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CMAT Presentation- The real final






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CMAT Presentation- The real final Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Calm Down Mom and Dad, Communications is Great!
    You Want to Major in WHAT?!
    Scott Baish, Lantz Carter, Megan Gugliotti, Morgan Hoey and Thomas Murray
  • 2. Would you rather this be your child?
  • 3. Or this be your child?
    (Gillen, & Hosterman)
  • 4. Here are a few numbers to consider….
    75% of a person’s day is spent communicating verbally or non-verbally
    We listen to the equivalent of one book a day, read one book a month and write the equivalent of one book in a year
    (“What career opportunities,”)
  • 5. Communication as a Major
    -Human Communications
    -Journalism/Public Relations
    -Media Productions
    -Media Studies
    Every communications major is required to have a minor in another field
    (“Choosing communication arts,”)
  • 6. Resources and Opportunities
    All SU communication majors have the opportunity to complete an internship in their
    specific field before graduation
    Mentor Network
    There are over 70 SU Communication Alumni
    available through the mentoring program to assist you at any stage in your academic career
    (“Choosing communication arts,”)
  • 7. Career Services
    Career services at SU has many career books available to students such as:
    -Careers in Communications
    -Great Jobs for Communications Majors
    -Top Careers for Communications Graduates
    Career services helps students write and perfect resumes
    They offer mock interviews to better prepare students and help them get the jobs they want!
    (“Choosing communication arts,”)
  • 8. Salaries
    Careers for this major can include jobs like public relations, reporting and advertising. It can also be applied in other ways, like speech writing or public speaking.
    Beginning salary: $30,921
    Average salary: $35,196
    (Cable News Network)
  • 9. Potential Job Titles
    Vice President of Human Resources
    Executive Manager
    Marketing Specialist
    Educational Administrator
    Advertising Sales Coordinator
    Account Executive
    Management Consultant
    Legislative Assistant
    ("What career services," )
  • 10. Possible Places of Employment
    Government Agencies
    Public Relations Firms
    National Radio/TV Network
    Educational Departments
    If you are interested in a position within a federal organization, some options include but are not limited to: DoD, FDA, Broadcasting Board of Governors, Homeland Security("Communication jobs in," )
  • 11. Typical Work Activities
    Managing the public image of an organization or individual
    Researching, gathering and sharing information across a variety of mediums
    Using communication to improve the function of businesses and organizations
    (Tanner, Stoner, & Baughman, 2003)
  • 12. Benefit of Life Skills
    “Communication Arts students acquire the knowledge and experience needed for decision-making and problem-solving in their personal and professional lives.” ("Communication arts," )
    More effective relations with superiors
    More open communication with family & friends
    Improved knowledge of intrapersonal, interpersonal and intercultural strategies
  • 13. In Summary…
    Communications is great!
    Don’t be fearful that your child has chosen this subject to study, be excited for all of the wonderful opportunities that await them!
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