Tiles and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne, VIC by Melbourne Carpet Cleaning Company (MCC)


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tiles and grouts cleaning is not an easy task and conditions became more worst when you have to deal with stubborn stains, and this stains cause the dullness of the tiles. A professional treatment for tiles and grout cleaning is required on regular interval which can add more life to your investment. At Melbourne Carpet Cleaning we provides a quality tile and grout cleaning, our revolutionary cleaning process delivers optimum results.

For more details visit: http://melbcarpetcleaning.com.au/

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Tiles and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne, VIC by Melbourne Carpet Cleaning Company (MCC)

  1. 1. Professional Tiles and Grout Cleaners in Melbourne, VIC Contact Phone: 03 8510 3985, 0425 887890 Email: info@melbcarpetcleaning.com.au Address 27 C Eulinga Rd, Vic 3169, Clarinda, Melbourne, VIC – 3169, Australia melbcarpetcleaning.com.au
  2. 2. Tiles and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne, VIC by Melbourne Carpet Cleaning Company (MCC) The dark nasty mildew stains are one of the worst part of having beautiful tile flooring, whether it is at common traffic area, kitchen, bathroom or at any other wet place. The stains often occurs in many different ways, in bathroom it usually occurs as a mold or mildew, in kitchen it occurs as a combination of food stains and in common traffic areas as dirt and grimes.
  3. 3. Generally these grout line stains are notoriously difficult to clean. Only regular mopping or home tile cleaners do not able to eliminate stubborn dirt that has settled into grout lines or on tile surfaces. These dirt particles and contaminants keep building over the time and make the tiles dull or discolored. To avoid this harm a professional tile and grout cleaning treatment is required. At Melbourne Carpet Cleaning we makes the efforts to provide our customers a superior cleaning service which increase the overall look of tiles and grout lines. Our expertise team eliminates dust, viruses, germs and bacteria which can cause of downtime for your family’s health. Our team works with exclusive 5 step cleaning process, the whole process is safe and effective it removes all types of stains and years of soil build up. After cleaning we apply penetrating sealer to protect grout lines against stains and mildew. In resultant it delivers a clean fresh and hygiene surface. Our 5 Steps for Tiles and Grouts Cleaning: Pre-treat tile and grout Power scrub surfaces Turbo rinse Speed dry/inspection Grout Preservation System. Advantages of Our Cleaning Service Highly trained and professional technician Same day cleaning service Pre analysis for optimal cleaning process Equipped with special edging tools to extract soils from the edges of tiles and grout We completely dry the surface with air movers We apply sealant to protect grouts after cleaning Environmentally friendly cleaning process
  4. 4. We serve both domestic and commercial cleaning requirements