retain Employees 1. Proactive recruitment is a required strategy when it comes to finding top talent. 2. Leverage your network – employees, peers, former employees, alumni, customers. 3. LinkedIn is the best source for professional and business candidates. 4. Facebook is a great source for hourly and mid- level salaried candidates 5. Twitter has possibilities too. 6. Create your own network on Ning. Q: How can my business use social media technologies to recruit and retain employees
  • 19. Strategy #6 Learn from and share with others. 1. Seek out blogs in your industry and your customers’ industry 2. Network with relevant experts 3. Follow thought leaders Q: Who should I be listening to?
  • 20. How do I measure it? What are people saying about me/us? 1. Google Alerts 2. Google Analytics 3. Google Trends 4. SocialOomph (for Twitter and Facebook)
  • 21. Select A Strategy  Research your competition  Become the expert  Manage your brand  Expand your network  Recruit and retain employees  Learn from and share with others
  • 22. Getting Started  Have a clear purpose in mind  Start simple!  Integrate, integrate, integrate with current communication and business development strategies  Designate a “chief social media officer”  Develop a common-sense approach to policing employees  Start now!!!
  • 23. Free Stuff!  Subscribe to The Total View (weekly newsletter for hiring, managing and motivating employees)  Follow me at Perfect Labor Storm 2.0 blog at  Become a Facebook Fan  Tweet me @ Twitter  Link to me on LinkedIn
  • 24. Ira S Wolfe  Company: Success Performance Solutions  Website:  Email:  Phone: 717-291-4640 or 410-941-2345  Mobile: 717-333-8286