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Learning Styles



This is a presentation on the different ways that students learn.

This is a presentation on the different ways that students learn.



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Learning Styles Learning Styles Presentation Transcript

  • Learning Styles Stacey Meister University of Phoenix
  • The 3 Learning Styles
    • Visual Learners  learn through seeing . They prefer to create pictures in their heads to help them remember information. They like charts, graphs, and hand-outs.  
    • Auditory Learners learn through listening . They like talking things out and listening to what others have to say.
    • Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners learn through moving, doing and touching. They like hands on activities and don’t like to sit still for long periods of time.          
  • My Personal Learning Style
    • I am a visual learner.
    • I like to picture the information as I learn.
    • It is hard for me to listen to a lecture and not take notes.
    • I am very organized and like teachers and students to be as well.
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  • My Strengths
    • I provide my students with very organized notes.
    • I often use fun charts and diagrams to present my information.
    • I try to help my students to improve on organization.
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  • My Weaknesses
    • I have a hard time remembering things when I don’t write them down.
    • It is hard for me to process information unless it is presented in a neat, logical way.
    • I don’t learn well by doing – I prefer to fully understand the task before physically doing something with the information.
  • How my learning style effects my teaching
    • As a visual learner I love to give my students hand – outs.
    • I always organize my information into charts and diagrams.
    • I love using pictures to help illustrate my ideas.
    • I try to help my students visualize the information we are learning. I help them to form pictures in their heads.
    • I love using color. I highlight important information and color code notes for my students.
    • I give my students detailed notes, but I highlight the important information so they don’t get overwhelmed.
    • In the past I haven’t incorporated a lot of kinesthetic activities into my lessons.
    • I don’t give my students as much of an opportunity to move around as I should.
    • Now that I understand the importance of incorporating all learning styles, I be able to incorporate more auditory and kinesthetic activities into my lessons.
  • The Importance of Understanding Learning Styles:
    • Now that I fully understand learning styles and how I learn, I can better incorporate all learning styles into my classroom.
    • I have given my students the opportunity to take learning inventory tests so they can better understand how they learn.
  • In Conclusion…
    • I am a better teacher for understanding how I learn. This allows me to play up my strengths and improve on areas of weakness.
    • By knowing how my students learn, I can gear my lessons towards their learning styles.