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  • 1. MOBILE-POWERED Selling: How Leading Recruiting Firms Win More Business Using Mobile Technology
  • 2. Table of Contents 3 Executive Summary 4 Introduction 5 The Mobile Megatrend 7 Recruitment Industry Rings in Mobile 10 Account Managers, Connected Any Time, Anywhere 11 Mobile Access, Fuels Staffing Sales Success 12 Mobile Hang-Ups Holding Firms Back 13 Unlocking Mobile Success 16 The Mobile-Powered Client Meeting 18 Conclusion 19 About Bullhorn 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 2
  • 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • Mobile technology is changing the way recruiting firms operate and the way recruiting professionals work. While it’s obvious that staffing and recruiting firms must evolve their online presence to support candidates applying through mobile devices, it is far less clear how mobile will impact their full-time employees, the recruiting and account management professionals who work with clients and candidates. • Mobile access to the ATS gives users the flexibility to perform recruiting tasks from anywhere at any time, which is a huge advantage for recruiting firms. Bullhorn’s 2013 Staffing and Recruiting Trends Survey reported that 84% of staffing professionals consider mobile access to their ATS/CRM to be important to their success. • Bullhorn’s survey research suggests firms see the primary opportunity to leverage mobile being within their sales function. One-hundred percent (100%) of the staffing salespeople polled who spent more than half their time outside in meetings considered mobile access important, with 86% considering it “extremely important.” • Empowering sales and account managers with fully mobile-ready ATS and CRM capabilities produces clear business benefits. Account managers and sales personnel can spend more time face-to-face with clients and prospects, as well as showcase the firm’s capabilities by having more timely and accurate data available during meetings. 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 3
  • 4. INTRODUCTION Mobile usage is soaring worldwide. Smartphone and tablet usage is on a trajectory to surpass the usage of desktop computers. Like leaders in other industries, recruitment executives see potential in taking their businesses mobile. While the need to support candidates — whether searching and applying for jobs or logging time — via mobile is clear, how recruiting professionals can harness the mobile revolution to improve performance of internal staff is not. Bullhorn analyzed the actual usage data of the thousands of recruiting professionals using its fourth generation mobile product to gain insight into how firms are successfully leveraging mobile technology. 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 4
  • 5. THE MOBILE Megatrend Mobile is exploding. By the end of 2013, the number of mobile-connected devices is expected to exceed the world’s population.1 What’s more, mobile devices aren’t just telephones anymore; today’s smartphones are powerful computers in their own right, enabling constant Internet connectivity. Global mobile data traffic grew by 70% in 2012, amounting to nearly 12 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000.2 Mobile Internet usage will surpass desktop Internet use in the next few years. Mobile vs. Desktop Internet Usage INTERNET USERS 2,000 1,600 MOBILE USERS 1,200 800 DESKTOP USERS 400 2007 1,2 2009 2011 2013 2015 Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012-2017 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 5
  • 6. The rapid adoption of Internet-connected smartphones and tablets represents a fundamental shift in the way people access the Web. traditional banking landscape; consumers can This mobile megatrend opens up a whole The mobile megatrend is impacting not only new dimension for businesses, just like the the U.S. but the entire world. In 2012, mobile Internet did in the ‘90s, shifting the way data traffic grew by 44% in Western Europe many industries operate. Uber, Hailo, and and 95% in the Asia Pacific region.3 Overall other startups, for example, are transforming global mobile data traffic is expected to grow the taxi and car hire industry by enabling at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of riders to connect directly with drivers via 66% by 2017.4 check their balances, view transaction history, and transfer money right from their mobile devices. Also, companies like Starbucks have rolled out mobile payment software through prepaid cards, enabling consumers to pay their bills at the register using their smartphones. mobile without the cost and hassle of using dispatchers. Mobile banking has changed the 3,4 Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012-2017 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 6
  • 7. RECRUITMENT INDUSTRY Rings in Mobile How is the mobile on the recruitment industry migrate more quickly due megatrend is in the way recruiting to the inherent sensitivity and staffing firms interact of new employment- with millions of candidates related communication for multibillion dollar every day. Much of this candidates already gainfully global recruitment communication has already employed. It’s only natural industry? Will mobile be migrated to the Internet. that candidates might transformative or produce Email now represents the hesitate to use their work smaller, more incremental bulk of pre-placement desktop when seeking new changes? While it’s still early communication, and opportunities. Millennials, in the game, it appears that post-placement time and mobile will primarily impact expense management is two aspects of the recruiting increasingly handled via industry: the candidate online time cards. Much of experience and sales/ this activity will naturally account management. shift to the mobile Internet who are heavy mobile users, will further accelerate the shift as they become 50% of the employed 5 workforce. impacting the as part of this broad The most obvious and trend. In fact, recruiting immediate impact of mobile communication may 5 What Millennials Want,, June, 2010 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 7
