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The Future of Social Recruiting

The Future of Social Recruiting



In a space as performance-driven and competitive as ...

In a space as performance-driven and competitive as
the recruitment industry, it is crucial to stay ahead of
the curve. The growth and adoption of new strategies
and technologies is essential for success and is set to
explode in the future.

In an effort to paint a clear, distinct vision of the future of
social recruiting for our users, we asked twenty industry
thought leaders to weigh in on various trends that are
shaping the future of social media in recruitment. These
are their thoughts.



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    The Future of Social Recruiting The Future of Social Recruiting Presentation Transcript

    • The of FUTURE SOCIAL RECRUITING 20 Thoughts from 20 Recruiting Leaders TM
    • Introduction In a space as performance-driven and competitive as the recruitment industry, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. The growth and adoption of new strategies and technologies is essential for success and is set to explode in the future. In an effort to paint a clear, distinct vision of the future of social recruiting for our users, we asked twenty industry thought leaders to weigh in on various trends that are shaping the future of social media in recruitment. These are their thoughts.
    • “Current versions and visions of recruiting as a social activity are as primitive as the internet was before the web browser... or the automobile was before Henry Ford. Our ability to see how it will work is clouded by the way that things currently work. In the long haul, social technology will be used to increase the understanding between applicant and employer. Down the road, social tech will help us see a fit where we currently see none. Near term, it’s more of the same, as if going faster somehow reduces shortages.” John Sumser Principal Analyst at HRxAnalysts @JohnSumser | www.hrexaminer.com TM 3
    • “ Post and pray means hundreds of hours vetting, spamming resumes. No one said you have to post every job. Job seekers are dying to have a conversation with you. How do you want to get to your top ten list? Keyword sorting job board spam, or building engagement with candidates who are passionate about your brand?” JOSHUA WALDMAN CEO and Founder of Career Enlightenment LLC, Author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies @JoshuaWaldman | www.careerenlightenment.com TM 4
    • “Social media is a historical game changer, and as a result of it, for the first time in history it is now possible for a savvy recruiter using social media to identify and build a relationship with nearly every professional in the developed world. That, coupled with the option of remote work, means that recruiting has finally become truly global. Social media working on the mobile platform will dominate recruiting for years because it allows you to easily and cheaply identify, view the work and then build relationships with the 80% of top talent that are not actively in the job market. In addition, when linked with a robust employee referral program, social media can dramatically increase your recruiting reach by allowing every employee to become a “talent scout.” DR. JOHN SULLIVAN CEO at DJS Consulting, Author, Professor at San Francisco State University @DrJohnSullivan | www.drjohnsullivan.com TM 5
    • “Three years ago we said you’d have to think long and hard about hiring a recruiter with less than a couple of hundred LinkedIn connections. Now the same holds true for candidates in general.” KRIS DUNN Chief Human Resources Officer at Kinetix, Editor at HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent @Kris_Dunn | www.hrcapitalist.com TM 6
    • “Social media is a channel, but the engagement level and message doesn’t change. The ability to connect instantly and via a social network is vitally important, especially when it comes to engaging employees and job seekers who have choices.” JESSICA MILLER-MERRELL CEO of Xceptional HR & Workplace Technology Analyst @blogging4jobs | www.blogging4jobs.com TM 7
    • “Today Millennials represent over 50% of the world’s population and our future global professional workforce. They are socially engaged networkers as well as ‘digital natives.’ To be blunt, if you are not engaging them in their social habitats, then you as employers and recruiters have no future, recruiting or otherwise.” IAN KNOWLSON Business Development Expert, Sales Training Coach & Mentor at Selling Success @IanKnowlson | www.sellingsuccess.co.uk TM 8
    • “The future of social recruiting is not simply about searching and connecting with candidates and broadcasting jobs — it’s about staying in the peripheral vision of clients and candidates, be they real or potential. It’s critical that employers and recruiters plan to be found as much as they plan to hunt for talent.” LISA JONES Director of Barclay Jones, Recruitment/Tech Specialist @LisaMariJones | www.barclayjones.com TM 9
    • “The future of social recruiting lies in harnessing the power of your entire workforce as brand ambassadors online. The result is more engaged employees and better talent attraction. Every person in your company is a potential recruiter.” CRAIG FISHER CEO of TalentNet Live Social Recruiter Events, Director of LinkedIn Certified Training for Ajax Social Media TM @Fishdogs | www.fishdogs.com 10
    • “Social Recruiting is NO different than traditional recruiting, you still need to find and engage with your candidates — you simply have more channels to choose from.” GEOFF WEBB CEO at Social HR @SocialHRGuy | www.socialhr.biz TM 11
    • “Social recruitment is a highly debated topic on my site. As a recruiter I believe that some benefits are real: the increased company brand recognition, internal workplace culture exposure, and employee satisfaction data will play a role in shaping the future of organizational recruiting. It is a tool that recruiters and companies need to utilize, but not depend upon however. The best social recruiting is still two people talking! And social media seems to be most effective in getting that conversation started.” NOEL COCCA CEO at RecruitingBlogs.com @NovoMedical | www.recruitingblogs.com TM 12
