IDIA 620: Information Culture - Design


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IDIA 620: Information Culture - Design

  1. 1. “Where Data and Design meetFood?!” Melda M. Washington Information Culture, October 21, 2012
  2. 2. Overview Introduction The Open Data Cooking Workshop Mashup Examples Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction Something different that tied:  Information culture  Data  Design  Mashup? Information aesthetics - Where form follows data.   Open Data Cooking: Data Visualization that You Can Eat
  4. 4. The Open Data CookingWorkshop Imagine how a seafood soup would taste based on local Baltimore fishing data How data can relate to cooking? 2 day workshop held in Helsinki. Pick two topics and four ingredients and find relations. Make up a dish that could represent that subject. Brainstorming in groups and data hunting.
  5. 5. The Open Data CookingWorkshop Research on the representation of data with culinary means. The workshop researches ways to represent local data through the inherent qualities of food such as color, form, texture, smell, taste, nutrition, origin etc. Participants translate data in to a sensual culinary experience Participants gain insights into both media and learn about their inner creativity, associative thinking and imaginations. At the end an open data menu will be created and publicly tasted.
  6. 6. Taste of migrationThe amount of foodon the platecorresponds to thenumber of peoplefrom that nationalitywho live in FinlandEach non-Finnishnationality isrepresented by astripe of typical foodfrom:• Salmon for the Swedish• Rice for the Chinese.
  7. 7. Happiness CocktailPersonalized shrimpcocktail, representingnot only the number ofyour facebook friendsEspecially how many ofthem are smiling ontheir profile pictures.• More rice = more friends• More shrimp = more happy friends
  8. 8. Happiness CocktailActual personalized shrimpcocktail, representing not only thenumber of your facebook friends
  9. 9. Criminal herring in fur coatRepresents Finland’s crime rates for2011in a layered Russian saladEach layer represents one type ofcrime• Salted herrings• Potatoes and Carrots• Beets• Red onion• Eggs• Mayonnaise• Parsley and DillThe Russian name is "Selyodka podShouboy", that means "Herringunder fur coat".
  10. 10. Tasty TweetsA data visualizationexperiment that allows usersto explore current twittertrends through taste.Uses the Twitter APICollects tweets containingmentions of specific fruitssuch asblueberry, pineapple, appleand carrot and creates asmoothie that represents theblend.The smoothie is createdbased on the sameproportions of fruits collectedfrom the tweets.Because twitter trends quickly, eachsmoothie has a uniquepalette of flavors.
  11. 11. Conclusion This information culture allows us to represent data or information in creative and intriguing new ways. We are only bound by our own creativity.
  12. 12.