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Compilation of my work during my studies at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

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Meghan Fuller Portfolio

  2. 2. Meghan Fuller795 SW 83rd AvePortland, OR 97225September 26, 2012To Whom It May Concern:My name is Meghan Fuller, and I am a recent graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design andMerchandising. I have spent the last year completing the Professional Designation MerchandiseMarketing program. I am actively interested in pursuing a career in the areas of buying,merchandising and allocation, customer relationship management, and brand management. I amnow at a point in my career where I would like to contribute to the growth of business, but froma corporate level. Through my education and experience with FIDM I have developed a new setof hard skills, and expanded my network of contacts. FIDM and its many opportunities havetaught me to be goal-oriented, self-directed, resourceful and energetic. I look forward to theopportunity to apply these attributes and excel in the demands of the retail industry.My previous successes in the festival and event management industry and my experience in retailprovide me with the skill set necessary for positions in the Merchandise Marketing career paths.Having worked in the event industry for over five years I have become accustomed to working ina challenging, fast paced environment. I have learned that this environment requires extra effortsto see a project to completion, and that time management is key. As a result of those lessons, Ihave successfully been able to balance my work in the festival and event industry with schooland other full time work. My participation, as a sales associate, specialist, vendor, manager, andstudent, have enabled me to appreciate the many aspects of a business, and in turn allows me thecapability to more effectively understand and relate to the needs of each party. I would begrateful for an opportunity to bring my experience and dedication to the retail industry.Thank you for taking the time to review my Portfolio. If you have any further questionsregarding my resume or portfolio, please feel free to contact me by phone or via e-mail.Sincerely, /l%t*,t"{ufureMeghan FullerEnc.
  3. 3. MEGHAN FULLER 795 SW 83rd Ave • Portland, OR 97225 • (503) 381-2007 • meghanrosefuller@gmail.comPROFILEHighly motivated professional with nine years of experience in the festival and event management industry, and fouryears of sales experience in the luxury retail industry. Strong planning and coordination skills paired with keen ability tosolve problems in fast-paced environments. Excellent communication skills, effective follow-through, and provencommitment to providing positive customer and client service.EDUCATIONAssociate of Arts, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, San Francisco, CA September 2012Professional Designation program, Merchandise Marketing concentration, Cumulative GPA: 4.0Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR September 2006Sports Business and Marketing concentration, Charles H. Lundquist College of BusinessLa Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, July – December 2005EXPERIENCEIce Cream Booth General Manager, The Waterfront Blues Festival, Portland, OR Summers 2003 – Present• Manage two high volume ice cream booths over four day time period• Fundraise for the Oregon Food Bank, raising net donations of $90,000 over nine years• Hire and train 20 employees each year by teaching set up, operations, and break down duties• Secure Health and Food Handlers Permits at the Multnomah County Health Department• Establish and manage a budget of $30,000• Order and obtain $15,000 worth of supplies by working with outside suppliers and distributorsSales Consultant, BCBG Maxazria Specialist, Saks Fifth Avenue, Portland, OR September 2006 – July 2010• Meet individual monthly sales goal of $30,000• Design visual displays and merchandise floor to increase sales for selected products• Monitor sales of products to identify top selling merchandise from poor performers• Submit monthly sales reports to vendor• Educate sales associates on product line through seasonal seminars to improve selling strategies• Build personal client book through appointment selling• Respond to customer complaints in an efficient manner and involved management as neededWine Judging Assistant, The Oregon State Fair, Salem, OR June 2006 – September 2006• Organized over 300 amateur and professional wine submissions for wine competition and tasting event• Collaborated with the OSF Sponsorship Coordinator to develop a sponsorship packet for the OSF Wine Department• Prepared competition results for press release and updated wine awards booklet• Met and established a strong working relationship with the Oregon Wine Board• Assisted wineries and caterers during wine awards celebration for move-in, event hours, and clean upMarketing Intern, The Portland Rose Festival Foundation, Portland, OR March 2005 – June 2005• Coordinated and managed merchandise sales at all PRFF sanctioned events• Designed spreadsheet to accurately track sales and inventory of merchandise• Planned members-only VIP Cruise for 350 guests on the Portland Spirit• Designed invitations, ordered decorations and collaborated with the Portland Sprit staff on activities• Filled souvenir pin board orders with retailers in the Portland metropolitan area• Organized and delivered benefits package for membership and sponsorsACTIVITIES• Premier Marketing Group, Fashion Institue of Design and Merchandising, Member, January 2012 - Present• Chi Omega National Sorority, Psi Alpha Chapter, University of Oregon, Personnel Chair & Member, October 2002 - Present• Festival & Event Management Workshop and Certificate Program, University of Oregon, October 2002 – May 2006SKILLS Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Adobe InDesign
