Compare project management tool - FMS vs Redmine


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Comparison of Public 2009 FPT Project Management Suite and Redmine 2.0.4

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Compare project management tool - FMS vs Redmine

  1. 1. FMS vs RedmineReport by: Le Ngoc Thach
  2. 2. Reporter● Lê Ngọc Thạch 0908 550 642 √ HCMC University of Technology - Engineer ● Computer Science: 1995 ~ 2000 √ HCMC University of Information Technology (∈VNU HCMC) – Master ● Computer Science: 2004 ~ 2007Works: Project Manager, Technical Traning Manager, CEO of a IT●Academy, building a new company Applying software development●processes; HR development in IT, building IT Community Open-Ones( : : LNThach © Open-Ones
  3. 3. Content Overview FMS and Redmine Compare FMS and Redmine by CMMis PA Others© Open-Ones
  4. 4. What? FMS RedmineFMS is Fsoft Project Management Redmine is a flexible projectSuite. Written using J2EE (JSP, management web application. WrittenServlet, EJB), it is cross-platform. using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.FMS is open source and release Redmine is open source and releasedunder the terms of BSD and third- under the terms of the GNU Generalparty licenses: Apache, GPL, LGPL, Public License v2 (GPL).OTN Development and Distribution,MIT/GPL, Artistic© Open-Ones
  5. 5. Features FMS Redmine●Designed to support tasks related to software ● Multiple projects supportproject management such as: ● Flexible role based access control • Project planning ● Flexible issue tracking system • Tracking ● Gantt chart and calendar • Performance ● News, documents & files management • Monitoring ● Feeds & email notifications • Dashboard ● Per project wiki • Communication ● Per project forums • TimeSheet tracking ● Time tracking • Defect management ● Custom fields for issues, time-entries, • Report projects and users●Improve quality by apply standard ● SCM integration (SVN, CVS, Git,processes: Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs) • Planning process ● Issue creation via email • Risk managemnet process ● Multiple LDAP authentication support • Effort management process ● User self-registration support • Estimation process ● Multilanguage support • Requirement management process ● Multiple databases support • Defect management process © Open-Ones
  6. 6. Brief in CMMis KPALevel Focus Process Area5 Optimizing Continuous Process Organizational Innovation and Deployment Causal Improvement Analysis and Resolution4 Quantitatively Quantitative Organizational Process PerformanceManaged Management Quantitative Project Management3 Defined Process Standard Requirement Development Technical Solution Product Integration Verification, Validation Organizational Process Focus Organizational Process Definition Organizational Training Integrated Project Management Risk Management Decision Analysis and Resolution2 Managed Basic Project Requirement Management Management Project Planning, Project Monitoring and Control Supplier Agreement Management Measurement and Analysis Process and Product Quality Assurance Configuration Management1 © Open-Ones Initial
  7. 7. KPA by Category5 ●Organizational Causal Analysis and 5 ● Innovation & Resolution Deployment4 Quantitative Project ● ●Organizational 4 Management Process Performance3 ●Validation ●Risk Management ●Organizational Decision Analysis & ● 3 ●Verification ●Integrated Project Training Resolution ●Product Integration Management ●Organizational ●Technical Solution Process Definition ●Requirement ●Organizational Development Process Focus2 Requirement ● ●Supplier Agreement ●Configuration 2 Management Management Management ●Project Monitoring and ●Process and Product Control QA ●Project Planning ●Measure & Analysis Engineering Project Management Process Support Management © Open-Ones
  8. 8. Engineering KPAPA Main Output FMS RedmineREQM Requirement Y N Traceability MatrixRD SRS +ManualTS SAD +Manual Unit Test ManualPI Product Integration Y N plan Product Integration Y N statusVER Peer review reportVAL Defect tracker Y Y Test plan Manual Test Case Manual Test report Manual © Open-Ones
  9. 9. Project Management KPAPA Main Output FMS RedminePP Estimate Y N Project Planning Y N Schedule Y YPMC Project status Y Y Task list Y Y Project Quality Y N Objectives Closure report Y Historical data Y Time, effort, tracking Y NIPM Tailoring Y NRisk Risk Register (Analysis/Mitigation Y N plan/Contingency plan ) Risk Database Y N © Open-Ones
  10. 10. Support KPAPA Main Output FMS RedmineMA Measurement & Analysis Plan Y N MA monitoring and report Y MA DB YPPQA PPQA plan Y PPQA audit report ManualCM CM Plan Manual CM Audit report Manual CI List & Status Accounting Baseline Management Y N Release Management Y NDAR DAR form Y + Manual © Open-Ones
  11. 11. Good features in Redmine but not in FMS  Gantt chart and calendar  News, documents, and files management  Feeds and email notifications  Per project wiki and forums  SCM integration (SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs)  Multiple LDAP authentication support  User self-registration support  Multilanguage support  Multiple databases support© Open-Ones
  12. 12. Summary  FMS and Redmine: Web-based, Open-Source, cross-platform Support basic tasks of project management Support multi project FMS Redmine●Is designed to support many CMMis Not design following CMMi ●KPA●Focus on processes ●Focus on flexibility, web 2.0●Support project team, senior ●Support projec team mainlymanger, customer© Open-Ones
  13. 13. Reference    Version of Redmind: 2.0.4  Version of FMS: Fixed bug Project360 version 1.1.1 at ( oject360-1.1.1.tar.gz)© Open-Ones