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This was a group work (which involve me)-----of one day walk through investigation.......and my group was selected 1st among all other country's presentation

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Group1 bangladesh

  1. 1. KOHINOOR CHEMICAL CO (BD) LIMITED A Walk Through Energy Efficiency in SMEs by Bangladesh APO E-Learning Team Date: May 20, 2010
  2. 2. Field Visit: Kohinoor Chemical CO (BD) Limited Kohinoor Chemical CO (BD) Limited . Bangladesh Team May 20 2010
  3. 3. Brief Histology of the Factory 1956 Project was established in Private Sector as a leading Cosmetics and Toiletries in PAKISTAN 1972 Government of Bangladesh Nationalized the factory under Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation 1993 Government of Bangladesh handed over the factory again to the Private sector. At Present the factory is producing the Cosmetic and Toiletries product under the different Brand name as a sister concern of Orion Group
  4. 4. Factory Overview Factory Data Product Data  Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh Major Products:  Country of Origin of Plant & Facial cream, pumpkin oil, shaving cream, washing Machineries: UK, Pakistan, USA soap, Toilet soap, detergent, toothpaste  Employees: 1010  Project Areas: 12.29 Hectors Detergent Pow der, 15%  Operation: 24 Hours-365 days Shaving Washing Soap, Cream , 3% 25%  Raw Materials Used Hair Oil, 2%  Steric Acid, Pumkin, Caustic Tooth Paste, Soda, Fat, chemicals and 5% fragrance. Total Production: 31037 ton/yr Toilet soap, 50%
  5. 5. Process Diagram For Toothpaste St. Acid [112 kg], Sorbitol [23 kg], Glycerin [32 KOH [40.5 kg] , RBD [60 kg] , St. Acid [16 kg], kg] Perfume [7.5 kg] 4 hrs 30 mins Steam heating
  6. 6. Major Energy Consuming Units Plant/Section Energy Consuming Form of Energy Equipment Steam Generation Boiler Gas Diesel Generator Diesel Engine Diesel Gas Generator Gas Engine Natural Gas Compressor Blower/Motor Electrical Power Generation Gas Engine Gas Digester Steam Heater, Electric Heater Steam, Electricity Mixer Electricity Electricity Air Conditioning Air Conditioner, Fan Electricity Lighting Florescent Bulb Electricity Motors/Pumps Throughout the process Electricity
  7. 7. Energy Distribution Diagram Gas Turbine: 900 KW Total 1300 KW Govt. Power: 400 KW Fat melting Generator 1% Glycerin Plant 4% 1% Detergent Factory Pump 10% 10% Boiler 2% Normal and Washing Saop Cosmetics 34% 21% Beauty Saop 17%
  8. 8. Steam Distribution Diagram 10 ton/hr NG Boiler Main Steam Header 15 Kg/cm2 Soap Digesting Cosmetic Section Soap Manufacturing 6 ton/hr 2 ton/hr 2 ton/hr Condensate to Drain out
  9. 9. Schematic Diagram of Existing Boiler STEAM TO EXHAUST PROCESS GAS VENT Natural Circulation type water tube boiler STACK DEAERATOR 1983: Installation Rated capacity: 10 ton/hr Storage tank Rated pressure: 15 kg/cm2 Boiler Feed Water Pump BOILER PAKISTAN HMC BURNER WATER BLOW DOWN FROM MUD SOURCE DRUM FUEL BRINE CHEMICAL FEED SOFTENERS Deep well turbine pump
  10. 10. General Information About Existing Boiler  Existing Boiler Efficiency : 72% (Calculated)  Fuel Consumption rate : 906 Nm3/hr (NG)  Gas Consumption/ton of steam : 90.6 Nm3  Cost/ton of steam (Fuel) : BDT 530 : USD 7.6
  11. 11. Scope of Intervention STEAM TO EXHAUST GAS PROCESS VENT STACK Condensate DEAERATOR From Preheater Process Storage tank Boiler Feed Economizer Water Pump BOILER PAKISTAN HMC BURNER WATER SOURCE FUEL BLOW DOWN FROM MUD BRINE DRUM CHEMICAL FEED SOFTENERS Deep well turbine pump
  12. 12. Condition of Boiler after Intervention  Expected Boiler Efficiency : 81%  Expected Fuel Savings/year : 32,507 Nm3 (NG)  Annual equivalent cost savings : BDT 190462 : USD 2721 We observed that 9 ton/hr condensate is being drained  450000 kcal/hr heat can be recovered from the condensate recovery  Equivalent fuel savings : 478483 Nm3/year  Equivalent annual financial savings : BDT 2803912 : USD 40059
  13. 13. Recommendation  Maintain proper air-fuel ratio for combustion by controlling air damper.  Maintain regular tube cleaning and boiler feed water treatment.  Install air pre-heater and economizer.  Insulate all steam bare pipes and flanges.  Stop all steam leakages.  Ensure functioning of steam traps.
  14. 14. Damaged and Without Insulation
  15. 15. Group Members - Group 1 eLearning Course on Energy Efficiency in SMEs  Engr. S.M. Mahmud Hassan - Team Coordinator  Engr. Horendro Nath Ghosh – Team Leader  Engr. Kaisar Ahmad Bhuyan  Engr. Md. Hanif Sarkar  Engr. Muhammd Rakibul Islam  Engr. Md. Rafiqul Islam  Engr. Md. Abdur Rouf Khan  Engr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan  Engr. Md. Mokdum Ali  Engr. Zakia Afroz  Engr. Md. Mehedi Hasan  Engr. Mriganka Mohan Paul  Engr. Didarul Islam