Product launch- Pepper spray with GPS


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Product launch- Pepper spray with GPS

  1. 1. Presented By:Sulbha Wadhwa-02Meghavi Mehta-03Aakansha Prasad-20Vaibhavi Shinde-29Rushin Shah-37Aditya Datt -57
  2. 2. Contents:- Introduction-Crime rate in India About the Company About the Product Major Competitor’s Analysis Target Market Market Demand Marketing Strategies SWOT Conclusion
  4. 4. Crime rate in India As the country is growing economically, crime rate is also movingrapidly. The main reason is that economy is growing haphazardlyleading to social imbalance. It includes drug trafficking, money laundering, extortion, murder forhire, fraud, human trafficking, poaching and prostitution. Manycriminal operations engage in black marketing, political violence,religiously motivated violence, terrorism, and abduction. Othercrimes are homicide, robbery, assault etc. Property crimes includeburglary, theft & motor vehicle theft Crimes against the elderly include fraud, burglary, forgery.
  5. 5. Statistics Burglary has decreased over 53 years by 38% Murder has increased by 356% Robbery increased by 120% and riots increased by176%
  6. 6. Crime against women“A society that is unable to respect, protect and nurtureits women and children loses its moral moorings andruns adrift.”
  7. 7.  Increase in crime rate by 14.1% of total in thecountry. Kidnapping and abduction- increase of 15.7 % Dowry death cases- increased by 0.1 % Torture- increased by 5% Molestation-increased by 4.9% (Madhya Pradeshbeing the highest) Indecent representation of the women-increased by5.9% Crime against women in cities-The rate of crime incities at 22.6 was comparatively higher ascompared to the National rate of 18.0.
  8. 8. 2012 Delhi gang rape caseThis incident is known to all of us, but just to refresh your memory – On 16 December 2012 in Delhi A 23-year-old female physiotherapy intern with her male companion Only six others in the bus, including the driver, all of whom raped the woman Woman suffered serious injuries in her abdomen, intestines and genitals The woman died from her injuries thirteen days later while undergoing Emergency treatment in Singapore.This case was one of the most nerve wrecking & an eye opener & people through out IndiaEspecially women are forced to think , in fact worry, about “safety of their dignity”.
  9. 9. Approach towards safety of women To increase reporting of rape and assault cases Law enforcement agencies Exemplary punishment Proper planning of the city Self defence techniques Public awareness about the safety products
  10. 10. Who Are We? Our brand, Streetwise Security Products, iscurrently one of the most recognizable andrespected brands in the self-defense industry. We have kept our customers on the “cutting edge”by manufacturing, importing, and wholesaling theworlds most effective security products.
  11. 11. MISSION Our mission is to be the most trusted provider of products forself-defense and security. In a time when organizations arewilling to do anything to make a “quick buck,” we prefer to dobusiness the old-fashioned way. We believe that virtues like honesty, fairness, andtruthfulness never go out of style and are still the bestfoundation on which to grow a business.
  12. 12. VISIONOur vision is simple, that is, to provide people with a weaponwhich is useful in self defense.Defensive tools like pepper sprays are non lethal, highly effectiveand is enough to handle a small mob of up to 12 people.
  13. 13. CODE OF CODUCT AND ETHICS The Code of Conduct is intended to establish & clarify the standards for behaviorin the organization, together with its compliance with legal requirements. Decisions made, & action taken, must be consistent with company values &objectives. Streetwise Security competes to win, but only within the framework of integrity,transparency & compliance with all applicable laws & regulations. If ever in doubt about a decision, it should be escalated to a higher level ofmanagement for broader consideration. It is critical to our business and it is your responsibility to respect andadhere to these practices. No adverse action will be taken against anyone for complaining about, reporting,participating or assisting in the investigation of a suspected violation of the Code.To the maximum extent possible, the Company will maintain utmost theconfidentiality in respect of all the complaints received by it.
  14. 14. IPC(Indian Penal Code) Sections:Sections relevant to SELF DEFENSE in India.The following are the IPC sections of relevance in matters of self defence:Section : 96,97,102,105&106Section 96:Of the right of private defence, things done in private defence:Nothing is an offence which is done in the exercise of the right of privatedefence.Section97:Right of private defence of the body and of property.Every person has a right, subject to the restrictions contained in section 99, todefend - His own body, and the body of any other person, against any offenceaffecting the human body.
