Learning in corporate ladders


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Non conventional learning from Corporate Ladders having over 30 years experience and Finally settling down to working for 'Shared Value' at GEAR (www.gear.org.pk)

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Learning in corporate ladders

  1. 1. Learning in CorporateLaddersbyEkhlaque Ahmed
  2. 2. Small Start, Big Impact! LAST DAY ! Busy till late night 1. SHOW RESPONSIBILITY
  3. 3. First Day, received a file from Boss! 2. CLICKED ON THE FIRST DAY & GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY
  4. 4. Boss throws in the Ocean! Never knew what Fleet Management was all about !!! 3. BEGIN TO RELEARN
  5. 5. Richard Claire (RC) Complains! Why Overstay on Maintenance?4. TACTFULLY HANDLE INTERNAL CUSTOMERS
  6. 6. Test of Fleet Maintenance,Knowledge & Expertise! RC Praises 5. SHOW PROCESS / GAPS / IMPROVEMENTS
  7. 7. Audit in Dammam! Where did you do Transit Management Degree?6. PROVE WHAT YOU DIDN’T DO
  8. 8. Boss Said: You Cannot Win!Write Report to Bosses’ Boss…..Win Through Collaboration! 7. NOTHING SUCCEED LIKE SUCCESS. SHOW COURAGE, NEVER ACCEPT PAST!
  9. 9. Dry Battery Wets!Boss Ask for the Letter and said,“If you want, I will sign it.” 8. BE MANAGER OF ALTERNATIVES
  10. 10. ITGirlPrintsInvoiceTwice! I’m held responsible! Boss said, “You are CEO of the Desk” 9. ALWAYS COMPLETE THE LOOP
  11. 11. Zero Sale of Embodiment ! Build new opportunities all around…. 10. BEGIN BY CULTIVATING CONSTRAINTS & BE BOSS OF ALL
  12. 12. New Opportunities “There is no “NO” word in my dictionary” From 29M to 70M to One Billion11. MAKE PLAN ‘KNOWN’ & CREATE CATALYISM TO EXCEL!
  13. 13. LuminaireBusinessUnit Technical Manufacturing & Sales First week in an International Meeting Sleep Cycle & Tough Journey towards Excellence 12. YOU DON’T KNOW, BUT YOU KNOW!
  14. 14. Data Marketing in Stagnant Sales…Factory declines more quantity.Import & Prove! 13. RAISE THE BAR, SHOW CONFIDENCE
  15. 15. Dust of Cement ! Breakthrough Sales…. 14. GET INTO IT, DON’T SEE FROM DISTANCE
  16. 16. Do It Yourself!Boss said, Don’t Involve My Son.15. KEEP THE BOSS AWAY & DELIVER
  17. 17. FINAL JOURNEY TO LEARNDeliver through self-employment. A Social Profit Journey !It is flexible, motivating, steering, gearing, driving, charging, making, building……….
  19. 19. G E A R .Generating Employment Alternatives for Self Reliance www.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  20. 20. First Step … A group of friends contributes Rs 10,000 each Total = Rs 40,000 (for 4 women) (bought 4 Sewing Machines)Each woman earns Rs 5,000 / month And, returns Rs 1,000 on monthly basiswww.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  21. 21. How it all started?www.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  22. 22. Turnaround3.5 years 350 families Rs. 8 Million in Rolling 200 closed cases 95% Recovery www.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  23. 23. Domino EffectOne Lady Social Approach to Creating Self- Entrepreneurship the Employment Wholesaler for the next market 4 women A Ripple effect…..www.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  24. 24. www.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  25. 25. www.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  26. 26. www.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  27. 27. Creating a Social BusinessDon’t NeedBig Resources PurposeOnly require SincerityINNOVATION, Cause Driven ApproachAnd… Foundationwww.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  28. 28. CorporationsPassion Strategic Intent Game Changer and Competitive make a Innovation Breakthrough www.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  29. 29. Sustainability• Create multiple revenue streams through advertisements of famous brands on Kiosks/Carts (vegetables, fruits, burger, etc.)• The revenue will go into GEAR Fund, to create social business• Profits will be shared with GEAR partnerswww.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  30. 30. Sustainabilitywww.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  31. 31. SELF EMPLOYMENT MODEL EXAMPLES• Vegetable carts • Flower Making• Fruit carts • Leveraging parts from C grades• Pop corn carts Imported Jeans• Potato chips stalls • Selling garments in family and• Domestic sewing friends circle• Tailor shop • Car Cleaning Clothes/Fabric• Tyre Repairing shop selling• Motor Cycle mechanic shop • Candle making/distribution• Fabric selling at various markets • Donkey Cart for transporting materials• Rickshaw • Artificial jewelry/ornaments for• Retail Kiosks ladies• Cap making • Components and Parts for• Street Food stalls Shoes
  32. 32. Our Workwww.gear.org.pk GEARSelfReliance
  33. 33. OUR DREAM………
  34. 34. 1 Million Families HAVES If each person saves Rs 20K (accept SOCIAL cause as a RESPONSIBILITY) HAVE NOT’SCreating 1 Million Self-Employment
  35. 35. Creates revenue of Rs. 4.5 BillionRs. 54 Billion / YEAR
  36. 36. www.gear.org.pk