  • 8. 86% OF JOB SEEKERS said they would use mobile technology if it simplified the process of applying for a job. There seems to be a lack of acknowledgement by recruiting firms that job seekers want to interact with recruiters and apply for jobs from their mobile phones. A 2013 Simply applying via mobile. While it’s obvious that An iMomentous Fortune recruiting firms must 500 Mobile Readiness optimize their online Report recently showed that presence for mobile, it is far only 33% of companies have less clear how mobile will a mobile-optimized careers impact their employees and section and just 3% have a the way they do their jobs. mobile apply function. The These employees already majority of recruiting and rely heavily on software Hired report found that staffing firms seem similarly that helps them automate 86% of job seekers said unprepared. While mobile the large number of tasks they would use mobile apps are convenient for they perform each day. The technology if it simplified pre-placement activities, average recruiter executes the process of applying for they can also be useful for more than 300 clicks per a job.6 Despite the fact that post-placement functions day in his or her applicant mobile technology provides such as time and expense tracking system/customer a fast and convenient way management, which allow relationship management to connect with candidates, employees to submit their system (ATS/CRM) many firms are unprepared hours from the jobsite directly according to Bullhorn’s to support job seekers from their mobile phones. usage data, which is about 7 six times the number that 6,7 Recruiters – Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Recruitment Website, Web-based Recruitment, May 2013 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 8
  • 9. the average non-recruiter executes. The ATS is 53% of respondents saying it was “extremely used by recruiters to manage job orders and important.”10 the large volume of resumes and applicants they receive for each position, which produces While mobile is considered to be important, an average of 188 applicants per opening. salespeople appear to be the only employees 8 fully leveraging mobile and the freedom Ninety-three percent (93%) of this technology has given them. Recruiters, recruiting firms reported using who are not on the road as often as account managers, should still harness the power an applicant tracking system of mobile to improve efficiency and stay (ATS) in 2012. connected with candidates after business hours. Mobile access to the ATS gives users the But how exactly are recruiting and staffing flexibility to perform recruiting tasks from professionals’ jobs changing as recruiting anywhere at any time, which is a huge tools become accessible via smartphones and advantage for recruiting firms. tablets? What new ways of working might 9 emerge that better serve clients and improve Indeed, according to Bullhorn’s 2013 recruiting effectiveness and efficiency? trends survey, 84% of staffing professionals said they consider mobile access to their ATS/ CRM to be important to their success, with Mobile Access 84% IMPORTANT EXTREMELY 53% IMPORTANT News and Trends in Management, The Wall Street Journal, February 2012 9 2012 Recruiting/Talent Acquisition Survey: Technology, Staffing Industry Analysts, July 2012 10 “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report,” Bullhorn, Inc., 2013 8 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 9
  • 10. ACCOUNT MANAGERS Connected Any Time, Anywhere Bullhorn’s survey research suggests that While mobile currently provides a firms see the primary opportunity to strong advantage for sales and account leverage mobile being within their sales management professionals, it may have function. Indeed, “mobile recruiting” looks a limited upside for recruiters who don’t to be a misnomer; “mobile selling” might spend as much time out in the field. With be more apt. One-hundred percent of the the exception of executive search recruiters, staffing salespeople polled who spent more most recruiters spend the majority of their than half their time outside in meetings time working from their desks and don’t considered mobile access important, with often travel out of the office to meet with 86% considering it “extremely important.” candidates. Although mobile may not seem The survey results overall suggest that salespeople are 24% more likely to consider mobile access to the ATS/CRM “extremely important” than recruiters. Perhaps this is because compelling to recruiters now, it does provide salespeople travel to meet clients whereas recruiters work almost entirely from the office. Salespeople have always been early adopters of technology. For example, they them with the ability to perform interviews after hours (when candidates are more available) and review activity notes at home or on the road via tablets. The flexibility mobile provides will bring more speed and collaboration to recruiting teams that take advantage of this powerful business tool. were the first to embrace smartphones and customer relationship management (CRM) tools,11 and therefore may be harbingers of how the general business public will be using mobile in the future. 11 The Future of Sales Technology,, December 2012 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 10
