IDIA 620: Information Culture - Social Media


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IDIA 620: Information Culture - Social Media

  1. 1. Interesting Social Media Mashups Melda M. Washington Information Culture, November 26, 2012
  2. 2. Overview Introduction University Social Media Mashups Pinstagram Facespace Funny
  3. 3. Introduction Social Media NOT my thing. Social media mashups  the combination of two independent social networks -- into one are all the rage right now. Looked at Pinstagram, the combination of Pinterest and Instagram, and people seem to think its kind of cool.
  4. 4. Vanderbilt University Takes their Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, YouTube, and LinkedIn and makes it into an interactive feed. Clean presentation and content speaks for itself.
  5. 5. Vanderbilt University
  6. 6. William & Mary William & Mary shows six posts at a time with the most recent official posts on the first window. Receive feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Flickr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumbler Other than the official posts, they also have a filter for “official-ish” and “unofficial”. Simple, yet functional
  7. 7. William & Mary
  8. 8. Harvard University Incorporated twitter updates, videos, and a social media directory in a simple layout. The top of the page highlights community life through videos and featured tweets. The bottom has a directory which breaks down all departments’ social media accounts to find and follow.
  9. 9. Harvard University
  10. 10. John’s Hopkins Hopkins Interactive is their social media student hub. It incorporates student photos, tweets, and blog posts in a scrollable frame. Primarily the focus is on content versus Twitter feed aspect of many other schools.
  11. 11. John’s Hopkins
  12. 12. Pinstagram Is a mashup app that launched May 2012 It combines the Internet applications Instagram and Pinterest. It presents your Instagram feed in the Pinterest signature waterfall layout. In addition, it also lets you pin your favorite Instagram photos to your Pinterest boards.
  13. 13. Pinstagram
  14. 14. Facespace November 2010, MySpace Mashup adds Facebook Connect MySpace users can use Facebook Connect to get updates streamed to their MySpace accounts from things they have "liked" on Facebook. User comments:  "What’sa myspace?"  "Why does MySpace still exist?"  "yawn“
  15. 15. Facespace
  16. 16. Funny Social Media Mashups Facesquare  Prove to your crush that you love them more than anyone else by checking into his or her Facebook profile over and over and over… LinkedInstagram  Filtered photos of your curriculum vitae. Angry Birds With Friends  Alternate every other bird you fling with a friend in the slowest iPhone game of all time.
  17. 17. Other Social Media Mashups CNETflix  For just $7.99 per month, you can read all the CNET reviews you want. For an additional $7.99, CNET will print them out and mail them to your house. Hulu-gle+  Paid access to Google’s struggling social network, except you still have to watch commercials every 15 minutes, even though you’re paying.
  18. 18. Other Social Media Mashups Instagramdora  This mashup of Pandora and Instagram lets you know that if you like this heavily-filtered photo of a puppy wearing sunglasses, you will also probably like this other heavily-filtered photo of a puppy wearing sunglasses. FoursquayPal  Check into your own bank account whenever you’re making a deposit or withdrawal. Hopefully you’re the mayor!
  19. 19. Other Social Media Mashups SpotiFySpace  Just like Spotify, except all the music is recorded in a garage by a bunch of 16-year-olds from Idaho and never stops playing even if you eventually find the pause button.
  20. 20. Questions?
  21. 21. References