The ethics dilemma


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A Case Study on Human Resource Management provided by Prof Anjan Kumar Mazumdar Unitedworld School of Business as a part of Assignment

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The ethics dilemma

  1. 1. “A situation in which an individual feels compelled to make a choice between two or more actions that he or she can reasonably and morally justify is called an ethical dilemma (Beauchamp&Childress,2001;McConnell,2002)”.23/7/12 The Ethics Dilemma 1
  2. 2. Case Background Name of the company Adcome India (well established company) People Associated in the case: Managing Director : Anoop Saha Marketing Director : Pravin Mehta HR-VP : Abhay Sharma Director Corporate Affairs: Jaspal Singh Officer in Corporate Communication Department:Traina Vijay Shetty (predecessor of Abhay Sharma) Manager (Marketing Dept): Vishnu SurveAbhay Sharma has joined Adcome recently as a VP-HR and has realized that thecompany Ethics is in Dilemma.He faced a series of unfair incidence which made him realize that every one is ignoringethical values in the rush of success. 23/7/12 The Ethics Dilemma 2
  3. 3. IncidencesIncidence no (I) EMPLOYEE LEAVEVishnu Surve a manager in the marketing department has asked for few days leave forhis mother surgery. (I)But his Boss Pravin Mehta (Managing Director) has not sanctioned his leave since themarketing team was supposed to deliver a presentation to the International board aboutthe marketing performance.Vishnu Surve play a critical role in the presentation.Mr AbhaySharma requested to give him leave but failed to do soIncidence no (II) Sack Trina’s jobWhen Sharma joined Adcom he was told to sack Traina (Officer in CorporateCommunication Department) .Continuous pressure from Jaspal Singh (Director Corporate affairs) and Anoop Saha MDSharma checked last 2 years appraisal and found a very good review. e (I)No reason to sack her from jobSharma got to know the details of the cause from Vijay Shetty in a brainstorming sessionover the eroding image of Adcome Traina had vociferously shot down some of Singh Ideaand even at one stage she said “Adcome do not draw its success from the MD alone but it’sa joint venture of all operational managers.That was embarrassing for both the MD and Director cooperate affairs. 23/7/12 The Ethics Dilemma 3
  4. 4. Incidence (III) DECREASING MORALITY (Taking others credit)One day a marketing manager came to him saying that he had a brilliant idea toboost the sales and he will present that idea in front of the boardLater on the Sharma found out that the Idea does not belong to him infect it belongsto the sales manager.The marketing manager wanted to take some others credit saying it as his ownIncidence (IV) competitors strategyAdcome competitors were doing better in the market placeMehta (Marketing Director) came up with a insidious solutionIn an interview to a news paper he said that the competitors are evading excise dutiesand hence making moneyThe following week the office of the rival company was raided by excise officersRival brand suffered a lot Rectification The MD realized his Fault for manipulating and he called for an meeting to discuss individual personal goal with the values and vision of the company. 23/7/12 The Ethics Dilemma 4
  5. 5. Incidence no (I) EMPLOYEE LEAVESituation AnalysisMr. Pravin Mehta (Boss) was actually in a very difficult position since Vishnu Surve wasplaying a very critical role in the presentation.Single person involvement in work (the work was only done by Vishnu surve).OptionsWork from Home and only attend at the time of presentation (only if parents stay inthe same city)Pravin Mehta would have asked Mr Vishnu Surve to explain the working of thepresentation to a colleague and enable him to make the presentation as well.If Mr Vishnu Surve need for leave was very urgent than HR manager would have takenhelp of company leave policy (if applicable) to convince Me Pravin Mehta (boss)If Vishnu Surve is a very efficient worker company need to retain him for long runstrategy and at the same time make him motivated to work and feel him thebelongingness.UnderstandingInvolving the employees in the activities from the ground root level. 23/7/12 The Ethics Dilemma 5
  6. 6. Incidence no (II) Sack Trina’s jobSituation analysis Immense competition between Trina and Jaspal Singh (Director Corporate Affairs)Strategic decision by Mr Saha and Mr Jaspal- Trina may not be a good team player and donot follow orders of Mr Jaspal.Strategy of HR Manager•HR manager has made his own strategy to sack her job and at the same time survive in thecompany.•It was obvious that Trina being in the corporate office, working for corporate affairs will notbe satisfied in the Training Department.Understanding•It is very important for a company to have well explained hiring and firing policies.•HR managers could not stop the competition and conflict because it is good for thecompany to achieve success. 23/7/12 The Ethics Dilemma 6
  7. 7. Incidence (III) DECREASING MORALITY (Taking others credit)Incidence (IV) competitors strategySituation AnalysisThe situation occurred due to immense competition and pressure to success.OptionsCompany ethics and goal are highly influenced by the proprietor and highermanagement hence it is very essential to communicate their views andmorality with the employeesUnderstandingMorality varies from person to person.Changing morality of individual may not be companies concern. 23/7/12 The Ethics Dilemma 7
  8. 8. 23/7/12 The Ethics Dilemma 8