  • 11. MOBILE ACCESS Fuels Staffing Sales Success Empowering sales and account managers with fully mobile-ready ATS and CRM capabilities produces clear business benefits. Most notably: 1. Better Client Service — Account managers and sales personnel can spend more time face-to-face with clients and prospects, providing a more personalized experience. A mobile application also enables account managers to have the latest up-to-date information before and during each meeting so that they can get more things done. 2. More Timely and Accurate Data — Sales personnel can enter in jobs immediately after meeting with a client, getting recruiters on the hunt before they even return to the office and subsequently giving their firms a better chance to fill new job orders. A mobile app allows them to enter in notes right after a meeting when thoughts are still fresh in their minds. 3. Better-Showcased Capabilities — The ability to look up candidate inventory on the fly gives clients a more concrete sense of a recruiting firm’s abilities. According to Bullhorn Mobile usage data, “viewing candidate information” is the most commonly used mobile functionality. Finding and reviewing actual candidate information side-by-side with the client leaves a strong impression. 4. Reporting Access — For executives, mobile access provides the ability to stay on top of the business at all times. Mobile recruiting apps allow executives to view key reports that monitor activities such as recruiter performance and provide insight into the sales pipeline. “Mobile allows us access to the most current information available about our clients, candidates, open job orders, and placements. This allows our staff to stay informed and enter more relevant information in the system in a quicker timeframe.” — JON THEOPHILUS Director of Information Technology Brooksource 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 11
  • 12. MOBILE HANG-UPS Holding Firms Back Despite the benefits of a mobile platform, many recruiting firms have yet to adopt these tools because they are being held back by a few challenges. 1 Functionality Very few ATS/CRM vendors have provided mobile solutions that are capable of robustly performing key recruiting functions. Many vendors offer mobile websites that are used for information gathering; however, this doesn’t do much for salespeople. A credible mobile experience should focus on only the key functions (e.g. entering notes or jobs) that a team needs while on the road. 2 Usability ATS/CRM vendors that do offer some mobile capabilities often just try to shrink their existing Web software down to a mobile format instead of tailoring it to the specific screen parameters and interaction properties of mobile devices. This doesn’t work, so it doesn’t get adopted. 3 Workflow Firms with highly specific workflow or terminology may need to configure aspects of their mobile ATS/CRM interface in order to match well enough to generate successful field adoption. 4 Old Habits Experienced recruiters who have had success over the years using old techniques may be hesitant to adopt new tools. 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 12
  • 13. UNLOCKING Mobile Success Despite the challenges, some staffing and picture of how recruitment professionals recruiting firms already empower their sales successfully leverage mobile recruiting and account management teams with easy technology to improve the way they work. mobile access to the critical software tools they need for better client support and more successful sales calls. To understand exactly how, Bullhorn analyzed anonymous Mobile recruitment software usage is surprisingly consistent across time of day as shown in the graph below. second-by-second usage data from The busiest periods are morning and thousands of Bullhorn Mobile users over an afternoon business hours, with another peak eight-month period. The results paint a vivid in the evening. The hard-charging nature — or perhaps also the insomnia-inducing stress — of the recruiting industry fuels mobile usage deep into the night! 23% 20% 19% 14% 13% 11% MORNING LUNCH AFTERNOON EVENING COMMUTE EVENING LATE NIGHT 6AM-11AM 11AM-1PM 1PM-5PM 5PM-7PM 7PM-11PM 11PM-6AM 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 13
  • 14. Tasks Performed in Bullhorn Mobile 2% 1% 5% Client Research 8% Candidate Search and Review 43% 41% Viewing Notes Adding/Updating Notes, Jobs and Other Records Reports Client Site Driving Directions Analyzing the specific 8% of all actions users At first glance, the actions users perform take. Productively sifting relatively small proportion with Bullhorn Mobile through a firm’s entire of activity devoted to yields further insight into database using small adding and updating how staffing professionals smartphone screens records via mobile — once are leveraging mobile and keypads requires a for every 17 times a user recruiting technology. careful UI design. Simply views records — might Aggregated into broad repurposing desktop suggest low importance. categories in the graph search and list viewing is a But in fact, viewing above, client research recipe for user frustration records is far more and candidate review and low adoption. common than adding represent by far the largest amount of activity. or updating records via About half of client desktop applications as research (20% of total well. And the immediate Finding the right client, usage) entails viewing capture and sharing of contact, or candidate individual client contacts, new job orders and other relies heavily on with the rest of usage account information from the mobile “search” focused on reviewing account managers in function; about a tenth client company records the field provides their of research activity is (11%) and open jobs and recruiting teams with searching, comprising placements (8%). an enormously valuable 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 14
