What Causes Vaginal Odor- Is it Possible to Get Rid of It for Good?


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I used to suffer from bad vaginal odor for over a year. I was absolutely clueless as to what caused my vagina smell.

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What Causes Vaginal Odor- Is it Possible to Get Rid of It for Good?

  1. 1. What Causes Vaginal Odor- Is it Possible toGet Rid of It for Good?I used to suffer from bad vaginal odor for over a year. I wasabsolutely clueless as to what caused my vagina smell. Idid alsmot everything possible to get rid of the smell-bathed twice a day, washed the vagina frequently thoughout the day and made use of antibiotics prescribed by mydoctor. Despite making use of medicines my vagina smellpersisted. The worst part of the whole thing was that therewas no apparent reason for my smell.What causes vaginal odor? I finally figured out an answerto this question after doing research on my own on theinternet.Look our vagina has a natural odor which is neveroffensive or bad. This natural vaginal scent is somethingpeculiar to each one of us and one that we get used to overa period of time. If this scent changes into somethingunpleasant or if you notice bad vaginal odor it is a clearsign of a vaginal infection.What are some of the probable reasons for this change ofvagina smell?Poor Hygiene - Not cleaning your vagina with plain watertwice a day and drying yourself completely.Underwear - Not wearing underwear that allows yourvagina to breathe and absorb well can cause the vagina to
  2. 2. smell. Women who sweat excessively in the groin andvaginal area are prone to odor. Such women must alwayswear underwear made of cotton that absorbs well andensures air circulation in the area. Underwear made ofsynthetic fabrics like silk and thongs must be worn once ina while and not on a daily basis.Things left inside the vagina- like tampons at the end ofyour cycle, or unwashed soap often causes the smell.What causes vaginal odor in most women- the single mostcommon reason which is the cause of odor in most womenis a bacterial infection, Vaginosis. Bacteria are alreadypresent naturally in our body. However whenever thevaginal flora is disturbed for any reason whatsoever there isan imbalance in the bacteria naturally occurring in thebody. This causes an infection and the resulting smell.An effective natural cure for vaginosis is garlic. It is anatural antibiotic which has strong anti-bacterial propertiescapable of fighting bacteria and fungus. It can be taken inraw form provided you can bear its smell. Alternativelypeel a garlic clove and insert directly inside the vagina.Normally bacterial infections set in whenever our naturalbody immunity is low. To boost the immunity of your bodyand equip it to fight infections on its own you must takefolic acid, zinc and vitamin supplements. The supplementshave anti-bacterial properties which will work to get rid ofthe bad vaginal odor fast.