understanding dyslexia DRD


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understanding dyslexia DRD

  1. 1. DYSLEXIA
  2. 2. OVERVIEW• Introduction• What’s dyslexia?• Causes of Dyslexia• Strengths and Weaknesses• Indicators• Famous personalities• Famous personalities with dyslexia• Conclusion
  3. 3. An Introduction to Dyslexia• Greek term• It means difficulty(dys)with words(lexis)• Also known Specific Developmental Dyslexia
  4. 4. What’s dyslexia?• A neurological-based specific learning difficulty that is characterized by difficulties in one or more of reading, writing and spelling.• Accompanying weaknesses may be indentified in areas of language acquisition, phonological processing, working memory and sequencing.• Occur in learners with intelligence.
  5. 5. Definition• A variable often familial learning disability involving difficulties in acquiring and processing language that is typically manifested by a lack of proficiency in reading, spelling, and writing (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
  6. 6. What causes dyslexia?• Many theories but no one knows the exact cause.• Research confirms that it can run in the family• More common in males than of females.
  7. 7. Areas of Strengths• Good reasoning skills• Creative• Think in big picture and multi-dimensional way
  8. 8. Areas of WeaknessLANGUAGE ACQUISITION• There is evidence to suggest that dyslexics have difficulty learning additional languages.PHONOLOGICAL PROCESSING DIFFICULTY• Most common difficulty in dyslexics• Difficulty in understanding the letters• See the mirror images.
  9. 9. Indicators of dyslexia in primary learnersTIME• Difficulty in how to tell time• Poor general awareness of time and time-keeping• Poor personal organizationBehavior• Tend to dream in class• Easily distracted• Show excessive tiredness
  10. 10. INDICATORS OF DYSLEXIA IN PRIMARY LEARNERSGeneral• Poor processing speed in for spoken or written language• Poor concentrationReading and Writing style• Slow, inaccurate in reading• Strange pronunciation of words• Expressionless reading• Poor comprehension of text• Messy work• Unusual sequencing of letters
  11. 11. Famous Personalities with Dyslexia Walt Disney Einstein Denial Radcliff Le Na Do Vinci M. Ali Pablo Picasso Abhishek bachchan
  12. 12. Some other Personalities having Dyslexia• Winston Churchill• George Washington• John F. Kennedy• Michael Faraday• Alexander Graham Bell
  13. 13. Conclusion• It is a common point of view that dyslexics can not do well in their routine life.• They face difficulties in their social life and people make fun of them but it is a wrong perception.• Through proper counseling and devotion, it can be cured and Dyslexics can lead their life successfully.
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