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Senior Project Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName_________Lindsay Meiners________________ Date _(Due) 11 April, 2012_______________Product ___Fully-Functoinal Computer tower/CPU _____________________________Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: First meeting with project facilitatorNovember 19, 2011 Don Dozier. Discussed and comprised N/A11:15am a list of required individual parts and1 hour, 20 minutes costs. We also did research on the best possible yet cost-efficient part to examine cost and functionality. Commentary: This part of the project was easy and not time consuming. My facilitator and I got a chance to talk during the process and learn to work well together.
  2. 2. Date/Time: Activity: Commentary/Suggestion: Searched on various online venuesNovember 29, 2011 (Amazon, Overstock, eBay, Newegg,5:22pm etc.) for the designated case (Cooler1 hour 12 minutes Master HAF X Full Tower with Super Speed USB 3.0) and decided on ordering it from I searched various venues for pricing reasons and Amazon was the most reasonable one found. Commentary: This part of the project was a bit painstaking for me. I am used to going to the most familiar web site or store and just picking what I want from there, but I learned it was a bit more responsible concerning cost because the prices varied greatly from place to place I looked. Cost: $179.00
  3. 3. Date/Time: Activity: Comments/Suggestions:December 2, 2011 The case for the computer arrives. My4:23pm dad helped me carry it down to the1 hour 50 minutes basement where I brought down my own laptop and loaded the instruction manual and diagram for the construction of the case and explanation of the ports and slots in the case. I laid out the parts for the computer and proceeded to follow the guidelines and instructions and build up the case. Commentary: This process was a little tricky because I chose to only have periodic instruction from my facilitator, slightly prolonging the process. Ive never assembled a case before and reading some of the instructions and the key was difficult at times because the quality of the manual was making it difficult to read.
  4. 4. Date/Time: Activity: Comments/Suggestions:January 6, 2012 Once again went through the process6:18 pm of searching and comparing parts, this50 minutes time for the motherboard (ASUS LGA 1155 SATA 6Gbps USB 3.0). Decided once again to order from and placed the order after a double- check comparison and placed the order. Commentary: I got a bit confused during this process differentiating between the different types of motherboards under the ASUS brand because they were all quite similar in name and my familiarity to them was minimal, so it warranted a call to my facilitator who ultimately helped me decide which one I picked and why. Cost: $219.99
  5. 5. Date/Time: Activity:January 15, 2012 My facilitator came over and guided1:15pm me through assembling the1 hour 40 minutes motherboard from his own knowledge. Following that, he instructed me on installing the motherboard into the case by using the diagram of the case itself and the general instructions that were included with the case. Commentary: This was a smooth process up until actually putting the motherboard in the case. It required a multitude of very small, short screws in obscure places behind around other delicate parts. The angle of bending my arm around the end of the case also made the process more difficult. My inexperience with a screwdriver also caused it to slip and nearly damage a piece of the motherboard. It also made some of the screws crooked, but with a little guidance from my facilitator, everything ended well.
  6. 6. Date/Time Activity:February 2, 2012 Searched online for the disk drive. This5:08pm was difficult due to the wide range of56 minutes options under a particular brand and varying ranges of prices, so I had to do my research on what lasts and what doesnt. That being said, the majority of the time of this process was spent comparing different makes and models of disk drives until I settled on one (ASUS 24xDVD+RW Serial ATA Internal OEM Drive DRW-24B1ST) and ordered it. Commentary: As time consuming as it was, I enjoyed this step. I found it interesting to compare all the different personal reviews I found from different sources online. Honestly, it was also enjoyable because it was the cheapest step. Cost: $21.99
  7. 7. Date/Time: Activity:February 25, 2012 Met up with my project facilitator at10:18am my house to assemble more of the2 hours 25 minutes parts to the computer. We went through the process of finding which front place-holder to take out and replace with the disk drive. This was an important decision because the power cord on the CD drive has to be able to reach the motherboard for power. We went through a few different positions before finding one that allowed the power cord to reach the motherboard but also allow the option of installing a second disc drive under it. We then had to examine the instructions for the motherboard to see where to hook the power cable from the disk drive. Then we had to connect the motherboard to the central power supply in the case. Commentary: This task was a long one. We had to go back to the hard-to-read diagram for the case in order to hook the motherboard up to its power supply in the case. The hook ups are very specific and intricate to connect.
  8. 8. Date/Time: Activity:March 5, 2012 Searched and decided on which Intel5:08pm Core Processor to put into the machine.1 hour It was eventually decided on an Intel Core i3 processor due to pricing of the processors and functionality. Our highest option was in Intel Core i7, but the i3 was the most cost efficient choice. Commentary: My source of funds and I went back and forth on the issue of which processor to pick, but we eventually decided on the i3 due to its cost. Cost: $124.99
  9. 9. Date/Time: Activity:March 10, 2012 The processor arrives and I assemble it7:35pm on its own myself. Due to it being a1 hour new part, a few of the hooks and screws were stuck or stiff, making it hard to put the processor into its metal casing that holds it into the motherboard. Commentary: Once again, my inexperience in the area and insisting on doing things myself caused a drawing out of time due to confusion and general mess ups.
  10. 10. Date/Time: Activity:March 11, 2012 My facilitator came over to my house11:45am to work on the final touches of the2 hours machine. He helped me install the processor and CPU and hook their power and the power of the motherboard up to the main power supply in the case. The processor required a series of small screws to secure it to the motherboard along with a stubborn spring clip to keep the CPU in its metal casing which holds itself into the motherboard. Commentary: The main trouble with this process was the screws. They were small and kept slipping out of the holes and down into the pieces and prongs on the motherboard. It was also a slightly messy process due to the thermal grease on the external metal piece of the processor.
  11. 11. Date/Time: Activity:March 14, 2012 On my own, I went through the8:02pm process of loading the Microsoft55 minutes Windows Operating System and installing all the necessary drivers (Ethernet, Audio Drivers, etc.), thereby completing the project. Commentary: This was probably the easiest step for me because it is among the most in- depth experience Ive had with the subject area. Reloading/Loading Operating Systems is a common occurrence in my house with our PCs and laptops. Ive been through this process and am very familiar with it.