  4. 4. Executive Summary The following portfolio highlights the key areas ofstudy, with the learning outcomes and skills I havedeveloped as a result of my education. Each subject matterwas properly learned through classroom lectures andcompletion of projects. Presented are highlights, excerpts,and samples from key projects that facilitated myunderstanding of the following subject matters:—  Buying Strategies—  Branding Strategies—  The Retail Environment & Merchandising Strategies—  Trend Forecasting My participation in Internship Opportunitiesenhanced my education, and contributed to the overalldevelopment of my own personal Best Practices.Projects in their entirety and in original or digital formatare available upon request. 4
  5. 5. Table Of Contents1. Buying Strategies………………………………………………. 6 •  Outcomes and Skills…………………………………………………………. 7 •  Niketown Women’s Running Apparel Department Analysis •  and considerations: •  Power Point Presentation………………………………………….. 7 •  Market Trend Analysis & Considerations……………………. 10 •  Sample Excel Spreadsheets……………………………………….. 12 •  Sample Purchase Order…………………………………………….. 142. Branding Strategies……………………………................. 15 •  Outcomes and Skills…………………………………………………………. 16 •  Case Study: TOMS Brand Audit and Review……………………….. 163. The Retail Environment & Merchandising Strategies………………………………………………………. 19 •  Outcomes and Skills………………………………………………………… 20 •  Case Study: The GAP……........................................................... 204. Trend Forecasting……………………………................... 23 •  Outcomes and Skills………………………………………………………… 24 •  Trend Board……………………………………………………………………. 24 •  Trend Board Layouts……………………………………………………….. 25 •  Business Proposal & Target Market Research…………………….. 285. Internship…………………………………………….............. 306. Best Practices…………………………………………………… 32 5
  6. 6. Buying Strategies The fundamentals of retail math were learned throughactivities where mathematical applications were applied to retailsituations. A complete seasonal merchandising plan incorporating acustomer profile, assortment plan, financial plan, and a grossmargin projection, were developed. Evaluation of sales, profitabilityperformance, and management, were achieved through applicationof computer generated reports, where the buying experience wassimulated. Profit maximization techniques, vendor negotiations,purchasing terms, discounts, and open to buy management werealso learned. KEY PROJECT Niketown Women’s Running Apparel Department Analysis and ConsiderationsFeatured:§  Power Point Presentation§  Market Trend Analysis and Considerations§  Sample from Excel workbook: 6 Month Sales Plan, Assortment Plan, and Open to Buy Analysis§  Sample Purchase Order 6
  7. 7. Power Point Presentation Outcomes & Skills•  Analyze demographic and psychographic data to develop a comprehensive customer analysis•  Demonstrate strong research skills through the analysis of current business and market trends by identifying threats and opportunities to the NIKETOWN SAN FRANCISCO business Women’s Running Apparel Department Analysis Presented By Meghan Fuller•  Develop analytical skills by formulating a 6-month merchandise financial plan•  Complete an assortment plan based upon the financial plan “ *IF YOU HAVE A BODY, YOU ARE AN ATHLETE ” – Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike and department analysis•  Evaluate the impact of planning decisions by completing a detailed !  NIKE, Inc. is the worlds leading innovator, operating statement for marketer, and distributor of authentic athletic designated planning period footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories.•  Calculate Open to Buy, Gross Margin Return on Inventory, Cash Discounts, and complete a purchase order•  Calculate closing book inventory and determine overage/shortages 7
  8. 8. Market Segment Analysis Women’s Running Apparel The Hardcore Athlete: Becky The Trendsetter: Alexandria Gender: Female Gender: Female NIKETOWN: the companys Age: 28 to 38 Age: 30 to 40 premiere retail space for Income (Individual): $45,000 to $55,000/ Income (Individual): $50,000 to $65,000/ year year showcasing innovative products Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher and deepening Nikes connection to consumers. NIKETOWN San Francisco The Young Mother: Kate The Baby Boomer: Peggy 278 Post St Gender: Female Gender: Female San Francisco, CA 9410 Age: 32 to 45 Age: 50 to 60 Income (Household): $150,000 to Income (Household): $100,000 to Department: Women’s Running Apparel $200,000/ year $150,000/ year Education: Bachelor’s degree Education: Bachelor’s degreeS.W.O.T. Analysis Merchandise MixBrand, Store, & Department Women’s Running Apparel STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES•  Market power: ability to drive innovation •  Collaborations have not trended into the at every level - brand, product, retail, area of “designer” collaborations operations, events, and communication. •  Negative press concerning supply Chain•  Consumer engagement issues•  Skilled at taking digital technology and •  Moderate inventory turnover pace Jackets/Hoodies Tops Pants Shorts Tank Tops advancing it – NIKE+ platform $55.00 - $95.00 $30.00 - $60.00 $55.00 - $75.00 $30.00 - $55.00 $30.00 - $55.00 Merchandise mix modifications include: OPPORTUNITIES THREATS !  Color: respond to trends through added color options, while•  Runway fashions are incorporating •  Adidas Originals has teamed up with the retailer Opening Ceremony for a maintaining balance with neutrals in key product SKU’s athletic influences into their designs•  Fitness communities are growing, as capsule collection influenced by the !  Size: Increase in smaller sizes, with wardrobing and styling issue traditional means of exercise are London Olympics for Fall/Winter 2012 considerations evolving, changing the consumers •  Competition growing as fast fashion !  Allocation: Increase in Tank Top classification to balance out the mindset retailers are broadening assortment mix styles among the assortment mix with activewear 8
