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  1. 1. INSIDE Click here to see the short horror film
  2. 2. NARRATIVE The film starts off when the girl is taking pictures of the woods and comes across an isolated building. She investigates inside the building. She walks to the fridge and opens it. Inside the fridge it was full of bottles of water. She is a bit confused but she picks it up and opens it and tries the water and it seems okay. She walks around the building then goes into the music room. She carries on drinking the water. She is being nosey in the music room. The girl starts feeling unusual such as blinking, feeling dizzy and hot so she starts running away until she collapses outside the building. She wakes up on the table back inside, laying down. She is confused. When she sits up, she feels the pain on her stomach then she gets up and takes a piece of her skin from the table and a Stanley knife. She is trying to get away from the building but hears something and sees the man so she is hiding and is ready for him. The man walks in slowly and picks up a sharp large knife. The man knows where she is so he is ready for her. The girl makes the first move then it ends.
  3. 3. PROPS AND COSTUME MAKE-UP The girl looks innocent, wears a simple dress with her hair up. She is neat, tidy and wears simple make-up it shows the plainness of the character. After the incident she was more pale and had darker eyes. It shows the wound on her stomach which looks realistic. Whereas the man at the end looks sinister and evil, his clothes reflect this, They are dark and scruffy. You cannot see his eyes well as they are covered with the cap. The props they used are: • Knife • Blade – (Stanley knife) • Water bottle • Camera
  4. 4. SETTINGS Set in woods, with tall trees either side of the path, this creates the feeling of a open space and the unknown. It leads to an isolated building. Inside the building doesn’t appear frightening because it has a tea and coffee tray, musical instruments and speaker systems, etc. The setting is unusual for where it is, you wouldn’t normally find a building like this in the middle of the woods.
  5. 5. SOUNDS Distinct click of the camera each time she takes a shot. Birds chirping given the impression that all is well. The music initially is quiet and repetitive only using a few notes. The creak of the door opening starts to create fear in the viewer. Even though it is like this, it still makes you feel that something bad is going to happen. It creates a tension. As she approaches the door, the music changes and more notes are used and the tempo increases a little to increase the suspense. The creak of the door opening starts to create fear in the viewer. She says. ‘ Is anyone here?’ As she becomes dizzy and cannot control her balance, the music starts to change again and there is no pattern to it anymore. Chords are used and percussion such as cymbals to create the feeling of ‘dizziness’ and confusion. At the end of that scene there is the sound of a heart beat. When she is on the table and she starts to become conscious, you can hear some background singing which sounds normal and then when she realises her stomach has been cut, the music changes again. Louder piano music with the singing in the background. This suggests panic, fear, terror and confusion. She makes noises as she tries to get away. There are dischords to represent that something horrible is about to happen. Cymbals are rattling which creates tension and suspense. At the very end, both characters try to stab each other and there is a scream followed by quiet ‘twinkly’ music with some cymbals as the credits roll. It returns to the same music in the opening scene.
  6. 6. LIGHTING At the beginning it is quite bright suggesting that everyone is normal and nothing bad is going to happen. There is a shot of the girl in the foreground which is well lit but the background is dark. When you see the building for the first time, it is well lit. Once she drinks from the bottle, the lightning in the room changes and she looks upstairs, it is quite dark. There is nothing to really suggest horror throughout the film. After the incident the lighting becomes darker which shows something bad has happened.
  7. 7. CAMERA WORK The film opens with the tree in focus with blurred background that shallow depth of field technique is used, this is a good technique because it makes you wonder what is happening in that scene. Later on the same technique is used to emphasise the tension by focusing on the bottle of water showing that this caused the danger. Close-up shots are used throughout because they are showing us the girl’s expressions but there are some close-ups on objects that are dangerous, some examples are the bottle of water and the weapons. There is a close-up when she opens the door, this creates suspense. The camera work alternates between medium and long shots to set the scene and then focus more specifically on the scene. There are mixture of high and low angle shots showing her position of power. Low angle shows she is powerful whereas high angle makes her feel she is being looked down on. There are some extreme close-up shots showing her expressions when it has become more serious. In one scene the camera work sways which makes the viewer understand how the girl is feeling.
  8. 8. EDITING The editing techniques they used are mainly cuts from scene to scene showing shots from different perspectives. The cuts are quite quick which increases time and the tension. There are two fades which go between scenes to show the transition. There is editing where the camera goes blurry which is showing the girl’s vision. There is black out to create the mystery of what happened it then fades in to introduce what’s happened.