  16. 16. WHAT IS PEPPERSPRAY?•Pepper spray is a non-lethal aerosol spray made with the pepperderivative oleoresin capsicum (OC).•A pepper spray will put an attacker down and out, allowing you toescape or take control of the situation.•Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to close, taking awayvision. It causes temporary blindness and incapacitate an attacker.•It is used in policing, riot control, crowd control & personal selfdefense.
  17. 17. HOW DOES THE PEPPER SPRAY WORK?• Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent. When the spray comes intocontact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat and lungs), itcauses immediate dilation of the capillaries.• Temporary blindness and instant inflammation of the nose, throat andlungs will occur immediately after the spray comes into contact withthe mucous membranes. The attacker will experience difficulty inbreathing he would experience coughing, choking, sneezing, severeburning sensations to the eyes, nose, throat and skin, and nausea.• The inflammation will last from 15 to 60 minutes.• The immediate impact may be intense but after a few hours it shouldwear off completely. This makes it a generally safer option than usingguns ,chemical deterrents or tasers ,which in some cases can lead topermanent health problems or even death.
  18. 18. INGREDIENTS OFPEPCON PEPPER SPRAY•Oleoresin capsicum (OC) : It is an oily residue from hot cayennepeppers. Capsaicin is a naturally occurring ingredient that causesa burning sensation when sprayed in the eyes of the attacker.•Base fluid :It is mixed with OC to dilute it. Its typically oil-basedto prevent separation from oily OC.•Aerosol propellant : It is used to eject the ingredients from thecan to the threat.•These Ingredients are packed into a Canister with a trigger andsafety to make sure that no unwanted sprays occur.
  19. 19. HOW TO USE PEPCON PEPPER SPRAY??•Firstly make sure you have distance between you and the threat if at allpossible.•Aim the spray at the eyes and facial region of the threat then release a 1 to 2second burst of spray. After you have done this MOVE out of the way butkeep your eyes on the threat. Pepper spray ingredients can take a couple ofmoments to cause a reaction and by watching the reactions of the threat youwill be able to determine if you will require another shot of pepper spray.Keep Your Eyes Open When Firing Pepper Spray -Don´t ever shut youreyes! You may have to correct your aim slightly. After shooting your pepperspray, the assailant will normally stop within seconds, blinded and virtuallyhelpless due to uncontrollable coughing spasms. Once the assailantdisables, stop spraying. Continue backing and concentrate on getting away!You should only use pepper spray ifyou are threatened or your life is indanger.DO NOT USE pepper spray for anymalicious acts.
  20. 20. FEATURES OF PEPCON PEPPER SPRAY•TYPE OF PEPPER SRAY :FORCED CONE TYPE: It is a fine mistthat comes out in a forceful spray pattern.•SPRAY DURATION : Approximately four to nine seconds percanister.•REACH : Approximately 8-12 feet.•COST : Rs 650/- (10% DISCOUNT for women)•COLOURS:•SIZE : around 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) tall and about 1.5 inches (3.8cm) wide, with a button or trigger to release the spray.AND THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE OF OUR PRODUCT IS THEGPS SYSTEM.
  22. 22. GPS The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellitenavigation system that provides location and time information in allweather conditions, anywhere on or near the Earth where there is anunobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites. Each GPS satellite transmits data that indicates its location and thecurrent time. We use Real Time GPS Tracking Device. It will immediately track the route and location of the person andknow exactly where the person is going and how fast in Real Time.
  23. 23.  The person can search for the routes of the nearest police station ,fire station & hospitals in times of emergency. In case of a “MISSING” complain , police can also track down theperson with the help of GPS system. When it comes to GPS auto trackingsystems, reliability, smart technologyand easy-on-the-budget pricing isneeded. It’s our TravelEyes2 GPS auto-tracking system package that has itall, including the accuracy of about +/-10m.