  9. 9. Six Month Sales Plan!"#$%&()*&+,#-&!! !! ./0& !! 1,2& !! 345& !! 678& !! 9,4& !! :#$& !! !! !! 75#"& .45/#"&;#-<=7>$*& Private Label Program"#$%!&()*!+),-! !./01%2!! !./03%4!! !./56%/!! !.401%5!! !./47%2!! !./27%6!! !.08959%6!! .! :! Women’s Running Apparel+;+!<=>! 1%2! 5%2! 9%6! 4%1! 9%/! 1%1!!! !.9/%3!! 09%2:!+=?#@! !.45%6!! !.94%1!! !.5/%3!! !.37%0!! !.51%0!! !.40%4!! !.421%3!! 1#",*&?(#$0,&@&+=?#@!:!;)=?! 00%7:! 09%/:! 07%/:! /3%9:! 03%4:! 02%/:! 022%2:! 1%5:! The Private Label Collection is a clothing line that will support the&=A-BC(@! !.05%7!! !.7%0!! !.4%1!! !.4%/!! !.00%0!! !./%0!! !.9/%3!! .8,-#0,&1574<&&=A-BC(@!:!;)=?! 41%1:! 01%7:! 3%5:! 7%5:! /5%6:! 5%2:! 022%2:!DEF! ! demands of everyday life by seamlessly blending the worlds ofDGA,*=@#@! !.54%6!! !.60%1!! !.004%7!! !.02%3!! !.43%0!! !.91%4!! !.459%9!! !./46%9!! !! sport and fashion. By pairing performance and design, both styleH(B!&()*!+),-! !./03%4!! !./56%/!! !.401%5!! !./47%2!! !./27%6!! !.//2%3!! !! /-$78,-& !!!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! DEF! ! and comfort will be emphasized.IG)GA#!+=?#@! A,B& & && !! !! !! !! 0%4!!!!! !.9/%27!!!! && !! !! !! !! !! !! The primary objectives this program will achieve are:+;+!<=>! 5%/!!! && !! !! !! !! ;#-</2&@& !! !  To stimulate sales growth across the Women’s divisions Planned increase of 6.5% for Fall 2012 as a result of current business trends and !  Compliment and expand current assortment mix market trend analysis. !  Engage loyal consumers, and cultivate new customers !  ECONOMIC: Easier lending standards expanding consumer credit, !  Participate with current trends and fashions unemployment levels at their lowest in three years, and a positive consumer !  Offer products at a competitive price confidence index !  SOCIAL: Launch of NikeFuel Band in response to growing interest of health and "  The line will launch Fall 2012. Receipts will arrive August 2012, with a second wellness among consumers delivery in October 2012. !  PROMOTIONAL: New contract with the NFL- season kickoff September 2012 Private Label Program Private Label Program Sample Line Sheet Sample Color & Fabric Swatches Niketown, Powell St. Fall 2012 Private Label Merchandise Assortment ()*+,-./0,0123)4156.(7)869-:.;01.3),,.<$.!15=)8-.")4-,.>::018*-?8 August/October Delivery August/October Delivery (8M,-.N !"#%%$ !"#%$ !"#% !"#%& !"#!$ /0,01.N >CDI$< >CDI$< FGHI$< FJKI KJH$< @>A$ >CFDI$< >CFDI$< FG!EI K>(!$< !BC$ Description Style Cost Retail Description Style Cost Retail Vest Tank PL-TT1 $6.30 $18.00 Jogger Pant PL-P1 $12.25 $18.00 GFKG$< >C!I >C!I FK>(!$< D"E August/October Delivery August/October Delivery October Delivery >CFI >CFI F@L"%$< D"E$< FDI$< Description Style Cost Retail Description Style Cost Retail Description Style Cost Retail Couture Tee PL-T1 $9.10 $26.00 Fabric Top PL-T2 $9.80 $28.00 Draped Top PL-T3 $9.80 $28.00 Store Promotions Promotion Women’s Running Apparel Objectives !  Measure in-store traffic !  The promotional coupon will be NIKETOWN invites !  Promote specific distributed through all race NWM2012 runners to enjoy participants registration packets merchandise to improve 20% off your purchase of all !  Select merchandise will be on Class % to Total Department: October sell through Women’s regular priced display and available for Jackets and Hoodies, and purchase at the Expotique !  Engage and reward loyal 15% off your purchase October 11th - October 13th 25.00% NIKETOWN SF Jacket/Hoodies storewide. Offer valid in !  45 Additional coupons will be customers who are not Tops store and online October 11, awarded to @NikeSF twitter Pants 2012 to October 31, 2012. followers who participate in Shorts Tank Tops participating in the race twitter feed “re-tweet and win” contest, scheduled for October 11th, 12th, and 13th 9
  10. 10. Market Trend Analysis and Considerations Niketown SF Women’s Running Apparel Department Analysis & Considerations By Meghan Fuller 2. Psychographic Analysis: Population In order to complete an in depth understanding of the San Francisco County, California population, information concerning how the population lives, how they spend their time and money, what activities they pursue, and their attitudes1. Demographic Analysis: Population and opinions about the world they live in needs to be collected. These variables will further aid in the development of how to properly serve the Niketown Women’s Running Apparel customer. Niketown is located in San Francisco, CA and serves the San Francisco County population. In order to better serve theNiketown Women’s Running Apparel customer base and maximize profits, a complete and thorough understanding of the Using the San Francisco County, CA population can be further analyzed and described as follows:geographic region and its population needs to be completed. The information for the San Francisco County population =3&3#-"63$F3))$F(830.$-*$demographics was compiled using information from the US Census Bureau, and is described in Table 1.1. =3&3#-"63$7*&3$F(830.$-*$="&-((D"-3$ ="&-((D"-3$(#$-@"#$-@3$E3:"(#(#6$ F(13)-.03$G(-03$ (#$-@"#$-@3$E3:"(#(#6$H!$=*D,0"-(*#$ H!$=*D,0"-(*#$Table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`"==*+=^L)++*+=& G.7& & KG--/---&"L&3"L4& 26/,.-& HH527& Wa4LJ*B4&M*R4&"L&9"L4&#*94B&$&[44O& GG7& & 34;*$+&@")B4A"%;&I+J"94&& K6H/60.&& && T"&]*JDJ%*+=& H,7& & 34;*$+&I+J"94&M"L&849$%4/&8)%%&!*94&N"LO4L& K.G/,-0&& && W+`"D&4+#4L#$*+*+=&(4"(%4&$#&A"94& HH7& & B4,"-(*#$ 7"&83-$9#1*&:"-(*#$ ;,:<3&$ =3&3#-"63$ The psychographic analysis indicated the San Francisco County population is a liberal group, interested in the arts "()%$#*"+&G.&P4$LB&$+;&QR4L& 1G-/-H-& && and culture. They like to “stand out in a crowd”, and be noticed. They shop from specialty stores and appreciate a high @*=A&SJA""%&TL$;)$#4& ,,/-H:& H05G7& level of employee knowledge in those stores. The population is concerned with style and fashion, and prefers U$JA4%"LVB&C4=L44& H:0/.H-& 2H507& designer/brand labels. They budget for designer items, and as indicated by the income levels the population can support TL$;)$#4&"L&L"M4BB*"+$%&C4=L44& HG-/6:G& H:5.7& high-end retailers. This population is more likely to be the first among their friends and social groups to try new styles, C,D"-(*#$ essentially making them “trend setters”. They lead active lifestyles, and incorporate various sport and leisure activities 7"&83-$9#1*&:"-(*#$ ;,:<3&$ =3&3#-"63$ into their routines. The combination of sport related activities and the fact that they are more likely to snack on healthy W9(%"D4;&"()%$#*"+&H1&P4$LB&$+;&QR4L& 001/11.& && foods where nutritional value is essential, suggests they are a health conscious society. 3$+$=494+#/&U)B*+4BB/&SJ*4+J4/&$+;&<L#B&QJJ)($#*"+B& GH:/0H.& 0:5H7& According to the top 3 lifestyle groups among the San Francisco County, California population can S4LR*J4&QJJ)($#*"+B& 6,/:6,& H6567& be classified and described as: S$%4B&$+;&QMM*J4&QJJ)($#*"+B& H-2/-,:& G25H7& • Money and Brains: Age 45 – 64, homeowners, married with children. They possess a graduate degree, and are X$#)L$%&>4B")LJ4B/&Y"+B#L)J#*"+/&$+;&3$*+#4+$+J4&QJJ)($#*"+B& H6/1G6& 25:7& employed at a management level. This group can be described as wealthy with sophisticated tastes, and they live in L";)J#*"+/&!L$+B("L#$#*"+/&$+;&3$#4L*$%&3"R*+=&QJJ)($#*"+B& G6/..1& 15G7& fashionable homes on small manicured lots. E"3$ • Young Digerati: Age 25 – 44, renters and owners, with a varied family mix. They possess a graduate degree, and are 7"&83-$9#1*&:"-(*#$ ;,:<3&$ =3&3#-"63$ tech-savvy. This group is attracted to trendy neighborhoods with restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. This group is !"#$%&"()%$#*"+& ,-./012& && affluent and ethnically diverse. NA*#4& 0H0/.G0& .H5.7& • Bohemian Mix: Age 55 or younger, primarily renters. They are a progressive mix of young singles, couples, and U%$JO&"L&<ML*J$+&<94L*J$& 0:/20:& 15H7& families. They lead liberal lifestyles and are early adopters who are quick to check out the latest movies, nightclubs, <B*$+& G1:/-.-& 22507& laptops, or microbrews. This group is ethnically diverse, with college degrees.3. Segment Analysis 4. Merchandise Mix ModificationsCustomer segments shopping in the Women’s Running Apparel Department, based on the demographic and Niketown is associated with delivering quality, high performing, specialty products; all attributes the San Franciscopsychographic research of the San Francisco County, California population, can be identified and defined into four main County population is looking for. The modifications in the merchandise mix primarily need to be in the areas of size,segments. color, and price. The healthy lifestyle, high activity level, and race mixture of the demographic suggest and support the allocation of smaller sizes. The vibrant attitude and demand for style and trends are indicative of inclusion of a color1. The Hardcore Athlete: Becky assortment beyond the standard black and white. Also, the economic characteristics of the population show that they areGender: Female less price sensitive and their budget allows for brand name clothing.Age: 28 to 38Income (Individual): $45,000 to $55,000/ year Class 1: Jackets and HoodiesEducation: Bachelor’s degree or higher First, I would increase the class total by 5% to adjust to the seasonal demand for warmer, layering pieces common withLifestyle: The Hardcore Athlete eats, sleeps, and trains. Exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are highly important. the transition into Fall. Jackets and Hoodies in the $85.00 price range will be increased to 20%, reducing merchandise atShe participates in sports at a competitive level. She is often training for a marathon or triathlon. When she is not training, the $55.00 price point to 10%. This change is made for two reasons: heavier, more expensive materials are used for theshe still incorporates sport related activities into her lifestyle (commutes via bicycle, walks the dog, goes hiking). Her Fall merchandise, and the higher price point is still in our target customer’s budget. To maintain color trends throughoutschedule as a nurse allows for flexible hours to accommodate her busy lifestyle. She looks for performance and durability the department, an increase in the Red tones will be added, and the lighter colors (White) will be reduced. A change in thein her apparel, and needs her clothing to be functional and versatile. She will invest in key pieces, and is budget conscious size mix is minor but will be necessary to adjust for the way the styles are worn for fall (layered). An increase in sizewith respect to other purchases. Small, with a decrease in size Extra Small will still provide enough sizes for the petite/fit frame of our client, while also addressing the styling issues.2. The Trendsetter: AlexandriaGender: Female Class 2: TopsAge: 30 to 40 Tops will still remain the highest percentage of merchandise in the department, but with a slight reduction of 5%. TheIncome (Individual): $50,000 to $65,000/ year decrease is necessary to improve other classes, and to continue to provide our client with the most complete wardrobe. NoEducation: Bachelor’s degree or higher adjustment needs to be made concerning price. Allocation is appropriate, as the higher price point is associated with theLifestyle: The Trendsetter appreciates style, and wants to look fashionable even at her most casual. The Trendsetter long sleeve and mock zip performance shirts, all of which are suitable for Fall. Also, reduction in the tops in the $30.00prefers brand names, and likes the associations about identity made with regard to wearing such labels. She leads an active price range would be a poor decision as our customers like to layer and wear our clothes to the gym indoors where longlifestyle, where she balances both work and social activities. She works in Public Relations. When she is not working and sleeve styles are not comfortable. The San Francisco County population appreciates color and style; therefore maintainingentertaining clients, she likes to spend the weekends with her girlfriends. Her workout routines include weekly yoga the vibrant color assortment is essential. Orange will be a dominate color in the Tops classification, outnumbering theclasses, or long runs in the Marina. She is more concerned with style and fit than overall performance. The Trendsetter is previous seasons Red tones, therefore to reflect the change the class color will be changed to Orange from Red. Also, aless-price sensitive, but is still conscious due to the economic climate. reduction in White tones will reflect the change in season.3. The Young Mother: Kate Class 3: PantsGender: Female I will maintain the class percentage at 15%. The shift in this class will mainly be made in the price range. The full lengthAge: 32 to 45 and thermal pants, in the higher price range, represent the increase in merchandise at the $75.00 price point. The decreaseIncome (Household): $150,000 to $200,000/ year in the $55.00 price range reflects the decrease in capri styles, not as popular for the Fall season. To account for better sellEducation: Bachelor’s degree through, allocation to small sizes needs to be made, reducing the assortment in size Extra Large. Black has always beenLifestyle: The Young Mother is a stay at home mom. Her day is spent taking the kids to the park or on play dates, and the highest selling color for Pants, so it will stay at 50%. Pants in the Yellow classification will be introduced to match thecompleting other various household chores. Her weekend routine involves meeting girlfriends for coffee and walking, or collections in the department and serve the style/trend conscious consumer in the area.going to pilates class. She shops at Whole Foods Market, and prefers organic products. She prefers designer clothes andher budget allows her to buy them. Price is not an issue. She looks for style and function, as she is often on the go. She Class 4: Shortstakes fashion cues from magazines and the women in her social groups. She will update her wardrobe seasonally to Shorts will only be decreased by 5%. Even though we are transitioning into Fall, this style still remains at the basis ofincorporate new trends. Her family travels to Palm Springs for long weekend getaways, and takes at least one major every consumer’s workout wardrobe. An increase in the higher price range will be made because not only are shortsvacation a year. always in demand, but the sell through at a higher price point will improve profits, and we know from research our consumers budget will allow for this change. Size allocation is appropriate. All color pallets are represented and minor4. The Baby Boomer: Peggy changes were made based on season, trends, and how merchandise could be paired through each classification.Gender: FemaleAge: 50 to 60 Class 5: Tank TopsIncome (Household): $100,000 to $150,000/ year Despite the movement towards more fall merchandise throughout the department, an increase in Tank Tops should beEducation: Bachelor’s degree made because of consumer demand. Our customer leads an active lifestyle, and likes to layer their apparel. The sportLifestyle: The Baby Boomer is entering into retirement and is working less. She now has more time to participate in performance tanks compliment the Jackets and Hoodies, and they are appropriate for the many activities our customer ishobbies and pursue new activities. She is active in her community and is a member of the San Francisco Museum of participating in (yoga, pilates, running). To test to see if the department would benefit from an increase in thisModern Art. She enjoys travel, and is in the process of planning travel excursions to South America and Europe. Her classification, 5% will be a safe addition. More specifically, the sport tanks in the $55.00 price range will be introduced.husband also leads and active lifestyle, where sports and leisure are equally important. Together they play golf and tennis, Adding a neutral color, and a burst of color with this seasons popular Orange tones will best serve the style needs of theand in the winter they go cross-country skiing. Style, function, and durability are all important purchasing considerations. target market in this classification.Versatility will become increasingly more important as she begins to travel. She will invest in core pieces, and add on newstyles seasonally to update the basics. Price is not an issue, as long as it translates to quality. 10
  11. 11. 5. Market Trend Analysis: Nike Women’s Running Apparel Fall 2012 Social Trends WGSN (5 Key Consumer Spending Trends for 2011, Dec. 28, 2010) reports key trends in consumer spending with Factors Opportunities Threats “commsumption” and Co-created Own Brands (COBs) as trend areas. In addition, American Express Spending andCompany Sales 1.5% Savings Tracker reports that 76% of consumers will spend more on health/fitness this year, up 6% from 2011Economic Trends 1.5% (, Jan. 12, 2012). Consumers are consuming as communities, as a result of the rise in onlinePolitical Factors 1.0% -0.5% shopping and social networking. Also, consumers have the desire for personalization and the opportunity to co-create withSocial Trends 0.5% brands. NIKE is active in both areas, as they were innovators in personal customization with NIKE-ID, and continue toCompetition 2.0% -1.0% develop a connection with the consumer through levels beyond the product (online Facebook communities, NIKE+, NTCPromotional Plans 1.0%Fashion Trends 0.5% app). As more consumers begin to apply these trends, NIKE has an opportunity to capture this newly engaged market and Total 8.0% -1.5% push them through the company’s brands. There is an opportunity for customers to recognize NIKE as an innovator in this Net Increase/Decrease 6.5% area, since they had an early presence in these trends, further emphasizing their authenticity and credibility. WGSN also found that consumers are demanding and using mobile health applications on smartphones. They predict that by 2015Current Sales around 500 million consumers will use health-related mobile applications. This indicates a growing concern for the NIKE, Inc. is the worlds leading innovator in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories. inclusion of health and wellness, which will influence consumers to add exercise and lead an active lifestyle, which in turnNIKE, Inc. revenue was up 10% to a record $20.9 billion for fiscal year 2011. A strong second quarter was a result of will benefit the NIKE brand. In addition to their catalogue of health inspired app’s, NIKE unveiled the NikeFuelgrowth in every geography, except Japan, and in all key categories except Action Sports (NIKE, Inc. Second Quarter measurement wristband on January 19, 2012, with limited sales beginning February 22, 2012. MarketWatch reported thatIncome Statement Review). The combined NIKE, Inc. portfolio proves to be a powerful tool in generating growth. this wristband will change the way people view physical activities, and allow them to upload and connect to the internet,Moving forward in a volatile global economy, leveraging the strengths of the portfolio will be essential in the ability to Facebook, and other online communities. Because NIKE has already been responsive to early consumer interest in mobilemanage risk. applications, this launch moves them into another level further developing the 24/7 relationship with the consumer. TheThe positive trend in growth should continue as a result of future activities, but with many unknown variables in this growing interest of health among consumers will benefit the industry, and the launch of NikeFuel contributes to mychallenging economy, I estimate growth, due to sales alone, to be at 1.5%. estimated 0.5% opportunity. 2011 2010 Percent ChangeAnnual Revenue (mill) $20,886 $19,014 10% CompetitionQuarter 2 Revenue (mill) $5,731 $4,842 18% *Fiscal Year-End: May The 2012 Summer Olympics will be held in London. This monumental event is an opportunity for top sports brands in the industry to showcase their connection to sport and according to WWD big brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma, areEconomic Trends confident their marketing spends will translate into healthy sales. The industry and direct competition will all be using this The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 0.9% decrease in the national jobless rate, from November 2011 to as an opportunity to market to consumers making it a competitive event and potential threat, however the overall tone ofDecember 2011. The US unemployment rate currently stands at 8.5%, with California at 11.1%. Although California is the games, what it represents, and the inspiring spotlight it places on the industry allow me to confidently estimate a 1.5%above the national average, the unemployment rate has seen a 1.4% decrease from December 2010 to December 2011. opportunity.The San Francisco jobless rate fell to 7.6%, which is below the national average, and is considerably less than the rest of Stylesight announced Adidas Originals has teamed up with the retailer Opening Ceremony for a capsule collectionthe state. The National Retail Federation forecasts a retail industry sales growth of 3.4% in 2012. Growth is derived from influenced by the London Olympics for Fall/Winter 2012. The growing trend in designer collaborations and theconsumer credit, employment, and consumer confidence factors. With easier lending standards expanding consumer customers’ responsiveness to this strategy present a possible threat, as this collaboration has the potential to cross overcredit, unemployment levels at their lowest in three years, and a positive consumer confidence index, I estimate a 1.0% into current market segments. This presents a 1.0% threat.opportunity for Fall 2012. Lululemon, located a few blocks from NIKEtown SF, is a close competitor. Recent scandal and controversy in their From a global perspective, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) reports that the European debt crisis will continue to weigh company among employees and products has sparked bad PR for the company, as reported by the Huffington Post in aon the global markets for 2012, and if there is no resolution soon, Greece, Italy, and