The Effective Sales Executive


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The Effective Sales Executive

  1. 1. The Effective Sales Executive
  2. 2. What is Sales Executive’s Job Like those of other line executives, is to make decisions and see to it that others carry them out. They make plan but their plans cover rather short periods. Tehese plans are typically near to action.
  3. 3. What qualifications must salesexecutives have to makedecisions They require a base of experiental and other knowledge, this means “feel” for problems and solutions. They need keen awareness company, goals and products. They need to ability to conceptualize problems.
  5. 5. Position Guide – Sales ManagerReporting relationship: The sales manager reports to the vice president of marketing.Job objective: secure maximum volume of dollar sales through the effective development.Duties and responsibilities: the sales management is expected to be concerned with:
  6. 6. Sales Program The sales manager takes initiative in establishing sales goals and, in collaboration with other marketing executives, sets sales, profit, growth, market share, and other goals.
  7. 7. Organization The sales manager establishes an effective plan, and methods of controlling the activities of members of the sales organization.
  8. 8. Sales force management The sales manager identifies promising sources for the recruitment of new sales personnel and sets standarts for selection of the most promising recruits.
  9. 9. Internal and external relations The sales manager develops effective working relations with other department heads
  10. 10. Communications The sales manager establishes a system of communications with other sales personnel that keeps them informed of overall departmental sales objectives and problems.
  11. 11. Control The sales manager consult with the production manager so that production rates inventories are geared as closely as possible to sales needs.
  12. 12. Position Guide – District Sales Manager Reporting relationship: they report the sales manager. Job objectives: secure maximum dollar sales of company’s products in the sales district in accordance with established sales policies and sales programs Duties and responsibilities: the district sales manager is expected to be concerned with
  13. 13. Supervision of salespersonnel The district manager evaluates the sales opportunities in the district and assigns territories that have equitable work loads and that permit minimum travel costs.
  14. 14. Control This district sales manager forecasts short term sales of district and works with sales personnel in estimating future sales.
  15. 15. Administration The district sales manager is responsible for the efficient administration of the district office operations in accord with established policies and procedures.
  16. 16. Communications The district sales manager communications to the sales manager and top administration any information about customers and markets.
  17. 17. Performance criteria Unit sales are equal quantities budgeted The district total expences are no higher than the amounts budgeted.
  18. 18. Performance criteria The contribution of the district office and stock facilities is in line with plan The turnover rate of district sales personnel should be regarded as satisfactory by the sales manager
  19. 19. FUNCTIONS OF THE SALESEXECUTİVE Many sales executive’s previous performance as salespersons. Basically, sales executive has two sets of functions: operating and planning…
  20. 20. FUNCTIONS OF THE SALESEXECUTİVE The operating functions include sales force management, handling relationships with personnel, communicating and coordinating with the trade, executives.
  21. 21. FUNCTIONS OF THE SALESEXECUTİVE Planning function include those connected with the sales program, the sales organization, and its control
  22. 22. FUNCTIONS OF THE SALESEXECUTİVE Sales excecutives give to the operating and planning functions varies with 1) type of product, 2) the size of company, and 3) the type of supervisory organization…
  23. 23. QUALİTİES OF EFFECTIVESALES EXECUTIVES Five abilities common to effective sales executives can be identified;
  24. 24. QUALİTİES OF EFFECTIVESALES EXECUTIVES1. Ability to define the position’s exact functions and duties in relation to the goals the company should expect attain…
  25. 25. QUALİTİES OF EFFECTIVESALES EXECUTIVES2. Ability to select a train capable subordinades and willingness to delegate sufficient authority to enable them carry out assigned task with minimum supervision
  26. 26. QUALİTİES OF EFFECTIVESALES EXECUTIVES3. Ability to utilize time efficiently4. Ability yo allocate sufficient for thinking and planning5. Ability exercise skilled leadership
  27. 27. RELATIONS WITH TOPMANAGEMENT Effective sales executives keep top management informed on important decisions and the departmen’s plans and accomplishments.
  28. 28. RELATIONS WITH TOPMANAGEMENT Their reports ensure that top managment in broad outline the problems encountered in selling company’s products.
  29. 29. RELATIONS WITH TOPMANAGEMENT When the sales executives has a great idea, he must play role of supersalesperson and “sell” to those with the authority to decide.
  31. 31. Relation vith ProductManagement Their contact with the market through subordinates and sales personnel provide them with feedback about product performance.
  32. 32. Relations with PromotionManagement Sales personnel need briefing on specific advertising appeals enabling them to adapt their selling approaches in ways that enhance the total promotional impact
  33. 33. Relations with PromotionManagement The sales force should know which media are scheduled to carry ads. For which products and the timing ad’s appearance
  34. 34. Relation with PricingManagement Sales executives generally have much clearer ideas of prices final buyers are willing to pay…
  35. 35. Relation with PricingManagement Responsibility for administrating prices should be assigned to sales executive…
  36. 36. Relations with DistributionManagement İmpact of the distribution policies upon the sales organization and its activities, they are responsible for implementation of these policies
  37. 37. Compensation Pattern forSales Executives Top sales executives have compensation averaging 70 percent of those of top marketing executives in the same companies