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Marianne harris

  1. 1. Marianne Harris This scene is of 5 men who play in a band. The image is a portrait promoting a band, it is for commercial reasons. It appears as if a tripod has been used, with a digital camera. Shutter speed is always used but its set at different speeds to catch different clarity therefore the image is clear and she has used the aperture because it is close-up and focusing on the group of people. The image is deliberately over-exposed with lots of light on the band. The contrast is set to quite high; saturation of the image is set to a medium level. She has composed the image so thatthe subjects are completely framed. She has slightly cropped the image at each side to ensure that the image remains symmetrical. She has positioned one of the group completely in the foreground, with the brightness mainly on his face. There is very little to view of the background, you can just make out trees and part of a building. The camera has been positioned directly in front of the subjects at waist level. She has also used symmetry;you particularly notice thisas the two people next to the man in the middle are both leaning their heads towards him. I think she has digitally manipulated the shot by using the brightness and the contrast tools, and airbrushing the subject’s faces. The depth of field in this piece is wide making everything in clarity. It is a representational image. The lighting is quite bright and hard, it encourages your eye to look the man in the middle. It appears that top lighting has been used striking the subject directly in the middle from an elevated position. The light source appears to be from an artificial source, possibly a lamp. I think the image looks quite flat and the spaces have been taken up completely by the band. The image is following the rules of symmetry and balance. When I look at the image, it makes me feel that they are a happy and fun loving band. I feel that the photographer is trying to portray the group as being quite cheeky and upbeat in order to encourage you to buy their music. When I look at this image, I imagine that the type of music they would play is POP music.