How does your media product represent particular social


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How does your media product represent particular social

  1. 1. By Meg Allard
  2. 2. This photo of Justin Bieber on the front of ‘Billboards’ magazine has many similarities and differences to my photo which features on the front of my magazine ‘In-Tune’ music magazine. Both the shots have a professional look about them which is important if it is going to be the central image. The mains things to concentrate on are the; posture, gesture, angle, shot type, lighting, quality of the image, costume, facial expression, and hair. Justin Bieber’s posture is leaning slightly forward; it looks as if he is leaning forward to look into the camera. His main gesture is holding on to his necklace, this is effective because it is stylised which reflects in the genre that his music is in. The angle of his shot is straight on; this is very simple but professional and suits the magazine cover. It allows you to do any stylised pose and it also means that you can fit writing around the photo nicely on the front cover. The shot type is a medium to long shot; this means that you can see more of what he is wearing which is important for a pop magazine because fashion is highly important. The lighting is coming from the top right hand corner, I know this because of the shadow that appears on his shoulder and under his and this creates a 3D effect to the image and brings it out of the page to make it much more eye catching. The quality of this image is really good, it looks realistic and as if he is actually there, this is important as you do not want a blurred image because it will not look as professional and will have an effect on the rest of the page and everything around it. Bieber’s costume has different elements to it, he has clothes and accessories,his clothes are very simple, however I would say this is a good thing because it means that you aren’t concentrating on them morethan him or anything around him. He has two accessories on, a necklace which he is holding for effect and a bracelet, however thebracelet is not very obvious as it is on his hand which is cut off by the page. His facial expressions are very serious and posed, this isgood because it is conveying pop in terms of how it is stylised, however it is not conveying pop in terms of how it is meant to behappy. Justin’s hair is styled into a comb over, this is important because this is the fashion and by having it people may imitate himas he is a big figure in the world of pop. The genre of this magazine is every music genre, this is because it is a chart magazine so it will feature what ever music has madeit in the charts whether its pop, rock or classical music. However for this issue the main people reading it will be fans of pop musicbecause that is what Justin Bieber is a pop icon. The social group for this issue is teenage girls between the ages of 15-18, this is astereotypical guess because of who is on the front and what else the magazine features.
  3. 3. The photo of my model is supposed to be representing Justin Bieber. There are many similarities and differences between the two photos. My models posture is similar to his as they are both leaning forward, this gives the effect that they are coming out of the page which is effective because it is eye catching. My models gesture is different to Justin Bieber’s as he has his hands in his pocket, this is very simple and boring, if I were to take my photo again I would like to make his gesture more interesting and stand out more, for example maybe holding something in his hand or reaching up to the camera. The angle of my photo is much higher up than Billboards magazine because theirs is straight on and mine is coming from above. I prefer the angle of my photo because it is different and it means that you get an interesting angle to view his whole body. My shot type is a long shot, this is because you can see his whole body, I like this style shot because it gives a nice affect as if he is coming out of the page. The lighting of my photo is coming from many different angle, I had natural light coming in from straight ahead, and other light coming from above at the angle I was taking the photo at, this is fairly similar to the other image as they both have lighting from above however the fact that I have it from straight on as well means that there are no shadows unlike theirs. I do not like the quality of my image, this is because I had to take it on my phone as I don’t have the same equipment as Billboard’s photographers do, this means that their photo looks much more professional than mine and will attract the buyers attention. My model is wearing stylish but smart clothes; this is similar to the image in comparison because they both have the stylised affect of pop. Unlike Justin Bieber my model doesn’t have any jewellery; he does however have ahat, making it more fashionable. I prefer my models facial expression because he is smiling, this means that he isconveying the happiness in the genre of pop, this is important because if the person on the cover of the magazine lookshappy it will make the buyer happy and more inclined to buy it. The two subjects have very similar hair, they both havethe comb over style, this is because it is very in fashion and if you are on the front of a magazine you have to make sureyou are keeping up with the fashion as that’s what makes them stand out from others. The genre of my magazine is pop, this is different to Billboards magazine genre however it is the same as this issuesgenre. This means that they will both have the same target audience who will be interested in the same things and thesame music.