Hiring and Growing Top Salespeople


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Candidates with top scores on Salesmax produce at 121% average. 84% of poor performers are screened out by Salesmax. SalesMax is a state-of-the-art Internet based system for selecting and developing sales professionals.

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Hiring and Growing Top Salespeople

  1. 1. Hiring & Growing Top Salespeople
  2. 2. Presentation Topics What Is SalesMax? How Was It Developed? What Does It Measure? How Does It Work? What Does It Report? Selection Development Using SalesMax Consulting Implications Return on Investment SalesMax Summary2 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  3. 3. What Is SalesMax? Targeted assessment for consultative professional sales candidates Focuses only on those factors most applicable to a consultative sales role A comprehensive, web-based assessment tool designed for: Selection – identifies candidates who are most likely to achieve above average success in professional sales Developmental – helps current employees to identify strengths and developmental areas and guides them in constructing a personal development plan to achieve success Designed and validated to identify top sales performers3 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  4. 4. What Is SalesMax? Provides information about: Sales Personality -- relatively stable characteristics that do not change easily over time Sales Knowledge -- understanding of effective behaviors and strategies at key stages of the sales cycle Sales Motivations -- personal motivators to help in managing and motivating the candidate4 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  5. 5. SalesMax Research Designed based on 10+ years experience assessing professional sales candidates Input from sales trainers Published sales literature Originally validated with 3 organizations Business services Office products Home remodeling5 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  6. 6. Validation Results Probability of sales success - based on a weighted index Range Score Range Probability of Success Avoid 0 - 18 16% OK 19-23 46% Good to Best 24-25 67% Probability of Success = Performing in the top half of the sales group6 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  7. 7. What Does It Measure? Sales Personality: Energy Sociability Expressiveness Resilience Relatively stable characteristics Assertiveness which impact sales behaviors. These do not change easily over Follow Through time, even with training. Optimism Serious-Minded Scores on these characteristics are weighted to form the foundation of the Success Index7 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  8. 8. What Does It Measure? Sales Knowledge: Prospecting/Pre-qualifying First Meeting/Impressions The understanding Probing/Presenting of effective strategies at key Overcoming Objections stages of the sales Influencing/Convincing cycle. Closing Candidate results normed in relation to experienced, consultative sales representatives8 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  9. 9. What Does It Measure? Sales Motivations: Recognition/Attention Affiliation Control Security/Stability Money Achievement Freedom Developing Expertise Candidate results indicate highest and lowest motivational areas9 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  10. 10. How Does It Work? The process is quick and easy Candidate completes the survey in about an hour Internet System software scores the survey A report is produced immediately Anywhere, anytime, with an Internet connection Selection or development-oriented reports10 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  11. 11. What Does It Report - Selection Reports? Selection Reports Include: Graphic Profile Template Selection Advice Potential Sales Success (probability of success) Insights Into Assets and Potential Liabilities Interview Probes Management Suggestions11 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  12. 12. Selection Advice Success Index – quickly gauge the candidate’s sales potential12 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  13. 13. Selection Interview & Reference Probes For any area where the candidate scored outside of the desired range, Interview & Reference Probes are provided.13 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  14. 14. Selection Management Suggestions Management Suggestions provide guidance for potential problem areas.14 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  15. 15. What Does It Report - Development Reports? Development Reports Include: Graphic Profile Detailed Feedback Developmental Suggestions Action Plan Guidance15 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  16. 16. Developmental Feedback Detailed feedback helps the employee recognize areas of strength and potential development needs.16 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  17. 17. Developmental Suggestions For any area where the candidate scored outside of the desired range, a Developmental Suggestion is provided Suggestions include activities, books, seminars, tapes, etc.17 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  18. 18. Action Plan Guidance The report gives guidance in writing a personal action plan which capitalizes on strengths and helps to manage weaknesses and close gaps.18 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  19. 19. SalesMax Customization Modular Approach Can “turn off” the Knowledge and/or Motivations components to shorten the battery Consider if the organization has an extensive training program and time is a concern Will not change price of the report Customized Success Profile (involve BHA) Developed via a Validation Study Project19 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  20. 20. Consulting Implications (may involve BHA) Help develop a selection process for sales professionals Identify potential in those that may not have selling experience Guide your client in bringing some rigor to the process rather than deciding on first impressions Deliver selection process and interviewer training Design development programs for helping current sales professionals capitalize on their strengths and minimize weaknesses at each stage of the sales cycle Additional projects for assisting with transition to sales manager (using ASSESS)20 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  21. 21. Return on Investment
  22. 22. Case Study 1: Fortune 500 Insurance Company Utility: By selecting those with scores of 25 and higher, means sales for the selected group would be $4,895.083 potential for an average improvement in sales of $1,146,113 per GSR.22 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  23. 23. Case Study2: Business to Business Sales(Consulting Services) $120,000 $100,000 $80,000 Salesmax $60,000 0- 26 scores $40,000 27-45 $20,000 $0 Gross Profit Those higher on Salesmax doubled gross profit sales as compared to those scoring lower.23 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  24. 24. Case Study 3: Business to Business Sales(Advertising sales)24 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  25. 25. Case Study 4: Mortgage Loan Officers Sales Volume Differences (Adjusted by Region) Between Customized SalesMax Advice Categories $35,000,000 $30,000,000 $25,000,000 Avoid $20,000,000 OK $15,000,000 Good Better $10,000,000 Best $5,000,000 $0 Amount of Sales $ Jan-July 2003 Top scorers (Best) had sales volumes that were double that of bottom scorers (Avoid)25 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  26. 26. SalesMax Summary Web-based, comprehensive assessment of: Personality Knowledge Motivations Validated success profile provides probability of success estimate Customization and validation for clients Selection or development reports Subscribe to APA and EEO guidelines Continued development and refinement of product by licensed psychologists26 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303
  27. 27. Contact Us Today for FREE Sample Report Ira S Wolfe Phone: 800-803-4303 Email: iwolfe@super-solutions.com www.super-solutions.com27 www.super-solutions.com 800-803-4303