  24. 24. WHY YOU SHOULD BUY OUR PRODUCT? Our spray has the best profile by virtue of forced cone technology ,thedistance it covers with value addition of GPS technology - can be consideredto be the best pepper spray in most situations. The brand name PEPCON signifies that our product would certainly lead toPep up the confidence of people in any situation of self defense or againstattack on modesty of a lady. PEPCON Pepper spray can be a good companion assuring safety to women atany given time during her mobility outside the house. Even our organization name STREETWISE SECURITY clearly highlights thecommitment of our organization to the defense of civilians by providing themappropriate self defense tools against the attackers . By virtue of the size ,weight and design ,our product can be convenientlycarried by any individual requiring self defense and it can also be keptcomfortably in the handbag or any other place where it can be easilyaccessible at the time of need.
  25. 25.  Considering it as a social responsibility , our company donates 2% ofthe annual profitability to CONSAF organization ( Contact forsafety)-women organization . We also take a small step towards our Environmental responsibility,the container used in the product is Recyclable . To facilitate increased usage of our brand we offer 10 % specialdiscount for women. We offer to refill The PEPCON pepper spray at the rate of Rs 250/-only. We provide excellent After Sale Service too – Information about theservice centres are given on our website & also can be enquiredabout it on the toll free number.
  26. 26. Govt. subsidy The government of India has made several administrative changes tohelp setting up factories and Industrial units in India to set upbusinesses. The Government of India has been supplementing the efforts of StateGovernments for accelerating the industrial development ofbackward areas and special category states through various policiesand packages of incentives. For women beneficiaries, margin money subsidy is provided at therate of 25 per cent. Our company receives 25% subsidy under this women & childdevelopment programme. Thus we provide special discount forwomen customers.
  28. 28. COBRA MAGNUMPEPPER SPRAYManufacturer COBRA MAGNUM trademark by Scranton ManufacturingCompany Inc. in ScrantonDescription Cobra Magnum EM Model has a different spray pattern which needsnot to be sprayed on the eyes of the attacker. The spray acts as an irritant affecting the eyes and skin of theperson. The bottle can be emptied in 6 seconds if sprayed continuously. ½second burst is more than enough for keeping down the attacker.
  29. 29. AVAILABILITY Easily available on the online ( for other websites.Easily available at most chemist shops. Quantity & Price - 35g @499
  30. 30. KNOCKOUTPEPPER SPRAYManufacturer Unisafe Technologies is a leading Manufacturer of Security Systems.Some of the products sold by the company are Knockout PepperSpray.Description Knockout Pepper Spray is a self-defense pepper spray which works as anirritant and disables the attacker for more than 30 minutes. Knockout Pepper Spray helps you in dealing with unavoidable situationswhere you need to defend yourself. It is non- toxic and is effective up to10ft. It causes severe burning, excessive tearing, extreme coughing andrunny nose, which leaves the attacker helpless and gives you time to getaway from the attacker.
  31. 31. AVAILABILITY Easily available on the online ( for other websites.Easily available at most chemist shops. Quantity & Price - 35g @399
  32. 32. CHILLIGUARDPEPPER SPRAYManufacturer ChilliGuard is a product manufactured by Defensive Enterprises.Description ChilliGuard is a strong concentrate of Chilly pepper in an aerosolspray and has 6 Ft Range. When sprayed on the face of the attacker,it puts him “out of action” for at least 30 mins. Leaving you enoughtime to run away/ call Police / Get help.
  33. 33. AVAILABILITY Easily available on the online ( Check for otherwebsites. Easily available at most chemist shops. MRP Rs 200/- for 25G MRP Rs 300/- for 45G
  34. 34. CAUTION Pepper spray is a chemical compound that can be used tocontrol crowds or rioters, or for self-defense -- whether againstpeople, or animals such as bears or dogs. The spray, derivedfrom cayenne pepper oil, works by irritating the eyes--causingpain, watering eyes, and in some cases blindness. Some states place restrictions on its use but it is Legal to usein India for Self Defense. No other purpose is allowed. It can not be carried on the plane. Remember, it is not a Toy. Keep away from Children. Read instructions on the bottle.
  35. 35. Our spray is ideal for…o Women-Housewives-College girls
  36. 36. o Women are 12 times moreprone to a muggling attackthan men and even worse haveto worry about sexual attacksand assaults.o Self defense for women is anecessity and not really anoption.
