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11 alfa laval-aalborg_proteus_1

  1. 1. www.alfalaval.com
  2. 2. Alfa Laval Aalborg A/S A changed approach for product/service development Søren Petry Mortensen Business Development Manager Service, Marine & Diesel Division
  3. 3. www.alfalaval.com © Alfa Laval Slide 3 Alfa Laval products to be installed, cont.: Electric heater Diesel engine HFO tank DO tank Stack Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre Official oppening15 January 2014 Fresh water generator Heat exchangers WHR boilerSCR Scrubber Ballast water treatment Separator FCM Crankcase gas cleaning
  4. 4. www.alfalaval.com Agenda • Company introduction & organizational change • Example I – Supplier driven innovation • Example II – Project ”steam balance” • Example III – Operation condition based sales tool A changed approach for product/service development Focusing on our customers and their unique needs while operating our equipment, has resulted in a changed organization, changed development approaches and created a strengthen relationship with our customers.
  5. 5. www.alfalaval.com Three business divisions Process technology Marine & Diesel Equipment
  6. 6. www.alfalaval.com Three business divisions Process technologyMarine & DieselEquipment Organizational change Service – Marine & Diesel Systems Parts Repair/ Retrofit Service R&D CapitalSales Customers *Business Development *New department
  7. 7. www.alfalaval.com Market approach and lifecycle management Slide 7Alfa Laval Capital Sales Alfa Laval Service Execute Contribute Preparation
  8. 8. www.alfalaval.com Alfa Laval on board Desalination Cooling and heating Ballast water treatment Fuel conditioning Filtration Inert gas generationExhaust gas cleaning Waste heat recovery Steam generation Thermal fluid heating Cargo heating Crankcase gas cleaning Oil treatment Bilge water treatment Tank cleaning www.alfalaval.com Aalborg product
  9. 9. www.alfalaval.com Example I - Supplier driven Innovation R&D Capital Sales Service Technical Advicer Fleet Group Manager Fuel optimization Manager Global Procurement Innovation Portfolio M. Strategic R&D Project Managers Supplier driven Innovation – work shops participants
  10. 10. www.alfalaval.com Example I - The Process Three groups => challenges Mixing groups => challenges Clustering challenges Groups => potential solutions
  11. 11. www.alfalaval.com Example I - The Process Homework: Prepare solutions Present and discuss solutions
  12. 12. www.alfalaval.com Example I - The Process c c c c “Filter” Business cases NO GO GO Ideas
  13. 13. www.alfalaval.com Example II - Project ”steam balance” Norwegian Vessel owner Marine Engineer University Alfa Laval Aalborg Steam balance - Theoretical requirement (designed) - Actual requirement - Actual produced steam Project start 2014 Knowledge Advise Upgrade Service Etc.
  14. 14. www.alfalaval.com www.alfalaval.com/marine Optimizing the fuel line Go to steam line Example II - Project ”steam balance”
  15. 15. www.alfalaval.com www.alfalaval.com/marine Optimizing the steam line Go to fuel line Example II - Project ”steam balance”
  16. 16. www.alfalaval.com Example III – Operation condition based sales tool
  17. 17. www.alfalaval.com