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This presentation was first seen at ACEC2012 in Perth and then again online as part of the Global Education Conference.

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  • Welcome and introduction.Who I am – Primary/now MonashMany opportunities to connect and wanted to share these today.
  • Explain the rules of the bingo game.Bingo BakerFirst saw this in the live stream from slide to learn – Tony VincentNothing like a Google search to find a list of bingo games!
  • Learning is socialAllows us to see our place in the worldPrepares students for life in a connected worldOpportunities for real life authentic experiencesFun –I don’t believe it has to be a learning reason. We don’t think up reasons to write in class, why should we have to have reasons to communicate and connect?
  • Hard to work out where to start.Stealing ideas – all of these are out there.Not happy with using authentic – because I don’t think it has to be. Not everything we do needs to be about learning objectives
  • Skype classroom allows you to use your Skype log in details to set up a profile to share with others wanting to connect.Using the website to find projectsSharing your ideas – lessons and then people answer themAnother idea is little world skypersWe did one for bookweek.
  • South African kids got up at 5amTold traditional storiesThen told a story in AfrikanWearing a Springbok skinCan also do this for teacher things – daily5?
  • How many people are on twitter?Do online poll (poll daddy?)Publish resultsIf there are lots – add to a Google doc to shareIf there are a few – do an explanationUsing hash tags is great on twitter – depends on what want. Look at different countries.If you use an application like tweet deck you can organise you tweets so you can see all of these.I found this connection on twitter
  • Sharing – show the blog postCreating – Google Doc – we did a Google presentationGoogle docs is a great way to collaborate as you can access the doc in your own time or both at the same time.
  • Let’s have a go at doing a storyCheck time!This came from PLP – a networked teacher program that is run by Will Richardson and Sheryl Naussbaum Beach.It is a story about Crix – this is CrixFollow the link to open.You might have noticed I am using a goo.glshortenerAllows you to take really long and annoying urls and make the shorter. Great for kids.
  • This was another connection I made using twitter and Google docsBrenda I met during our PLP project, a Canadian teacher.She was working with Nancy and got us in contact.Decided on a project based around procedures.Show the robots. (hyperlink in top pic)Great way to share the learning and authentic.Kids were from diff backgrounds – special ed.
  • Learning about each otherUsing Voice threadto get to know each other – need to link to the voicethreadVoice thread allows you to add a voice to comment you leave on a photo.Becomes personable.Add a message to the voice thread.
  • Primary Puzzle – link in pictureHow it started – once again someone on twitterThe class comes up with a picture - Skype each weekReally got to know each other and the classes.Felt connectedFunny with handsome and beautiful!
  • Student conference series started last year when I was making chairs as part of a PBL we were doing.Noticed that Ben’s class was making possum boxes so emailled himHazza prepared a presentation and shared it with our class so we could learn about it.This year we started SCS and kids can work on a powerpoint each and then present it to the world. Have had people from Romania and Honk KongEven if it is just the recording. What do you do now when you are recording your voice?Imagine if these kids didn’t do that?Using blackboard collaborate
  • Another one just as a final is Google+ and Google hangoutsFor those of you not on Google+ it is similar to Facebook but a lot more passion or stream based, meaning you can follow more education type stuff rather than what you you are doing right now.Many educators are using Google+ and it is a great way to connect.Google Hangouts is similar to Skype except it has some bonuses. It can hold ten people in it – so you could have more schoolsIt has the option to stream live and record, which is uploaded to You Tube.
  • Classroom Connections

    2. 2. BINGO! – 3520
    3. 3. • Worldly • Prepares students • Authentic experiences • Cyber safety • Fun and social WHY CONNECT?
    4. 4. Where to find connections Making the connections authentic. Tools to help in collaboration
    5. 5. Skyping Around
    6. 6.  #vicpln  #edchat  #ukedchat  #EdChatIE  #commentsforkids  #globaled  #mathchat  #scichat TWEET IT OUT
    7. 7. COLLABORATING CAPITALS Sharing Creating Competing
    8. 8. Googling Around  P
    11. 11. PrimaryPuzzle
    12. 12. Student Conferences
    13. 13. Finally  Google+  Google Hangouts
    14. 14. Contact Me Twitter: @melcashen Email: Website: