Cool Tech Tools for ECE


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Training for FACS agents on uses of technology in ECE, for both teachers and young children

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Cool Tech Tools for ECE

  1. 1. …for the Tech-Savvy, TechnologyNovices, and Everyone in Between
  2. 2. Attitudes about technologyWhat makes technology useful in earlychildhood?Tips for using technology in earlychildhoodCautions and challenges withtechnologyCool tech tools and web resources
  3. 3. Technology is a part of our society.Children born today will be “digitalnatives.”Children see adults using technology.“Web 2.0” has changed our ways ofunderstanding the world.
  4. 4. Technology = change
  5. 5. The web is no longer just a source ofstatic information.Users expect to contribute to content.Content changes much more quickly.Collected knowledgeHow do we know what to trust? Image from
  6. 6. Images from 2010: Introduction of the iPad A “Game Changer” for ECE? Babies using iPads?• What do you think?
  7. 7. The “old” question: Should youngchildren use technology?The “new” question: When and howshould young children be introducedto technology?▫ How early is too early?▫ What’s developmentally appropriate in Preschool? Early elementary? Later elementary?
  8. 8. Familiar tool; part of child’s worldAuthentic way to explore new topicsChance to createWay to share creations and receivefeedbackSupports critical thinkingChance to work together
  9. 9. Can be a passive activitySometimes overusedDevelopmentally inappropriate usesUnequal access to tech toolsSafety concerns for children online
  10. 10. Many programs targeted at youngchildren are developmentallyinappropriate▫ Websites▫ Software▫ AppsFocus on drill and practiceRequire skills that children don’t haveNo active engagement
  11. 11. Decreases creativityReduces problem-solvingReduces children’s motivation to usethe computerIncreases frustrationRequires quick reaction timeNo way out
  12. 12. Always review websites thoroughlyWatch for similar addresses!Set limits on children’s online accessSupervise carefullyTeach children “safe surfing”
  13. 13. 1. Direct teaching with children2. Hands-on discovery learning3. Adult planning and collaboration4. Communication with families
  14. 14. Developmentally appropriateUsed only when it’s the best toolAvailable as just another learningmaterialUsed for exploration and discoveryA chance for collaborative learningAvailable to all childrenAdult-monitored!
  15. 15. Tablet computers (iPad, etc.)Smart phonesDigital camerasMusic players (ipods and others)Digital microscopesDigital whiteboardsSmart toys
  16. 16. Digital microscopeHand-held and wirelessChild-safeCan be used to examine almostanything image from bodelin.comImages synched to iPad as digitalphotos or videosCosts about $250
  17. 17. images from
  18. 18. Exploratory study of preschoolers’ use ofiPadsAreas of interest▫ Cooperation and social interaction▫ Science investigation▫ Communication and storytellingQuestions to address▫ How can we push children beyond “playing games”▫ How can we help children see iPads as multi- use tools?
  19. 19. Collaborative use of iPadsInitial exploration▫ Drawing▫ Photos▫ Playing gamesField trip photosResearching classroom questionsSmall group comparison activity
  20. 20. Photos taken by children using the iPadDue to size and weight of the iPad,using the camera app is acooperative activity
  21. 21. Teachers record research questionsChildren are encouraged to make inquiriesfor research. iPads are used to gather information. Teachers attempt to make use of visual literacy whenever possible.
  22. 22. Monkey vs. ApeGroup 1 Group 2
  23. 23. Some children are already familiar withiPadsMost children learn quickly to navigate theiPad interfaceChildren gravitate to games and see iPadsas “toys”Introducing other uses is more challengingParents are interested and have their ownideasNew partnerships are forming betweenchildren
  24. 24. Webcams and Online Conversations
  25. 25. Create a digital alphabet! Image from
  26. 26. Comic LifeHere’s a sample of whatyou can do with Comic Software package andLife in about 5 minutes! iPad App Quick way to share photos in a meaningful way Relatively inexpensive ($29.95)
  27. 27. StoryKit App foriPhone/iPadCan load photos or drawpicturesWriting or recordingstoriesStories can be shared withothers
  28. 28. Several different platformsChildren can contributePublic vs. private
  29. 29. 3 X 3 Links
  30. 30. Animating DrawingsAnimated Slideshows from PhotosCreating Artwork from Photos
  31. 31. VoiceThread Website and iPhone/iPad App Can narrate an image, series of images, or short video Other visitors can leave comments
  32. 32. Bookmark collectionAccessible from any computerCan be shared with othersCommunication tools▫ Commenting on links▫ Highlights and sticky notes▫ Discussion topic threadsOther social bookmarking sites includeDigg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit(and many others)
  33. 33. How can you use this information?▫ For yourself▫ In training▫ Working with child care providers▫ Working with children
  34. 34. Dr. Diane BalesCooperative ExtensionThe University of
  35. 35. Wimba will now open an instructor evaluationform in a separate web browser window.Thanks for taking a minute to evaluate me!If the window does not open correctly, pleasego to complete the survey.