    • “The future of social recruitment is all about finding top candidates, quickly and effectively, while providing true ROI to business partners.” SARAH WHITE Founder & CEO of HRTech Blog and Sarah White & Associates, LLC TM @ImSoSarah | www.imsosarah.com 13
    • “The future of social recruiting is independent of traditional recruiting. It will weigh heavily upon the candidate. If candidates do not saturate the social space as recruiters hope, there is no future. Recruiters need to go where the candidates are. If your target candidate is not on Twitter, should you spend time there? Social recruiting should be all about QHQ – ‘Quality Hires Quickly.’ If that isn’t happening, you need to change what you are doing.” RAYANNE THORN Marketing Director for Broadbean Technology @Ray_anne | www.broadbean.com TM 14
    • “The future of social recruiting is more focused tools. Right now, we have bigger haystacks, making it even harder to find the needle. When people and technology start focusing on ‘fit’ that is laser-focused from skills, aptitude, work product and cultural perspective, then we will see successful social recruiting.” MAREN HOGAN Principal Consultant/Chief Marketing Officer at Red Branch Media TM @RedBranch | www.redbranchmedia.com 15
    • “The future of staffing as it relates to social is the topic of the moment, and I’m convinced it’s going to be turned upside down. Within 3-5 years the power that employers have is going to diminish as job seekers who are much more in tune to managing their own career success find transparent and very rich data pathways into corporations. As a result, you’re going to see a significant shift in how we attend to the candidate and the experience they have, and you’ll see employers treating candidates much better.” GERRY CRISPIN Principal and Co-founder of CareerXroads @GerryCrispin | www.careerxroads.com TM 16
    • “Use social media as your new sales funnel; migrate your chat from Twitter to a meaningful discussion on LinkedIn, move on to a phone call and finally meet up for a coffee. Thanks to social it’ll be like catching up with an old friend.” JORGEN SUNDBERG Founder and Director at Link Humans, Editor of The Undercover Recruiter @JorgenSundberg | www.linkhumans.com TM 17
    • “It’s important to remember that ‘social recruiting’ does not replace basic skills needed for effective recruiters such as networking, building/maintaining candidate pipelines, establishing rapport with internal/external relationships and selling opportunities. However, using social media effectively for employer branding, relationship building, and communication allows excellent recruiters the opportunity to expand their reach and connect with a targeted audience on a global scale.” JENNIFER MCCLURE President of Unbridled Talent, LLC @JenniferMcClure | www.unbridledtalent.com TM 18
    • “Social recruiting moves from ‘apply for’ to ‘talk to.’ It makes it easier for people to connect with brands and for brands to move from being faceless entities to becoming collections of people. People are connecting and following brands long before applying and choosing to opt in or opt out. It’s not increasing volumes (they are going down), but the trend is for significantly improved efficiencies. That’s a great thing.” BILL BOORMAN Founder and Host of #Tru Events, Keynote Speaker @BillBoorman | www.recruitingunblog.wordpress.com TM 19
    • “Marketers use social media to get instant feedback, engage with customers, and extend a brand in one click. The future of social recruiting is using social channels the same way marketers do. Savvy leaders will use social channels to learn more about their candidate base and turn that data into rich, powerful insights. Sourcers will tap into conversations for evidence of performance and smart recruiters will use that insight to save time by encouraging wrong-fit candidates to self-select out, and right-fit candidates to find their way in quickly. It’s not just the channels — it’s the rich data the channels provide when used in innovative ways.” SUSAN STRAYER Founder of Exaqueo, Head of Talent Strategy at Evviva Brands @SusanStrayer | www.exaqueo.com TM 20
    • “Social media has impacted how people live and is now impacting how they work. The number of professional relationships someone can maintain, the ability to immediately tap distributed knowledge, and the ability to collaborate or apply one’s skills to just the pieces of work they want to focus on are all increasing. Social recruiting will evolve to help organizations brand themselves based on the WORK they do and tap the right resources (regardless of engagement model) from the talent ecosystem for just the right time — in the end helping organizations become more agile.” MASTER BURNETT Director of Strategy at BraveNewTalent @masterburnett | www.bravenewtalent.com TM 21
    • “What’s so exciting about the future of social recruiting is that we get to watch technology catch up with a practice that is hundreds of years old — career networking.” ART PAPAS CEO and Co-founder of Bullhorn, Inc. @ArtPapas | www.bullhorn.com TM 22
    • ABOUT BULLHORN REACH Bullhorn Reach is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) social recruiting solution, designed to help recruiters leverage social media to source candidates and identify potential movers more efficiently. You have the potential to reach millions of prospective candidates in less time than it took to read this e-book. Extend your recruiting reach with the right social strategy. Leverage the power of social media to find and recruit the best talent — fast. STAY CONNECTED Visit Us Join Us TM Friend Us Follow Us Watch Us Create your free account today at www.bullhornreach.com TM TM
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