The case of omniscient organization
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  • 1)instability while the program was being developed and implemented. Some valued employees quit and others took early retirement. 2)They avoided predictive profile people becoz of medications, smoking, obesity, debt, high-risk sports, family crises - suggests that there will be serious losses..instead of ignoring their predictive profile by developing & helping them to be in a good working condition.3)Gathering personal info. Like health, lifestyle, and employment of parents, spouses, siblings, and close friends. This will not be good might be some employees have not good background and he feel embarrassing.4)Decided for music for better Quality work but some employees may find it distracting they cant able to concentrate in their work which further affect production.5)Messeging is good when employee not work according to its time or requirement but messeging when he worked more will let him to be relax that already he worked more so he don’t give more attention or show his intrest in work which affect the production level…6)As personal computer provided to staff for use of home which will lead to leak out the information to the competitors.


  • 1. The Case of the Omniscient Organization (DS) By Gary T. Marx (HR-Club) Meghashree Mohan Nitin Pushparaj Pradeep Pal Ram Yadav Rima Mittra UWSB, Mumbai 1
  • 2. Back Ground Situation in 1990 MeasuresDominionSwann Inc. (DS) • Uncertain future • Sciex Plan • One dollar Inc. • Declining productivity billion • HR and quality diversified consultancy company, • Employee turn over • Raising health cost firm. primarily in the and work accident manufacture • Demoralized of electrical employees components • Thefts in plants and of offices automobiles • Information leak • Raise in drug use, unseeingly behavior UWSB, Mumbai 2
  • 3. Key Challenges Low Productivity Absence of QWL Lack of Autonomy Problem Identification Lack of Centralized Motivation working condition Leakages of Information UWSB, Mumbai 3
  • 4. In 1990,DS turned to Sciex Plan Inc, a specialist in employee-relations management in world wide companies, to help develop a program for the radical restructuring of the work environment Entry level screening Sciex Plan QualityCommunity health Inc. environment Community morals Beyond isolation UWSB, Mumbai 4
  • 5. Effective Measures by SciexPlan Inc. Recruiting Skilled and No gender or racialHigh tech technology healthy labor discriminationReduce absenteeism Vigilance in all task Reduce work pressure Improved work Effective working standard environment
  • 6. Effective Measures by SciexPlan Inc. 30 25 23 P E 20 18 R C 15 14 E N 10 T A 5 G E 0 Productivity Sales Workforce Employee real income G -5 R O -10 W -15 T H -20 -19 -25 UWSB, Mumbai 6
  • 7. Analysis of the measures Exhaustive Personal Avoiding predictive Lack of stability Information profile people (background) Messaging when Music Personal bias employee work more Less importance to Chances of personal life of information leak employee UWSB, Mumbai 7
  • 8. Alternative Solutions Delegation of work based on employee skill Motivating employees by appreciation Training the underperforming employees Open House Sessions for employee interaction and exchange of ideas Implementing QWL (Quality of Work Life)  Job rotation  Job Enlargement  Job Enrichment  Opportunity to develop hobbies and interests in functions  Yoga and exercise for healthy employee UWSB, Mumbai 8
  • 9. Quality Circles Suggestion box Quality Circles and complaint box Finding the Conducting grievance or meeting with disturbances in unsatisfied employees employee, directlyThe supervisor or One employee per Team leader department UWSB, Mumbai 9
  • 10. Points to be maintained Balance between technology and manpower Employees are part of the Company running the functions. So they should to be treated well Employees, too, are human beings. They are emotional and work better when they there is a sense of belongingness There should be a balance of work and personal life of employee UWSB, Mumbai 10
  • 11. UWSB, Mumbai 11