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Sustaining Building Performance Thro Active Energy Efficiency
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Sustaining Building Performance Thro Active Energy Efficiency



Presentation at Environment & Energy Enclage 2010, ITC Sonar- Kolkata

Presentation at Environment & Energy Enclage 2010, ITC Sonar- Kolkata



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  • Energy together with recession, is the hottest topic those days: as citizens, business people, human beings, we are all concerned We know that energy demand will double by 2050, electricity demand as well by 2030. 70% coming from new economies such as China or India If energy consumption per capita in China & India reaches US level, world consumption would triple On the other hand, 1.6 billion people have no access to electricity Mobilization on climate change world wide By 2030, ~3/4 of energy sources will remain CO2-related Grave consequences expected if global temperature rises by 3°c (based on International Energy Agency quotes and studies) Copenhagen conference this year, beyond this, the climate change concern is everywhere What can you do as a human being, to reduce your carbon footprint while living our life? We, as a company, ask ourselves the same question: what can we do to achieve more for our customers, be more profitable, while using less of our common planet?
  • Safe: we are protecting humans and assets (ex : avoid risks related to electrocution, fire etc.) Reliable: we are helping to keep power on at a time when the grid is not always perfectly reliable and the users’ expectations are growing higher and higher Efficient: with the rising cost of energy, we want to help our customers make savings and be more efficient, we want to help our customers optimize their Capex and Opex Productive: through more automation within the premises of our customers, more connectivity, more services at all stages of the lifecycle Green: renewable energy solutions Apart from us, there are no companies that can solve this difficult equation today, since It requires a fairly broad portfolio as well as strong capacity to build integrated solutions based on this portfolio These 5 directions are not always compatible easily (if you shed loads to be efficient, this does not help with reliability, adding safety to a process may not help to be more productive etc.). It requires strong application knowledge of the main segments we want to focus on. 
  • Clarify Context : Why Buildings & Office Buildings in particular are important for Green / EE initiatives ? When we optimize the Office Bldg. ROI with …. Green principles / EE ~ striking a balance w.r.t. Comfort & flexibility is important, …. keeping the Customers Values in mind. While designing Green / EE workplaces .. We don’t want to compromise on occupant comfort, availability of Power & Data & ambience or loose flexibility required for work-places over the usage period & during tenant changes.
  • Evolving from the Primordial Ooze Emerging ability to answer basic questions Building comfort management How do I control the temperature in the building? White space management Are the batteries in my UPS OK? Security management Can I put in a system so I can get coverage with less people? Power management Am I getting good power quality from the utility? Process & machine management How can I improve my manufacturing process? The Dark Ages Getting better – “separate but equal” All domains have independently evolved to a similar stage within their domain and solve similar customer problems Efficiency Availability Performance Safety and Security All have similar levels of capabilities Alarming Monitoring Discovery The Renaissance Moving toward “solution excellence” Goal: Solve the same problems at the facility level, independent of domain Efficiency Availability Performance Safety and Security How: High-level dashboards, mashups, metrics – easily understood by humans Energy management requires collaboration between domains Collaboration opens new capabilities for building-level solutions Cannot “evolve backwards” – deep domain expertise still required
  • For Each Zone e.g. Open Office ‘or’ Cabins - define sensors like … Energy meters, Smoke Detectors, Occupancy, Lux, Temp sensors etc… This will be repetitive - helping Flexibility, scalability & fast construction
  • It can be done / Is it done today ? - May be for some of the applications – with extensive use of Gateways – Parameters matching in software etc…. Is it Plug & Play – today - DEFINITELY NO !
  • Et la manière de les utiliser Vériétable domaine de travail de homes
  • We help people make the most of their energy. What does it mean? between energy generation (coal, nuclear, Hydro, etc.) and energy usage (what we all do with energy everyday), it is our play ground: energy management. It consists in making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. Let’s go a little bit more into detail (next slide)
  • Our playground is from the plant, either it is and industrial facility or a power generation plant, to the plug. We address segments like water and waste water, oil & gas, hospitals, data centres, offices or even your house. All these activities representing almost ¾ of energy consumption world wide. We are at the heart of the energy challenge as we can bring up to 30% energy savings in each of this market segment. We help our customers to be more efficient, more profitable and reducing their carbon footprint
  • First we are a global company. We are a global company present all over the world. We are a €18.3 bn company. We have 114,000 in more than 100 countries / Double the revenue vs. 2004. In addition, we make 32% of our revenue in new economies where we have still strong growth opportunities (18% in 2004) Definition of new economies: Asia without Japan, Africa & Middle East, Eastern Europe (including Russia), Latin America & Mexico,
  • Today, have strong position in new economies is key. You may know that in the last 3 years, 70% of world GDP (growth domestic product) came from so-called “emerging countries” (figures in Parity of Purchase Power. Source: World bank We are present in China for 20 years, in India for 25 years and have balanced our world exposure to be closer to our customers. As 32% of our revenue is in new economies, we do have to widen our presence in these areas. Today, we have 40,000 people, half of our manufacturing operations and 50% o our growth comes from there.
  • We believe that business growth, quality of life and respect for the environment can go hand in hand. We believe it is possible to be more effective and do more with less to preserve the Earth’s balance.
  • How to read this graph Left column, from top to bottom = end markets: Energy & infrastructure, industry, data centres, buildings and residential Top, from left to right = values for customers. Size of the bubbles = what market they cover Ex: Installation systems & control makes energy safe, efficient and productive in the residential market Solutions and energy efficiency are a combination from our different activities potentially covering all the values and all the markets depending on the market segment We started in the field of Power & Control, making energy safe and productive. Based on this sound know-how, we developped: Automation everywhere, spreading automation in homes and buildings, even proposing security systems to cover the whole building management. (TAC by Schneider Electric, Mertern, Clipsal, …) Reliable energy with critical power & cooling, especially for critical applications like data centres and hospitals where the slightest power outage can be dramatic We recently entered the renewable energy market with solutions to connect renewable energy sources like photovoltaic or wind turbines to the power grid in an easy, reliable and cost-effective way

Sustaining Building Performance Thro Active Energy Efficiency Sustaining Building Performance Thro Active Energy Efficiency Presentation Transcript