  37. 37. o Jewelerso Shopkeeperso Senior citizenso Security personnel at Hotels, Banks, BPO’sOur product is not gender specific
  40. 40. Why personal selling ??•Then comes other reasons as, personal selling provides a detailedexplanation or demonstration of the product.•And the main thing that sets personal selling apart from othermethods of selling is that the salesperson conducts business withthe customer in person.•Firstly, cause we don’t want the product to be sold to a wrong person,who would misuse it.•A personal sales message can be more specifically targeted toindividual prospects and easily altered if the desired behaviordoes not occur.
  41. 41. •All of our salesperson would have forms, that is to be filled by thecustomers, which would contain details to be known about the customerwith the identity proof of the same.•Our salesperson would be going door to door in metropolitan cities likeMumbai, Delhi , Kolkata & Bangalore , to reach maximum of the crowd.•Even if the product is booked online , our salesperson would go tothe respected address & do the other procedures in personal beforehandling the product to the customer.
  42. 42. Promotion•As we are in the Introduction phase,our objective is to create brandawareness through InformativeAdvertising.•Use of Print Media,pamphlets, RadioAdvertisement, Hoardings in PublicSpots, TV Commercial, Tie Up withmajor Cinema halls to promote ourproducts during Intervals etc.•For enquiry & placing the order ,toll free number would be provided by usin all the above mentioned promotional events.
  43. 43. PRINT MEDIAAds in Newspapers as–1. Business-Economic Times2. English-Times Of India, Hindustan Times3. Hindi-Dainik Jagran, Navbharat timesAds in Magazines as-1. Brand Equity2. India Today3. Womens era4. Cosmopolitan5. Meri Saheli (Hindi)6. Chitralekha (Gujarati)
  45. 45. LINK : website would include :1)About the product2)Where to use?3)How to use?4)Order5)Suggestions6)Reviews7)Contact usCustomers can log onto our official website to reach us:
  46. 46. Advertise the product on social networking sites as on:To create a fan pageTo keep updating the customers with the recent development ofthe product.Followers will be encouraged to tweet their suggestions to upgradethe product.Tweet about their experiences .
  48. 48. CONSAF-CONTACT FOR SAFETYWe at CONSAF are in the business of gifting dreams to the unprivilegedwomen.Every day women and girls face discrimination, poverty and violencejust because they are female. We’re working to change that.Vision Statement - Gifting Dreams!Mission - To improve the quality of life of theunderprivileged through relationship building,care services, rehabilitation and integration intosociety.
  49. 49. •Despite all the official proclamations about empowerment and thenumerous government schemes designed to improve womenseconomic and social conditions, their present status still showsmuch cause for concern.•Although efforts have been made over the years by the Indiangovernment to empower women socially, economically, andpolitically.•Enactment of legislation has been difficult to implement due tothe vastness of the country, the wide distribution of the femaleworkforce, lack of education and literacy, and the indifferentattitude of government bureaucracy.Current Scenario
  50. 50. AIMS1.Women Empowerment2.Women Education AwarenessGeneration Programs3.Welfare for Widows4.Compaign against Child Marriage5.Education & Self Defense Trainingprograms6.Compaign against Trafficking &prostitution
  51. 51. WHAT IS OUR COMPANY DOING TO ENCOURAGEMOREFEMALE LEADERSHIP??•We always try to find female candidates for new management positions.•We have a female talent programme.•We have set quotas to place female candidates in management positions.
  53. 53. Penetration Pricing Strategy•Our product will rely on penetration strategy, “high quality & low price”.•It is opted to enter the market, though not much of competition but usefulto create a demand.•The selling price is set at Cost + Profit price.•But , so as to follow penetration strategy the profit would be as low as 25%.•As we are using penetration pricing strategy, competitors would not beattracted to enter the market.
  54. 54. STRENGTHS• Security• Easy to carry• CheapWEAKNESS• Inefficient in wind• Well trained• Explodes at high temperatureOPPORTUNITIES• High scopeTHREATS• Companies with newerdesigns: more compactSWOT
  55. 55. CONCLUSION In metropolitan cities, expect the unexpected. Our product is economical with great features. It is great tool of self defense & to be self independent. Debate over who can buy pepper spray would never reach to a resultthat would justify & satisfy both the teams, in our view – we are “for”pepper spray. The need of pepper spray cannot be ignored. The raised demand & market response is the proof to our justification. And above all “WE CARE FOR OUR SOCIETY AND THOSE LIVING INIT!”