  • 15. head start. Entering data Only 2% of mobile activity account managers means immediately after meetings spent viewing reports can relatively smaller report instead of hours later back be attributed to managers activity, though obviously at the office helps users staying on top of their supervisors highly value capture details that would team’s key metrics, such both the peace of mind otherwise be forgotten as placements, open jobs, of knowing that group and reduces errors and activity levels, while performance is on target as introduced by less than on the road. The smaller well as finding out early that perfect human memory. number of supervisors an issue needs correcting. compared to recruiters and Only 2% of mobile activity spent viewing reports can be attributed to managers staying on top of their team’s key metrics... 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 15
  • 16. THE MOBILE-POWERED Client Meeting A powerful view into how mobile technology improves account managers’ ability to prepare for, manage, and follow up on sales calls emerges from detailed insight into mobile recruiting activity and timing. This “playbook” can serve as a starting point for almost any type of recruiting firm seeking to better serve clients and win a larger share of business. First, mobile recruiting can help a salesperson find out how to physically get to a client’s office. Integration with smartphones’ GPS and mapping capabilities means mobile recruiting software can automatically provide precise directions to the client site. This process is less time consuming than tracking down and printing driving directions from a client website. As usage data makes abundantly clear, one of the most valuable benefits that mobile ATS/CRM access provides is complete, up-to-date knowledge of account status. In the minutes before the meeting starts, mobile-powered sales reps can quickly look up the company as well as individual client contacts to review recent notes, open jobs, placements, and more. Reps can kick off meetings with timely, accurate updates on current business and reduce the chances of being blindsided by new client issues. As successful staffing and recruiting firms know well, superior client service sets the stage for business success. Reduce the chances of being blindsided by new client issues. 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 16
  • 17. With luck, having a good track record with gives recruiting teams a jump on rivals who previous job orders can help salespeople must wait hours for sales reps to get back facilitate a discussion of a client’s additional to the office or connect their laptop before needs. Salespeople with mobile access to they can start working on reqs. Furthermore, their ATS/CRM system can demonstrate their sales representatives can capture and share firm’s capabilities during a client meeting important meeting outcomes, issues raised, by instantly sharing insight into the strength and other pertinent information as notes of their candidate database with clients on before leaving the parking lot. Follow-up the spot. This can further differentiate an actions can commence immediately. The agency from competitors whose salespeople entire team benefits from an instantaneous, respond to questions only with bluster or accurate, and complete understanding of promises to “get back to you soon.” the client which enables them to deliver a superior level of service. And in a business After the meeting, effective mobile recruiting where every minute counts, the extra speed software gives firms further advantages. delivered through mobile recruiting means Submitting new job orders immediately better bottom line results. 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 17
  • 18. Conclusion Mobile technology is changing the way recruiting firms operate and the way recruiting professionals work. Mobile access to client and candidate data enables recruiting firms to work faster and more efficiently. For any firms looking to incorporate mobile into their recruiting strategy, start by rolling it out to employees who often work remotely like sales and account management teams. However, before investing in a mobile solution, make sure it’s going to deliver all of the functionality you need. For example, very few applications today offer the ability to browse lists, search for candidates, add notes or job orders, view reports, and get directions using a built-in GPS. These are all key capabilities that a team needs while on the road. Managers may also want the ability to customize the workflow on their mobile apps in order to mirror their team’s recruiting process. With the right features and functionality, recruiting firms will quickly find success using mobile technology. To learn more about Bullhorn Mobile, visit: 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 18
  • 19. About Bullhorn Bullhorn creates software and services that help recruiters put the world to work. For thirteen years our innovations have powered the recruiting and staffing operations of fast-growing start-ups up through the world’s largest employment brands. Headquartered in Boston, with offices in St. Louis, Richmond, Vancouver, London and Sydney, Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system, recruiting CRM, and social recruiting products serve more than 10,000 clients representing nearly 200,000 users across 150 countries. Please visit our website at to learn more about Bullhorn’s full suite of recruiting software tools. Have an immediate question? Speak with an expert: call 1-888-GoLive8. 1.888.GOLIVE8 • SALES@BULLHORN.COM • @BULLHORN 19