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  • 1. Get Rid of Foul Vaginal Odor With These Excellent Home Remedies Foul vaginal odor is a common problem which most of women face at some point of time during their fertile years. Although sexually active women have a greater chance of suffering from it, even virgins can at times contact infections which cause odor. It is not just the odor which causes discomfort. Thanks to the smell our self-esteem and level of confidence takes a beating. We are constantly worried that someone might catch our smell! My advice to women suffering from vagina odor problem is not to despair. Almost 70% of women experience this issue at least once during their fertile years. It is best if attended to it in a timely manner and with the right kind of remedies. This condition responds extremely well to home cures. You can control your odor and prevent it too by making use of natural home cures. The advantages of making use of natural cures for vaginal odor treatment are: • Fast cure - you can expect relief within a week of using natural remedies to treat you infection. • Eliminates root cause of the infection: Natural remedies eliminate the root cause of the infection and not merely its symptoms. This kind of vaginosis treatment therefore ensures that your infection does not recur. Here are some natural cures which you can rely upon to get fast relief from vaginal smell: 1.Yogurt Soak a tampon in plain, unflavored, unsweetened yogurt and place directly inside the vagina.
  • 2. 2.Apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar is slightly acidic in nature and very effective to restore the vaginal ph balance. Dilute 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 4 ounces of water. Dip a tampon in this solution and insert in the vagina for an hour. 3. Abstinence It is best to abstain from sex completely till your odor disappears. Even if you have intercourse, always make use of condoms. 4. Sanitary protection In some women vagina odor becomes pronounced during or after the monthly cycle. To avoid this you must change your sanitary protection at regular intervals even if your flow is light. It is essential that you remove your tampon at the end of the cycle. I too was a chronic sufferer of foul vaginal odor. I put up with my odor until I came across help on the internet. I got to use remedies that gave me relief in matter of days. No doubt, I had to try out more than one of the prescribed natural cures to figure out what exactly would work for me. The relief that I got was however permanent. Today I can confidently claim to be free of my odor. The best part is that my vagina smell has not come back for over three months now.