Evaluation Salford Quay


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Evaluation Salford Quay

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Task 3 Selection of final images & review
  2. 2. Aim of Shoot I was trying to achieve a photos that I could use for the poster to advertise Salford Quays.
  3. 3. Description of shoot This is one of my favourite images from my shoot because you can see it has a strong leading line. I wanted to do it outside for natural light but I have edited the lighting so it stands out more. It was in Salford Quays and it was at the beginning of October 2013. I crouched down to take this image so that I could make the lines appear to converge I have used shallow depth of field. The settings I used are 1/200 seconds, f/5.3 and ISO – 1250.
  4. 4. Editing effects
  5. 5. Final Image I chose this image because I really like the combination of colours and the mottled effect on the trees. These colours pick up from the block paving. This image is also rule of thirds on the right and it has a leading line I edited it to make more rule of thirds and changed the colour to stand out more.
  6. 6. Capture log Salford Quays 1/320 seconds f/5 No ISO
  7. 7. Editing effects
  8. 8. Final Image I edited this image but the only thing changed is the colour. The reason I chose this was because I liked how there is a strong leading line and the tracks seem to disappear into distance. Also it was shallow depth of field. I changed the colour because with the original image I didn’t feel anything from it and once I edited it, it stood out more and meant more to me.
  9. 9. Capture log Salford Quays 1/200 second f/5.3 ISO - 1250
  10. 10. Editing effects
  11. 11. Final Image I chose this image because you know it is in Salford Quays and I am creating a poster about Salford Quays. It made more sense if the image was rule of thirds so I can write about Salford Quays on the left. Also I like this image because everything is in black and white except the deck chair which stood out more.
  12. 12. Capture log MediaCityUK 1/2500 second f/5.3 No ISO
  13. 13. Rejected Images I don’t like this image because there is no focus and this couldn’t be used for the poster. We were trying to do a leading line but the poles weren’t straight. It would be better if we can focus on one thing such as the building, pillars, etc…
  14. 14. Rejected Images This image is good because it has a rule of thirds but it doesn’t make sense. How is this relevant to Salford Quays? I don’t feel anything from the cone. It doesn’t make people feel that ‘wow’, ‘that’s amazing’ feeling. Also it is a random image.
  15. 15. Rejected Images I don’t like this image because it doesn’t look like I have intended to take it but there are some good things about it such as rule of thirds and leading line. It’s not very impressive.
  16. 16. This was my original poster, I chose this image because it uses rule of thirds so I can write on the left and the chair says where is it from. I thought the font was good because it goes well with Victorian theme and also it is red to let them know it is Christmas theme. The font of information looks good because looks like Victorian and it is a nice writing. And the colour is black. However it is old fashioned and it is aimed at children and adults but mostly children. Children wouldn’t think it is a fun Christmas market because the poster doesn’t look exciting. Also the information includes too many words and wouldn’t attract people and they might not get chance to read it all especially as the text is too small and plain black. So I have made changes such as the title, the font is same but I needed to make it stand out by putting black outline on it which stands out even more. Also the information has less words and all you need to know where is it, when is it and find out more information, this will attract more people to it as they will be more interested. You also need to know what it is. I decided to change the font to be more Christmassy and the font looks more for children because it is larger and easier to read. I put ‘Free Entry’ and ‘Victorian Carousel’ because they will know what is there and this may persuade them to visit. I changed the colour to red and green to make more Christmassy as these are traditional Christmas colours. The information of where and when information have the same font but are in a different colour which is black to show that it is for adults also and not just children. I am happy with my new poster because it does stand out and doesn’t have too many words which might have put people off. Less writing means more people will read it, it stands out more and looks interesting which attracts more people from my target audience to come to the event or read the poster. Evaluation
  17. 17. Original Poster Final Edited Poster
  18. 18. Aims for next project I learnt how to use rule of thirds effectively to create a positive image. I also learnt how to use leading lines and create a good depth of field by using my camera manual settings. I took a lot of images and some I wasn’t happy with however I used lots of techniques in Photoshop to manipulate these and make them more focussed and for my Salford Quays poster. I will consider the settings in more detail if I did this shoot again because some of them are not appropriate and did not work. I would make sure I will focus more clearly and next time I could do more rules of photography rather than just rule of thirds and leading lines.