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  • 1. Current Technology Implementation in the Music Classroom Stiehl CEP 812
  • 2. Classroom Usage of Technology in Band Class
    • Youtube Fridays
      • Demonstrates Professional Musicians
      • Demonstrates correct posture, hand positions and embouchures on instruments
      • Fun classroom event
        • Incentive to good behavior at end of the week
      • Incorporates student involvement
        • Students may send links to videos to use in class
  • 3. Classroom Usage of Technology in Band Class
    • Classroom Website and Teacher Blog
      • www.williamstonbands.weebly.com
      • Allows for constant communication with parents
      • Post permission slips, word documents and excel spreadsheets in PDF form
      • Students may check out fun music websites
      • Information regarding trips and upcoming events
      • Blog allows for immediate updates
        • Congratulations on concerts, changes to call time
  • 4. Lesson Planning Using Technology
    • Websites to explain musical terms
      • Youtube videos explain loud vs. soft
      • I-tunes plays music clips to explain time signatures
    • WebQuests give lesson ideas
      • Developed own ideas for WebQuest
        • http://roadtripwebquest.weebly.com
    • Powerpoint Presentations
      • Visual and audible representations for musical terms
        • Racecar=allegro, biking=andante
      • Aesthetically pleasing learning
  • 5. Idea Sharing Using Technology
    • Students hear groups from around the world
      • Youtube has many school group performances
        • Our class listens to other groups playing the same songs as us
        • Comment on and critique the groups we hear
    • Flip Camera gives idea of progress through the year
      • Record during class
        • Comment and critique our own class
  • 6. Professional Development through Technology
    • Sibelius Music Program
      • Use personally to create music parts and music worksheets for class
    • State and National Music Education Websites
      • Contain ideas for music advocacy and articles
      • http://www.msboa.org/
      • http://www.menc.org/