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  • Marketing mix of make my

    1. 1. Market Mix Analysis on Marketing Assignment in Unitedworld school of Business Presented by: Meghashree11/19/2012 Market Mix Analysis - 1
    2. 2. Basic information• is India’s leading online travel company• Founded in the year 2000 by Deep Kalra.• Make my trip created a revolution in the field of travel industry of India.11/19/2012 Market Mix Analysis - 2
    3. 3. : The Business Model Jet Airways Kingfisher Spicejet Travel Tech-Savy Agents Customers Non-Tech- savy Customers11/19/2012 Market Mix Analysis - 3
    4. 4. Marketing Mix AnalysisIn the next few slides, the below parameters will be used to understand the marketing mixthat Is being used by to attract its discerning and informative traveler of today4 P’S 4 O’S 4 A’S 4 C’SPRODUCT OBJECT ACCEPTIBILITY CUSTOMER NEEDPRICE OBJECTIVE AFFORDABILITY COST TO USERPLACE ORGANIZATION ACCESSIBILITY CONVENIENCEPROMOTION OPERATIONS AWARENESS COMMUNICATION 11/19/2012 Market Mix Analysis - 4
    5. 5. 4 P’s AnalysisPRODUCT International and Domestic air tickets Hotel Packages to different destination within India and international Hotel booking in different destination both within India and International destination Railway ticket Private and taxi rentals MICE (Meetings. Incentives, conferences and Exhibitions)PRICE Showing the best price offers the customers can get in different airlines/railways/buses/cars.  agents are not allowed to take extra commission.PLACE Internet marketing /e-business. Dedicated 24X7 customer care support and they have offices in 20 cities across India and 2 international offices in New York and San Francisco.PROMOTION  Promotion in all social sites like Facebook, Twitter, You tube,News papers, Magazine.  Sales promotions:  by giving festival discounts, round trip tickets discounts, best deal of the month special offers to different holiday destination 11/19/2012 Market Mix Analysis - 5
    6. 6. OBJECT: ACCEPTIBILITY: CUSTOMER NEED: Travelling tickets High chance of acceptability To make travel easier andPRODUCT since , it makes, convenient. Travel easy Save money Save energy Save time OBJECTIVE: AFFORDABILITY: COST TO USER: Make tickets easily and Affordable to all class of Customer can search for thePRICE quickly available for the travelling customers. best deal for his travelling as customer Customer can choose as per per his/her requirement. their budget or income ORGANIZATION: ACCESSIBILITY: CONVENIENCE:  E-Commerce – B2C Internet  mode of payment.PLACE  B-Commerce –B2B Travel agents  Anywhere, anytime, anyplace Customer service executive get the tickets No more long queues OPERATIONS: AWARENESS: COMMUNICATION:PROMOTION Online websites Word of mouth Best customer support in Travel agents Online adds booking /cancelling bookings/ TVC printing E tickets etc News papers 11/19/2012 Market Mix Analysis - 6
    7. 7. 3 P’S OF SERVICE MARKETING No direct relationship between customer and employee, it is mostly a self service marketing.PEOPLE For the customers who don’t know internet handling ,travel agents are available (who are like distributors/dealers) 24x7 customer care service. Make my trip is offering best customer care service in support ofPHYSICAL Booking/cancelling booking/Printing E-tickets/Checking RefundEVIDANCE status/make a payment. They follow easy process/simple process of booking tickets like filling up customer name, phone number, address etcPROCESS Mode of payment is possible by any bank cards bank debit/credit cards.11/19/2012 Market Mix Analysis - 7
    8. 8. APPLICATION OF MARKETING MIX (i) Customer Life CyclePROSPECTS To attract prospects they have: • Introduced new products like holiday packages both domestic and international, honeymoon packages etc. • Promotions in news papers, social sites ,TVC about there best discount offersFIRST TIME To make the prospects their first time buyersBUYERS •They show the best travel offer available to the customer so that the customer can do their travel planning as per their budget . •Provide Hassel free serviceEARLY REPEAT To make their first time buyers their early repeat buyersBUYERS Show comparatively less price or same price compared to other travelling web sites like ixigo, etc.CORE CUSTOMERS To make their early repeat buyers their core customers The registered members of makemytrip .com are entitled to savings and benefits on air fare, hotel reservation ,holiday packages , car rentals among other travel services. In addition to this they are provided monthly news letters and exclusive promotions offer on special deals. 11/19/2012 Market Mix Analysis - 8
    9. 9. ARA (ACQUISITION/RETENTION/ADD ON SERVICES) Mobile service MICEACQUISITION B2B Holiday packages Honeymoon packages Customer gets additional services like visa processing. Offers site maps of the destination Feedback by the customers: Gives an opportunity to the customers , so that they can write thereRETENTION experiences. Gives and opportunity to other fellow customers to know about travel experiences They give customer total payment security. They provide customers total privacy policy. They have extended there service from flight tickets booking to Railway tickets Bus ticketsADD ON SELLING Holiday packages in India and International Hotel booking facility Honeymoon packages 11/19/2012 MICE Market Mix Analysis - 9