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Greaser Governance: The Key To Winning The Rumble
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Greaser Governance: The Key To Winning The Rumble


CS Forum 13 presentation about content governance.

CS Forum 13 presentation about content governance.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Get your content strategy out of the drawer with Governance @meghscase
  • 2. Greaser Governance The Key To Winning The Rumble
  • 3. DEFINITIONS Greaser SOC
  • 4. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit sapien velit cursus mattis TOPIC TITLE SUBTITLE Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit vel purus bibendum Content Strategy Right content, right time, right people, right reasons
  • 5. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit sapien velit cursus mattis TOPIC TITLE SUBTITLE Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit vel purus bibendum Governance Figuring out the right reasons and staying on strategy
  • 6. Content Problems Are Symptoms of People Problems
  • 7. People don’t agree about goals and intent.
  • 8. There’s no plan to create and maintain.
  • 9. There are no rules or no one enforces them.
  • 10. Work outnumbers resources.
  • 11. Leaders don’t talk to each other enough.
  • 13. AUTHORITY Who is in charge? Do they –Who is in charge? Do they – and everyone else – know it.and everyone else – know it.
  • 14. PLANNING What’s your plan for creatingWhat’s your plan for creating content – for launch and incontent – for launch and in the future? How will youthe future? How will you keep it up to date?keep it up to date?
  • 15. MEASUREMENT How will you determine ifHow will you determine if your content is working?your content is working? And what will you do aboutAnd what will you do about it if it’s if it’s not.
  • 16. Tools What do content creators,What do content creators, reviewers, and publishersreviewers, and publishers use to ensure content is on-use to ensure content is on- target and kept up-to-date?target and kept up-to-date?
  • 17. Getting Governance off the ground
  • 18. DISCOVER, Document, DEFINE, and Decide
  • 19. Identify Stakeholders Decision Maker Champion Influencer Derailer Implementers
  • 21. Ask …  What business goals areWhat business goals are we trying to achieve?we trying to achieve?  How can thisHow can this site/app/thing help?site/app/thing help?  What are theWhat are the consequences of failing?consequences of failing?
  • 22. Ask …  What’s our point of view?What’s our point of view?  Who do we want to tellWho do we want to tell about it?about it?
  • 23. Ask …  What do we know aboutWhat do we know about our users?our users?  What do we want them toWhat do we want them to know and believe aboutknow and believe about us?us?  Who of them is mostWho of them is most important to ourimportant to our business?business?
  • 24. Ask …  What content do we needWhat content do we need to communicate our pointto communicate our point of view?of view?  Does it exist?Does it exist?  How will we fill the gaps?How will we fill the gaps?
  • 25. Ask …  What kind of team do weWhat kind of team do we need?need?  Are there technologicalAre there technological constraints?constraints?  What’s our budget?What’s our budget?
  • 26. You need a manifesto  What is (and isn’t) theWhat is (and isn’t) the purpose of thepurpose of the site/app/thingsite/app/thing  Who it’s for and how itWho it’s for and how it helps themhelps them  What it provides andWhat it provides and conveysconveys  How it supports theHow it supports the businessbusiness
  • 27. Then Craft your Mantra It should be …It should be … MemorableMemorable MeaningfulMeaningful MotivatingMotivating
  • 28. HINT Alignment Doesn’t Always Mean Agreement
  • 31. Two Kinds of Authority STRATEGIC Decision-Making DAY-TO-DAY OPERATIONS
  • 32. STRATEGIC DECISION-MAKING  Are responsible for successAre responsible for success  Set the directionSet the direction  Prioritize goals and audiencePrioritize goals and audience  Secure resources and budgetSecure resources and budget  Makes decisions about large-Makes decisions about large- scale content effortsscale content efforts
  • 33. DAY-TO-DAY OPERATIONS  Are accountable forAre accountable for implementationimplementation  Measure success and provideMeasure success and provide recommendations forrecommendations for improvementimprovement  Set and enforce standards andSet and enforce standards and guidelinesguidelines  Makes decisions about small-Makes decisions about small- scale content projectsscale content projects
  • 35. Planning  LaunchLaunch  MaintainMaintain  MeasureMeasure  ImproveImprove
  • 36. TOOLS  Migration and mapping inventoryMigration and mapping inventory  Chart of responsibilitiesChart of responsibilities  Assessment spreadsheetAssessment spreadsheet  Content scorecard and reportContent scorecard and report  Publishing checklistPublishing checklist  Style guideStyle guide  Editorial calendarEditorial calendar
  • 37. DO IT (For Johnny).
  • 38. HINT Change Takes Time and Tenacity
  • 39. To get there …  Pick the right timePick the right time  Introduce governance graduallyIntroduce governance gradually  Don’t over-engineer itDon’t over-engineer it  Anticipate objectionsAnticipate objections  Be consistentBe consistent  Know when to break the rulesKnow when to break the rules
  • 40.  Content problems are symptoms of governance problemsContent problems are symptoms of governance problems  Effective governance considers authority, planning,Effective governance considers authority, planning, measurement and toolsmeasurement and tools  Alignment (not necessarily agreement) on a mantra is keyAlignment (not necessarily agreement) on a mantra is key  You need strategic and day-to-day authorityYou need strategic and day-to-day authority  Good governance doesn’t happen overnightGood governance doesn’t happen overnight Wrapping Up
  • 41. QUESTIONS?