Spain will face a tough year for November 9, 2011 article. This presents an opportunity to capture their customer. I estimate a 0.5% opportunity.consumer spending, threating a shut down of Europe’s retail business (WWD, 12 for ‘12: The Year’s Hottest Topics, Jan.9, 2012). However, in Quarter 2, NIKE, Inc. reported an increase in revenues in Western Europe of 2% on a currency- Promotional Plansneutral basis, and Central and Eastern Europe revenues grew 19% on a currency-neutral basis. Positive sales results Reebok’s contract with the NFL is ending after 12 years, and NIKE is taking over the reigns to provide new technologyabroad during economic hardship indicate further opportunity for growth for the company. I estimate this to be a 0.5% in the design and performance of the NFL’s jerseys. The New York Times reported that “nearly half of the NFL’s incomeopportunity. from licensed goods comes from apparel and headwear.” According to the NFL schedule, kickoff to the 2012 season is September 6, 2012. The added publicity and chance to showcase the performance and durability of NIKE goods presents aPolitical Factors 0.5% opportunity. With an election on the horizon, a heated political atmosphere in Washington D.C. translates into an uneasy The 9th NIKE Women’s Marathon will take place October 14, 2012. NIKE registration information reported a sold outenvironment. According to WWD, the 2012 presidential race will be particularly concerned with unemployment and race for 2011 with approximately 22,500 participants. The growing popularity of the event, and demand for race entrieshealth care, and other issues facing retailers and the industry (trade and sourcing legislation) will go unanswered (WWD, has increased significantly over the years and presents an opportunity to connect directly with the bay area customer.12 for ‘12: The Year’s Hottest Topics, Jan. 9, 2012). The confidence in our leaders’ spirit in their ability to forge ahead is Added promotional events and a series of contests will be introduced for the 2012 marathon. The most recent contestnot enough; with no actual actionable efforts made in 2012 this leads me to estimate a 0.5% threat. announced was through NIKE+, for registered teams to earn a guaranteed opportunity to purchase a race entry into the According to WWD, January 18, 2012, California Governor Jerry Brown launched a campaign to secure voter approval 2012 marathon, which will be effective January 15th, 2012. Overall, the Marathon creates a 0.5% temporarily increase sales tax by half percent and raise personal income taxes on the wealthy. The increase in personalincome taxes would take effect this tax year and last through 2017. WWD continues to report, that retailers are in favor of Fashion Trendsthis proposal and a recent Public Policy Institute of California survey found that 60% of likely voters favor the governor’s One Spring/Summer 2012 runway trend Harpers Bazar identified was “Sports Authority” where designers such astwin tax increase proposal (WWD, California Governor Pushes for Tax Hike, Jan. 18, 2012). In addition, here in Silicon Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, and Narciso Rodriguez utilized athletic influences. According to Vogue, Marc JacobsValley, the expected “Facebook Effect” and the possibility of hundreds of millions of dollars of additional state revenues even incorporated the trend, by pairing sneakers with skirts, and casual sweatshirts with bottoms that featured lace, sequin,related to Facebook’s IPO’s, also provide an opportunity. Combined, the proposed taxes and the pending Facebook stock or other more elegant materials. The acceptance of athletic styles into the fashion industry introduces a sporty vibe intoofferings lead me to estimate a 1.0% opportunity. the consumer marketplace, making this an opportunity for a 0.5% increase.6. Private Label The Private Label line will be an opportunity to respond to the changes within each area, and continue to progress NIKE represents two of the most powerful forces in any market, innovation and sports. Our brands connect with as an industry leader. The contemporary market segment is the consumer between the age of 18 and 30. This marketconsumers on all levels in and around sports: physically, culturally and emotionally. Through innovation in technology, segment is commonly referred to as Generation Y, or the Millennials. This market is increasingly important to engage,and the Nike+ platform we are able to connect with the consumer on a 24/7 basis. In order to consistently innovate and because, much like the baby-boomers they will play a crucial role in driving demand and consumer spending over thecreate momentum that will fuel long-term growth, we will look to our Apparel and Women’s businesses to supply course of the next few decades. Therefore, creating and developing a product line that delivers the right, product, at theadditional growth and drive our Sportswear business. The addition of a new Private Label line will enable NIKETOWN to right time, in the right amount, with the right fit, at the right price, with the right communication tactics, to this targetdevelop a strong point of differentiation and continue to build consumer loyalty at the retail level. market is, and will be valuable for long-term growth. The Private Label line will launch with a test group in the San Francisco NIKETOWN, Women’s Running The fashion conscious consumer had previously been underserved as the stores business primarily catered to theApparel department. Receipts will arrive in August 2012, with a follow up delivery in October 2012. The Private Label sports enthusiast. Not delivering to this market segment presents a huge opportunity