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Next steps presentation IGA conference Indiana 4/22/10

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Session 2 outline

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA Next Steps
  2. 2. The Numbers  The numbers still justify your decision to utilize social media tools  45 million Tweets/day  400 million active users on Facebook (FB)  FB’s new ―like‖ tool expected to prompt 1 billion likes in 24 hours  Platforms gaining popularity  More of your target audiences now are participating
  3. 3. You have signed up – What’s next?  As the numbers continue to rise, the opportunities increase  Expanding numbers, but more focus available, too  As people learn to search  As more geo-location and other tools are offered  BUT…your time doesn’t increase  87% of new Twitter users tweet 3x and quit  Monitoring and updating consistently challenging  No time to post FB updates?  Trouble keeping up?
  4. 4. Take Action – go back to start 1. Listen (again) 2. Plan (more carefully) 3. Engage (more thoughtfully and collaboratively 4. Assess 5. Plan 6. Engage 7. Keep listening
  5. 5. Overview  3 quick case studies today  Integrating tools  Simple solution from a larger CF  Fund raising campaign using social media  Enhancing what you are doing now  More thoughtful planning geared to your goals and calendar
  6. 6. Case Study 1 Orange County Community Foundation Example of integrating tool use
  7. 7. Using tools collaboratively  Use tools in a complementary fashion  To source content  e.g.,Use Twitter and Google keyword searches to find content for your Facebook postings  To promote your content  Drive traffic from Twitter to your website and to Facebook  Togain visibility/awareness  An example…
  8. 8. Integrating tool use 1. 2.
  9. 9. Integrating tool use, con’t. 3.
  10. 10. Case Study 2 Grant County Community Foundation Example of fund raising campaign using social media
  11. 11. Avoid feeling overwhelmed Plan first, make it a habit
  12. 12. Before you do anything else  Know why you are doing it now – write it down!  What do you hope to accomplish?  Measurement – see @kdpaine  Have a plan moving forward—strategy and tactics  Refer to your core planning docs  Have a calendar  Share the duties  Have fun!
  13. 13. Integrating SM efforts with your communications plan  If you have a plan, social networking should just complement it  Same key messages  Just more channels, creativity/interaction  If you don’t have a plan, your efforts to be message-focused and audience-focused can help you be more strategic  Following example …
  14. 14. How to Improve YOUR Efforts Content - Enhancements
  15. 15. Biggest challenges  Content  Consistency  Solve by top-loading your efforts  Brainstorming backup content ahead of time  Store your tweets for delivery later  FutureTweets,, hootsuite  Make clear personnel assignments/teams  LIVE by your calendar
  16. 16. Who will do it and when? Channel/tool Lead Timing/task Dates due Completed Facebook Rhonda Post once/week Week 1: Jan 5 done and monitor Week 2: responses Twitter Org Jamal Monitor, Daily – ½ - 1 Post/respond/ hour Retweet Twitter CEO Melissa Post/respond/ RT FourSquare, Courtney Add venue only Jan 1 done Streetmavens for awareness Wordpress Week 2: Courtney Bi-weekly/blog Week 3: Guest Tweet to promote blog (Courtney leads) blog: Courtney Week 4: Jayson YouTube Courtney Bi-weekly: Week 1: Jan 6 done Monitor Week 3: Jan subscriptions 20
  17. 17. Brainstorming Content – begin with key messages and key words Who are we What do Who do Where When are things What are others we do we fund are we happening doing (RTs, etc.) located Nonprofit Research Name local deadlines Grantee news and know types of nonprofits NPOs, name communiti es We will be Help Great Serve Community events Colleague news- here forever donors nonprofits; these other CFs and community communiti charitable issues es orgs do good work Community news
  18. 18. Seasonal Brainstorming Content Jan Feb Mar April May June Seasonal, New year, Valentines Spring Volunteer Summer’s Vacation, keywords integrity, ―I Day, Love, cleaning, week, coming, summer resolve,‖ forever, thinking of convener, anticipation camps, saving caring future, joining , fun grantees, planning forces community Week 1 Some Leveraging foundation other history; resources to history of maximize impact $ Week 2 Week 3 Other Lead (DONE)
  19. 19. Sample tactics for growth  Follow list of 60 CFs from @melaudette and listen  Begin your own grantees list on Twitter  Let existing constituents know where you are (traditional routes, first)  Give, RT, discuss, give it personality  Make FB posts interesting, fun to read, multi-media (Flip Camera); encourage engagement  Set benchmarks to measure effectiveness and check them; adjust
  20. 20. Team Blogging  You can share the work, as long as it is clear who is writing  Suggest you have a ―person‖ identified behind the org  Some CFs are posting on Twitter as the person (CEO), most as the org  If you are a person, i.e., yourself, then people feel more connected to you; hard to have a convo with an entity  On blogs, many simply identify the poster; gives opportunity for guest bloggers from outside the org (example: Hetrick)
  21. 21. Case Study 3 The Dallas Foundation Simple solution for a larger community foundation
  22. 22. The Dallas Foundation  80 years old; 20 with staff  175 M  300 funds  12 staff  Began SM last year  Only Facebook  One person manages— 1/2 to one hour/day  At least one post per week
  23. 23. Dallas’s protocols for posts  40% internal news  Staff changes, grants given  40% external news  Dallasevents  Check Twitter for philanthropy news  20% interactive
  24. 24. Dallas’s goals and outcomes  Engage new constituents  They can easily be searched on FB  Demonstrate expertise  Posts, e.g., of their collaborative efforts  Manage with a lean staff  They have one appointed person  Team-think posts  Open a digital dialogue with the community  They are tweeting from community events, about board member honors
  25. 25. Managing the work  The Dallas Foundation say they post typically one time per week on Facebook (only—no Twitter)  They determine what they want to post each week at their staff meeting  They monitor daily and respond appropriately  BothDallas and Victoria talk among themselves to determine appropriate responses to posts  The number of posts should depend on the quality and timeliness of information  Are you receiving interaction?
  26. 26. Give it away Goodwill. No, I’m not talking about the store. Write a weekend post about some charity groups you have been helping. If you tend not to help charities you probably should hide in a corner. Champion the NFP’s you are representing! This will add some indepth personality to your profile without getting completely cheesy. Kyle Lacy, Indianapolis - @kyleplacy Author, Twitter Marketing for Dummies  Interact with businesses in your community and let them know who you are and what you do!
  27. 27. Thank you! @melaudette Melanie Audette (317) 250-9590
  28. 28. Next time??  Bebo   Streetmavens   Statusnet  Yammer  Brightkite  Hi5  Shoutem  Posterous  Tubemogul  Yelp   Jaiku  Radar   Tumblr  Youare