Chen xi user story: anatomy of and activity theory


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Chen xi user story: anatomy of and activity theory

  1. 1. Im 19 and spending a year hear inAmerica and loving my time at KUand I love traveling to new places andtrying new things. I’m a technologyfreak and love to know what is newestand greatest on the marketMy American friends sometimes callme an over achiever but I really justtry to do my work and do the best thatI can. I understand written English justfine but sometimes spoken slang canget me a little confused.“There are so many Chinese studentshere that there is always someonethat I can turn to if I have a problembut when I have to seek out infor-mation I prefer speaking to the oneperson in the ISSS office that speaksChinese.” Chen XiMy biggest trouble here is the food.I don’t feel there are many healthythings to eat and what I do eat tendsto make me sick. Feeling sick all thetime is starting to affect my grades. -China“I’m not sure where to get informationon healthy food and getting aroundtown.”
  2. 2. Chen Xi’s ExperienceBased on Leotyev’s Anatomy of Activity Unit Description ObjectActivity Chen Xi knows that she needs Insurance Coverage Chen Xi wants to stay within her language group. Chen Xi continues with the mo- tive of the following experience Travel (Affordable trips) She tries to get information goals. Over time Chen Xi has Immigration Status from her group and also from the following motives but they Financial Aid the Chinese speaking advisor are second nature and she Social activities with other at the ISSS office. isn’t always conscious of them. international students Her social motive is to stay Meet New People and Knowledge of public within her comfort zone of Have Fun transportation communication. Always reach to succeed as a KU student. an advisor Answer all questions via web or smartphone Academic confidence Professional FeelAction Chen Xi seeks completed pa- perwork. International students Chen Xi realizes there is a deadline for her paperwork and The goal of the activity is to turn in the paperwork (stay in must meet deadlines in order she needs to get the paper- status) even though her motive to stay in ‘status.’ (Visa com- work turned in. She isn’t sure of the activity is to go to school pleted, enrolled as students where to go or what to do. to have fun and meet new etc.) people.Operation Chen Xi is technologically oriented so she is not aware Chen Xi is searching for an- swers: She tries her friends Chen Xi has always been suc- cessful in getting questions that it may be easier to access and they don’t know so then answered at the ISSS so she information from her phone on she tries the ISSS office as now walks straight to the office the go. She is not aware of all they had provided information without searching for informa- the information that she needs when she first arrived at KU. tion on her own. to stay legal and get around.
  3. 3. KU Second Generation Tool Activity Theory Learning by Expanding: AnISSS activity-theoretical approach Tools: Documen- to developmental research tation of previous ac- (1987), Perspectives on tions for reference, com- Activity Theory (1999) puters, advisors, supportive staff, telephones, web pages, pens, Yrjo Engestrom et al. paper, office space... Subject Objective Subject: Internation- al student from China Chen Xi. Objective: Positive- ly experience college life in a different culture. Community: The univer- Successfully complete courses sity of Kansas with all of it’s within a different culture traditions and the mixture of cultures people bring Division of Labor: the explicit Rules: Immigration from different backgrounds. and implicit organization of the community DL Status, Insurance involved in the activity. Explicit: ISSS Implicit: All other depart- Coverage and Enrollment.Rules Comm- ments at KU. Ex. Enrollment, Housing, Bursor, Dining, etc. unity
  4. 4. Outcome: Combineinformation fromvarious sources inone common easilyaccessible place. Thatfits into the schema ofChen Xi’s technologi-cally driven life.SmartphoneApp/Web page