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Media studies meg
Media studies meg
Media studies meg
Media studies meg
Media studies meg
Media studies meg
Media studies meg
Media studies meg
Media studies meg
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Media studies meg


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  • 1. Media studies project By Meg hay Shortland St
  • 2. Megan Kate’s summery…
    • Megan Kate is a country girl
    • She has lived on a farm her whole life
    • She is a lovely natured girl and has never had a reason not to trust anyone.
    • She lives in a small town with her dad.
    • Her dad gets sick and she was left to look after every thing.
    • Her father died
    • She moves down to Ferndale to live with her fathers old friend Rachael.
    • This soon becomes a problem as Megan Kate has always been quite independent and with Rachael telling her what she should be doing she snaps and starts hanging out with the “badasses” that don’t care about school or the feelings of others
  • 3. School and parents
    • Megan Kate attends Ferndale high school
    • It is a public school
    • Middle class
    • Megan is at the end of year 11
    • Her parents are both dead and she is linked to the hospital by Rachael her caregiver
  • 4. friends
    • Megan Kate wasn’t really one to have very many friends she was the trustworthy quiet type with a few friends
    • When she move to FHS she gets in with the wrong crowd
    • They peer pressure her into things that she doesn’t want to do
    • Including sex
  • 5. secret
    • Megan Kate becomes pregnant soon after her first time
    • She is to afraid to tell anyone other then the father of the baby and he of course wants her to get rid of it.
  • 6. Character interacting
    • She doesn’t care about anyone other then her friends
    • This effects Rachael as she becomes stressed which then effects every one in the hospital
    • After she becomes pregnant she starts to notice how she has made the people around her feel
    • She tries to change peoples views of her to be more positive
  • 7. From being to end
    • Megan Kate is messed up when she first arrives on Shortland street
    • This doesn’t get better especially with her new ‘friends’
    • She becomes pregnant
    • She refuses to give it up
    • Her boyfriend doesn’t like this and brakes up with her. Tells her he wants nothing to do with her or her baby
    • She no longer has friends as they all stay with her boyfriend
    • She decides to tell Rachael at 4 months
    • She is supportive and kind and helps her through it.
    • She makes it to full term on the show and after her baby is born she leaves to a teenage single mother help program
  • 8. Life lessons
    • The life lessons Megan Kate tries to get across…
    • Friends are important, you have to no who are going to love you for you.
    • You need to be able to tell someone who is going to support you no matter what your problem is even if your scared at first
    • There are options
    • Its best not to get in those sort of situations first
  • 9. Why pick me ?
    • I am with in age group
    • I have a character that may relate to a lot of teenage girls around the world
    • I think it gives a perspective to adults that we may not exactly like what we are doing but peer pressure is still there and in situations like this teenagers are not being imature mearly trying to make scense of what has happened and what there life will become.