Diet & Bacterial Vaginosis Cure


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Bacterial vaginosis home remedy ideas give a lot of importance to what we eat.

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Diet & Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

  1. 1. Diet & Bacterial Vaginosis CureBacterial vaginosis home remedy ideas give a lot ofimportance to what we eat. What we eat directly impactsour health and causes ailments which can easily be avoidedby keeping a watch on our diet.Vaginosis happens whenever the natural pH balance of thevagina is disturbed for any reason whatsoever. Some of thecommon vaginosis symptoms include foul-smelling odor,grayish white vaginal discharge, sore and itchy skin aroundthe vaginaal area in general and vulva.Although vaginosis symptoms can be unbearable thecondition is normally not dangerous. Most women uponidentifying the infection look for medicines for theirbacterial vaginosis cure. What they do not realize is the factthat this bacterial vaginal infection can be controlled to alarge extent merely by paying attention to what you eat.Prevention is always better than cure. The best way toprevent and treat vaginosis permanently is to have a healthydiet.Before getting into food that aggravate vaginosis and thathelp cure it fast I would like to share a couple of aspectsrelating to vaginal hygiene. It is very important for you tostay clean and have bath twice a day. Clean your vaginathoroughly and dry yourself completely.
  2. 2. Another important thing which you must bear in mind isthat the incidence of vaginosis is higher in women who aresexually-active and have anal sex. Hence to stay away fromthe infection it is absolutely essential for you to haveprotected sex always. Make sure that you carry condoms inyour bag just in case your partner is not prepared.What are the foods which cause your infection toaggravate and hence must be avoided?a) Any food which tends to weaken our immune systemsuch as alcohol, sugars, fats and chocolate. White sugarmust especially be totally cut out from your diet since it isknown to feed the bacteria responsible for vaginosisWhat must you include in your diet to prevent get rid ofvaginosis.a) Flax seed oil, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and grainsmust be made a part of your daily intakeb) Food rich in antioxidants such as gouji berries, redgrapes, blackberries, broccoli and carrots must also beconsumed to stay away from bacterial infection.c) Particularly for bacterial vaginosis cure, incorporategarlic in as many recipes as possible. Garlic is a wonderherb with potent antibiotic, antibacterial and antifungalproperties. It is one of the best bacterial vaginosis homeremedy which boosts our immune system and purifies theblood.
  3. 3. Making simple dietary changes will not only ensure thatyou maintain good health but also protect you from a wholelot of bacterial infections in general.