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Tropical rain forest biome Ashok Yadav
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Tropical rain forest biome Ashok Yadav



A class presentation on tropical rain forest biome.

A class presentation on tropical rain forest biome.



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Tropical rain forest biome Ashok Yadav Tropical rain forest biome Ashok Yadav Presentation Transcript

  • TROPICAL RAIN FOREST BIOME Presented by : Ashok Yadav GGIC, M. Sc. Env. Science http://www.goldengate.edu.np/ 2068/07/20 1
  • Overview • Distributed near equator • Covers 2% of earth’s land surface • Comprises about 50% - 80% of total terrestrial species • Uniform warm temperature and high humidity • Heavy rainfall almost through out the year • Sunlight and nutrients are limiting factors 2
  • Global distribution 3
  • Location 4 Amazon and Orinoco Basins in South America and the Central American Isthmus Congo, Niger and Zambezi Basins of Central and Western Africa, and Madagascar; AND The Indo-Malay, Borneo and New Guinea Regions
  • Climatic conditions & Topography • Rainfall: 200cm to 225cm a year round • Temperature: ranges between 20 and 29 degrees Celsius ( 68 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit) • High humidity • Soil: exceedingly thick, acidic and low in nutrient content 5
  • Vegetation Highly stratified with trees forming mainly 5 layers: 1)Scattered, 50-60m tall emergent trees having shallow roots and buttresses 2)Canopy layer of 25-35m tall tree 3)Lower tree understory of 15-24m high trees developing into canopy openings at banks of river and streams 6
  • Contd… 4) Poorly developed shrubs and young trees in deep shade 5) Little vegetation with broad leaves at ground level; Abundance of lianas, vines, ferns, tree ferns, epiphytes and others 7
  • Some vegetation found in Tropical Rain Forest Bougainvillea Rafflesia Curare Durian Kapok Tree Mangrove Forests Tualang Bamboo Strangler figs Jambu 8
  • Animals • Insects make up the largest group • Home to some of the most beautiful birds, Example - Over 300 different species of parrots alone mostly residing on or in the canopies of trees 9
  • Some animals found in Tropical Rain Forest • African Forest Elephant • Chimpanzee • Dawn Bat • Golden Lion Tamarin • Harpy Eagle • Jambu Fruit Dove • King Cobra • Linn’s Sloth • Orangutan • Proboscis Monkey • Silvery Gibbon • Slender Loris • Sumatran Rhinoceros • Toco Toucan • Vampire Bat 10
  • Some of tropical rainforest biome 11
  • Other Information • Contains the most diversity of species than any other biome • Produce about 40% of Earth’s oxygen. • More kinds of different trees than any other biome. • About one quarter of the medicines used today come from rainforest plants. 12
  • Works Cited • “tropical rainforest.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 2009. Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition. 20 Oct. 2009 • http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/rnfrst_animal_page.htm • http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/rnfrst_plant_page.htm • http://www.geocities.com/miguel_forjan/venezuela2004/Miguel_more_trop • http://www.molon.de/galleries/Malaysia/Sarawak/Semenggoh/image s01/02%20Tropical%20rainforest.jpg • http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2087/2238256419_66bf0f0846.jpg • http://michael07.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/rainforest_location_m ap0011.gif • http://www.samuseum.sa.gov.au/water/images/darutemp.gif • http://www.sciencedaily.com/images/2008/12/081209125830- large.jpg 13
  • Thank You! 14