for NIKE, as consumer tastes areline is in response to market trends and the continued mission to connect with the consumer and deliver products that meet increasingly gravitating toward contemporary fashions. Additionally, the 18 to 30 year old market accounts forthe everyday demands of their life. The primary objectives of this program are: approximately 17% of the U.S. population, or about 50 million people. Introduction of the Private Label line will be the • To stimulate sales growth across the Women’s divisions first step in engaging this market, and evolving the NIKE brand into other areas of the fashion industry. • Deliver new product categories to the current market segment Ridding off of the momentum of the Summer Olympics, August 2012 is the perfect time to launch the Private • Cultivate relationships with additional market segments Label line. The heightened visibility of our brand will increase in-store traffic. Therefore, delivery of this product • Offer products at a competitive price classification will be essential in continuing to cater to consumers’ tastes, and will allow for the maximization of The Spring/Summer 2012 Runways inspired the introduction of Sport Couture into ready to wear collections, of consumer wallet share. The second delivery will hit stores in October, just in time for the NIKE Women’s Marathon, to bewhich continue to reign as the key trend direction for the season.1 This presentation of athletic inspired style represents the held in San Francisco. This event will attract individuals from all over, and is the perfect time to again introduce theevolving consumer mindset that includes health and wellness, functionality, and “green” living at top of mind. This trend Private Label line to the not likely to dissipate as Stylesight reported on the concept of “Fashletes”, where the worlds of active and fashioncoincide to create a fashion mash-up of Chic Activewear. Additionally, the Premiere Vision tradeshow examined thistrend and reported it will be translated across all markets. The Private Label line will feature three key items across classifications to aid in the consumers creation of the“Fashletes” look. The assortment will include more fashion styles, with less emphasis on performance, as this line willserve to bridge the gap between athletic wear and streetwear. Sport influences will primarily translate in the designthrough the materials and colors, whereas the cut and style will be more fashion forward. The price point will be set belowthe average retail price in each classification, filling the void the current assortment lacks, and allowing for participationamong consumers not currently shopping with us because of price. Fashion ready-to-wear clothing, in general, is notwidely available among the current assortment mixes. Although, some products can serve multipurpose needs, on average,most of NIKETOWNS clothing is performance driven. By capitalizing on this trend, NIKE is presented with an idealopportunity to enter into the “fashion” world. The current market segments the NIKETOWN San Francisco Women’s Running Apparel department serves,spans across the age range of 28 to 60. The Private Label line will primarily appeal to the “Trendsetter” market segment,as she appreciates style and fashion the greatest. Introduction of this line will likely strengthen the relationship with her, ascurrently the assortment mix is underserving her needs. Furthermore, the Private Label line will offer the flexibility tomore specifically target other market segments. Upon examination of the industry, our business, and the psychographicsof the population, NIKETOWN is currently underserving the contemporary market segment.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11
  12. 12. Preview of Excel Spreadsheets !"#$%&"()*% 012+&$3%4"($5&"6&74"8$9+%:5";.%%1%,"<==*/+) #+,*%"-.))+/!"#$%&()%*#(+,%- !$. /,0 1"# 234 5," 6%7 83#%& !"#$%&(;%-<A3B7*>+,7"#$%&"6&$?2 C""""""" @A@7B C""""""" @AD7A C""""""" @EF7E C""""""" @GH7@ C""""""" @@@7D C""""""" IGD7@ C""""" I4F!!7I C J6K6";*&1$ !7A D7A E7G F7! E7@ !7! C""""""""EA7@ IE7AJ6*)+5 C""""""""" FF7H C""""""""" EA7G C""""""""" EG7! C""""""""" BI7B C""""""""" D@7H C""""""""" @G7E C""""""""@BB7I6*)+5"J"K$&*) II7HJ IE7@J IH7@J @B7EJ IB7FJ IA7@J IAA7AJ#*/2L$3%5 C""""""""" IE7H C""""""""""" !7H C""""""""""" F7E C""""""""""" F7A C""""""""" IA7E C""""""""""" @7A C""""""""""" EA7@ !4,-%.,(/#3"<#*/2L$3%5"J"K$&*) F!7!J I!7HJ B7DJ H7DJ @D7GJ D7AJ IAA7AJ <MK(./?*5+5 C""""""""" DA7! C""""""""" B!7A C""""""" IA!7B C""""""""" IA7I C""""""""" FD7B C""""""""" EF7D C""""""""FF@7B C""""""@@E7BN%L"#$%&"6&$?2 C""""""" @AD7A C""""""" @EF7E C""""""" @GH7@ C""""""" @@@7D C""""""" IGD7@ C""""""" @AH7F 8$-734,- <MK-.&./+"6*)+5 9,: I7F C""""""""" FG7D6K6";*&1$ D7@ ;%-<$0(= EG7AJ>&%7(8?@*(+,%- !$. /,0 1"# 234 5," 6%7 83#%& !"#$%&(;%-<A3B7*>+,7"#$%&"6&$?2 C""""""" @I!7A C""""""" @IB7F C""""""" @DG7@ C""""""" FI!7D C""""""" @FH7A C""""""" @AH7G C""""" I4EDE7G C J6K6";*&1$ !7A D7A E7G F7! E7@ !7! C""""""""E@7B IE7AJ6*)+5 C""""""""" FD7G C""""""""" EF7! C""""""""" D@7B C""""""""" BH7I C""""""""" D!7I C""""""""" FI7F C""""""""FA!7B /%&,*(C?%7.,(=6*)+5"J"K$&*) II7HJ IE7@J IH7@J @B7EJ IB7FJ IA7@J IAA7AJ !7DJ#*/2L$3%5 C""""""""" ID7H C""""""""""" H7I C""""""""""" F7! C""""""""""" F7@ C""""""""" II7I C""""""""""" @7I C""""""""""" E@7B !4,-%.,(/#3"<#*/2L$3%5"J"K$&*) F!7!J I!7HJ B7DJ H7DJ @D7GJ D7AJ IAA7AJ (O0(./?*5+5 C""""""""" DF7G C""""""""" GI7! C""""""" IIF7H C""""""""" IA7B C""""""""" FB7I C""""""""" E!7F C""""""""FDE7E C"""""" @FG7EN%L"#$%&"6&$?2 C""""""" @IB7F C""""""" @DG7@ C""""""" FI!7D C""""""" @FH7A C""""""" @AH7G C""""""" @@A7B 8$-734,- (O0-.&./+"6*)+5 9,: I7F C""""""" E@7AH6K6";*&1$ D7@ ;%-<$0(= 12