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Cool Tech Tools  - Bales GAYC 2010

Cool Tech Tools - Bales GAYC 2010






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    Cool Tech Tools  - Bales GAYC 2010 Cool Tech Tools - Bales GAYC 2010 Presentation Transcript

    • Cool C l Technology Tools i h l l in Early Childhood …for the Tech-Savvy, Technology Novices, and Everyone in Between 1
    • Where We re Going We’re Attitudes about technology What makes technology useful in early childhood? Tips for using technology in early childhood hildh d Cautions and challenges with technology Cool tech tools and web resources 2
    • Attitudes about Technology in Early Childh d i E l Childhood Technology = change gy g 3
    • Technology in ECE? Benefits Challenges Authentic way to Passive activity explore new topics p p Unequal access to Chance to create tech tools Way to share Can be overused creations and Safety concerns receive feedback for c d e o o children online e Supports critical Easy access to thinking inappropriate pp p Chance to work content together 4
    • Problems with “Drill and Kill” “Drill Kill” Decreases creativity Reduces problem solving Reduces children’s motivation to use R d hild ’ i i computers Increases frustration Requires q q quick reaction time No way out 5
    • Four Uses of Technology 1. Teacher planning and collaboration T h l i d ll b ti 2. Communication with families 3. Direct teaching with children 4. 4 Hands on Hands-on discovery learning 6
    • The World is Changing… Technology is a part of our society society. Children born today will be “digital natives. natives ” Children see adults using technology. “Web 2.0” has changed our ways of understanding the world. 7
    • Web 2.0 The web is no longer just a source of static information. Users expect to contribute to content. Content changes much more quickly. C h h i kl Collected knowledge How do we know what to trust? Image from www.learnit2.com/tutorial%20018/index.html I f l it2 /t t i l%20018/i d ht l 8
    • The Web in Today s World Today’s 9
    • The “Computer Question” Is Changing Ch i The “old” question: Should young old children use computers? The “new” question: When and how new should young children be introduced to technology? gy How early is too early? What’s developmentally appropriate in Preschool? Early elementary? Later elementary? 10
    • Technology for young children should be… hild h ld b Developmentally appropriate Used only when it’s the best tool Available as just another learning material Used for exploration and discovery A chance for collaborative learning Available to ll hild A il bl t all children Adult-monitored! 11
    • Some Types of Technology Digital cameras Music players (ipods and others) Digital i Di i l microscopes Digital whiteboards Smart toys 12
    • Tech Example: The ProScope Digital USB microscope Hand-held and portable Child-safe Can be used to examine almost anything Images saved as digital photos or videos Costs about $250 13
    • The ProScope 14
    • Creative Tech Ideas Webcams and online conversations W b d li ti 15
    • Creative Tech Ideas Create a digital alphabet! C t di it l l h b t! Image from www.alphabetphotography.ca 16
    • Creative Tech Ideas Comic Life Here’s a sample of what you can do with Comic Software package p g Life in about 5 minutes! Quick way to share photos in a meaningful way Relatively inexpensive ($29.95) www.plasq.com 17
    • Cool Tools on the Web Photo Sharing 18
    • Cool Tools on the Web Storybook Creation 19
    • Cool Tools on the Web Blogs 20
    • Cool Tools on the Web Home Page Setup (3 X 3 Links) H P S t Li k ) 21
    • Cool Tools on the Web Animating Drawings Animated Slideshows from Photos Creating Artwork from Photos 22
    • Wordle 23
    • Cool Tools on the Web Collaborative Document Creation 24
    • Cool Tools on the Web Image Sharing and Commenting 25
    • Cool Tools on the Web Social Bookmarking Bookmark collection Accessible f A ibl from any computer Can be shared with others Communication tools Commenting on links Highlights and sticky notes Discussion topic threads 26
    • Keeping Children Safer Online O li Always review websites thoroughly Watch for similar addresses! Set limits on children’s online access Supervise carefully Teach children “ f surfing” T h hild “safe fi ” 27
    • Questions? Dr. Diane B l D Di Bales Cooperative Extension The University of Georgia dbales@uga.edu g 28