Holy week and easter in uruguay   rent a car
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Holy week and easter in uruguay rent a car



Uruguay. Take part in traditional celebrations in Uruguay. Tourist transport and executive vans with driver in Uruguay. Rental vans with driver. Enter www.snappy.com.uy and discover Uruguayan tourism ...

Uruguay. Take part in traditional celebrations in Uruguay. Tourist transport and executive vans with driver in Uruguay. Rental vans with driver. Enter www.snappy.com.uy and discover Uruguayan tourism planning it to your needs and possibilities, you decide and from where we live. Car and Vans.



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Holy week and easter in uruguay   rent a car Holy week and easter in uruguay rent a car Document Transcript

  • From Saturday 31 March to Sunday 8 April Holy Week and Easter in Uruguay Uruguay Tourism Week In Uruguay, Holy Week and Easter combined with the Tourism Week called because of the secularization of the state with the church, holidays and holiday, and therefore synonymous with taking advantage of opportunities to travel one of the many mini-tourism proposals. Easter 2012 is one of the most important dates for the millions of Catholics around the world there, and the work schedule this week marks a break from the maelstrom of each to pray or to travel.The Tourism Week 2012 could be said to begin on Saturday March 31 and ends on Sunday April 8, and there are manyoptions the country offers for those who want to enjoy this short vacation. For years Uruguay has established himself as one of the most preferred destinations among South American countries for Easter tourism in Uruguay.Government employees and many of the workers in the private sector, as well as retirees who take the opportunity tovisit various tourist destinations in Uruguay, or students who may return home a few days home, all plan somethingdifferent for Easter or Tourism Week each year.Although the temperatures are going down for this time of year, historically during Easter, cities like Canelones,Maldonado and Rocha - on the banks of the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean-are well attended, whether generalpreferences turn to the zone of hot springs of thermal water in the departments of Paysandu and Salto, on thenorthwest coast, where hotel rooms sell out well in advance.The most visited thermal water in Uruguay: Arapey, Salto, San Nicanor, Dayman, Guaviyu and Almiron. Each presents adifferent option for each type of needs, expectations and requirements of the local and foreign tourists.But during Easter in Uruguay also find other travelers or tourists.For many, Easter is synonymous of camping in the middle of native forests on the banks of rivers and streams, in groupsof friends to hunt and fish.For others it is desired to devote these days of Holy Week and Tourism Week in Uruguay to enjoy the different partiesand festivals that take place throughout the country, holding spaces that are alive and intangible heritage of thecountry. Two parties this week are emblematic Beer Week Paysandú and Reunion Festival on the banks of the RioOlimar. Página 1 de 3
  • The week also lives with enthusiasm the traditional dispute Bicycles Tour, a prominent local calendar and the oldest in the continent route. And when in doubt whether it is more convenient to organize the trip on our own or hire an organized tour, we can say that Uruguay is a country where going to be easier to take a trip on our own. Trails and roads in excellent condition, an incredible range of accommodation with a regal quality / price, and a more interesting variety of restaurants with international cuisine and typical at very affordable prices, cause that make the trip on our own is all enjoyment. To plan the best route of travel during Tourism Week and Easter in Uruguay, the first line is it based on the maximum number of days that we will devote to the trip, and from there just enough to use websites such as Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay to see where to begin to decide. If you do not have adequate mobility to the group itself,when it comes to putting on our own the route to follow, another important point is to decide which company to hirefor car rental, without driver, if travelers are up to four or five people, or hire car rental with driver such as vans orminibuses for larger groups of people. Car Rental in UruguayIn Uruguay, many companies operate car rental if you want to find the best value for money, go to www.snappy.com.uy SNAPPY Car Rental and SNAPPY TransVan Reserve your rental car directly to the supplier Without intermediaries! and start enjoying.Whether you live in Uruguay as if travelers arrive here SNAPPY Car Rental offers you choose a unit of its fleet ofvehicles, vehicle delivery and receipt of rent in any city at any bus terminal or airport in the country.SNAPPY Car Rental provides you with the best service and support for you to see the capital or other destinations,getting to places with charm and rural enclaves where they arrive by train or bus travel, maybe thats the mostinteresting of renting a car in Uruguay . SNAPPY Car Rental for over 25 years is the market leader in car rental in Uruguay! Página 2 de 3
  • The booking process and hiring of SNAPPY can be made quickly, easily and comfortably, the idea is to avoid thoseproblems and incidents that often occur when bookings are made through intermediary agencies.Now only you know why they are increasingly travelers and tourists who hire our car rental service in Uruguay:- Over 25 years in square stable and suitable personnel.- Fleet with varied and constant renewal.- Units with GPS (Geo Positioner Satellite) and wireless.- Real care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist at all times.- Real service delivery vehicles where the customer orders it.- Special rates for long periods or for several cars.- Insurance maximum coverage required by Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay.- Company registered in the Register of Tour Operators Tourism Ministry.- Replacement automatically if the vehicle has to remain immobilized.- Network support workshops around the country. http://www.snappy.com.uy/contacto-reservas.html Start now your car rental reservation in Uruguay Página 3 de 3